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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which we experience the reality of sex from the worst perspective. Couples' sex, insertion, plenty of cock and bodily fluids from a micro POV.

Emma lay naked on the bed, her breathing deep and satisfied, basking in the warm and tingly afterglow. It wasn't really that remarkable a time spent flicking the bean, but something about having the tiny man inside her when she did it, just knowing that he was there... Jesus.

That was enough for her, at least until her boyfriend came home. She could just enjoy the feeling of the little man stirring around inside her until then. She thought briefly about going down and seeing what things were like from his perspective, but, after cumming, the idea of swimming in that hot mess of fluids kind of grossed her out. She could only imagine what it was like for him, then, when he didn't even have a choice.

Her boyfriend got home late, and she didn't rush things. If she started before they went to bed, he would probably go down on her, and might ask the perfectly reasonable question of why there was still cum oozing out of her vagina. So she waited until he had already gone to bed. She stuffed her cum-stained panties in the bottom of the hamper, tossed the pad, and sauntered slowly into bed with him, stark naked. He watched her the whole way, hunger in his eyes, and, when she got under the covers, he immediately grabbed her.

He didn't ask, and wouldn't stop unless she told him to. Just before he entered her, she shrank the little man as far down as he could go, around a millimeter in size. She couldn't feel him anymore at that size, but she had the sense that he was still inside her, somewhere near the entrance to her vagina.

She couldn't help but smile. That was about to change.

The moment she felt his dick enter her, she let out a little gasp. For the first time, instead of just enjoying it, though, she tried to study what he did that made him so good. He went as deep as he could into her, then a few shallow retreats. After a few seconds, her boyfriend had her on her back, one hand clamped on her ass to lift it up, and another on her breast, this thumb rubbing slow circles over her nipple.

After that, she very quickly lost track of what was going on. A very powerful wave of pleasure hit her and she gasped, collapsing back onto the bed. Very quickly, she couldn't focus on anything but the pleasure, each thrust eliciting a soft gasp as she let her boyfriend pound her, riding the wave to orgasm, barely even thinking about the tiny man inside her anymore.

For Aaron, it was the most terrifying, chaotic ride of his life. He was just biding his time in the tight, fleshy hell, still revulsed at the sensation of the hot, slimy mess of bodily fluids sliding down his throat. Even though most of it had run out in the intervening hours, it was still impossible to escape, and impossible to wipe clear of his skin. Since Emma had last masturbated with him, he had breathed it deeply and drunk it by the gallon, but the very flesh that surrounded him produced fluid seemingly endlessly. 

And then he suddenly shrank. It was almost instant and it came with no warning. Suddenly, the thin film of fluid almost completely consumed him, and the ridges and textures of her vagina were bigger than he was. He was stuck in a gap between the ridges, unable to free himself from thick layer of heavy, milky fluid. He shrank so quickly that the walls, which had previously hugged him so tight that he could barely move, seemed cavernously far apart before they sprang back together to fill the void. 

But he was so small that they didn't crush him. As the wall at his back surged up and the wall in front of him came rushing down, they came in contact but didn't press together. He found himself trapped in a tiny pocket where the ridges of her vagina came together. For the first time in hours, he was actually able to move, but the realization of how small the space he was trapped in was, how small he was, was even more claustrophobic than when he had been her humam dildo.

He didn't have much time to contemplate his situation, though. Because, only a second or so after he shrank, something absolutely massive came crashing into him and ground him mercilessly along the inside of her vagina, driving him what felt like a hundred feet in less than a second.

For a moment, he thought that she was masturbating again, using a rubber dildo and torturing him by making him ride along, but the moment he came to a stop, he realized the much more horrible reality. The wrinkly, purple flesh that pressed against his face, radiating heat and pounding with its own heartbeat, was an actual cock.

No sooner did he realize it did the giant start fucking Emma with brutal speed. Instantly, his world became a whirlwind of motion, heat, and pressure. One moment, he was being ground facefirst into the walls of the giantess' vagina, the head of the giant's penis at his back, the next, he was shoved up against the wall and forced to endure the entire length of the man's dick passing over him until he was picked up by the ridge at the head.

Sometimes he was stuck to the man's cock, sometimes he was stuck to the walls of Emma's vagina. More often, though, he was rolled savagely between the two like a mote of dust between his fingers, limbs tangled together and body bent at impossible angles. At one point, he was slammed against the woman's cervix, watching the cock ram in and out until it came deep enough to pick him back up. At another, he found himself on the man's balls, watching the staggeringly huge cock drive in and out of her vagina. He thought that that's where he would stay, until his balls slapped her ass and he was stuck to the giantess' fluid-soaked labia. The flesh around him shook and bent with each thrust, drawing him closer to the vaginal opening, until the giant's penis snagged his leg and dragged him helplessly back inside her.

He had no idea how long they were going for, and he could hardly tell the difference between an inward and an outward thrust half the time. He could sometimes tell whether he was trapped underneath the hard, unyielding body of his cock or the softer flesh at the head, but, most of the time, there was too much motion to notice even that. The sound of fluid and flesh sliding and slapping together was deafening, and, underneath it all, he could hear both their heartbeats beating their own rapid, conflicting rhythms.

The man finished halfway through an inward thrust. The head of his cock came crashing through the walls, pushing them apart effortlessly, and let loose with a deluge of thick, white sperm just as it passed over him. He was soaked instantly,  but barely had time to realize it before he was shoved into the vaginal walls by the massive, throbbing body.

The giant stopped thrusting when he was all the way inside her, his penis flexing directly into Aaron's face as it pushed out the last few drops of cum, then he slowly pulled out.

Aaron realized what was about to happen and tried desperately to stay inside Emma as the cock started to pull him out, but there was nothing that he could do. As the rapidly-softening body slid outwards, he was rolled between it and the walls of the woman's vagina, slowly approaching the entrance, until the mushroom ridge of his glans caught him, and he was dragged helplessly out of Emma's vagina.

The man's foreskin folded over him just before he reached the open air, trapping him in a prison of flesh, what little space there was filled by the fluids that he had dragged out with him.

This was bad, he realized. He couldn't get the giant's attention, not at this size, and he certainly couldn't escape. He was trapped here for good, at least until the next time he had sex, or, worse, if he took a shower and cleaned under his foreskin. He would be washed down the drain without a second thought, carried away as sewage.

What would happen then? Carried to the ocean and eaten by a fish? He was immortal, but completely helpless. Emma would forget about him like a lost toy and he would live forever as fish food. The very idea was horrific; at least, under Emma's control, he stood a chance of being restored to normal someday, even if it took her whole life. But this stranger had no idea he was here and would likely flush him down the drain without ever even knowing.

Fear overcame his disgust, and he thrashed wildly, his limbs moving sluggishly through the thick, pasty fluid. He pounded at the flesh around him, but, however soft it may have been, it was unyielding to someone of his size. He may as well have been punching a brick wall. He quickly tired himself out and he just lay there, sucking down the thick fluid as if it was air, his mind racing for a way to escape.

There was nothing he could do. God, did she even know he was here?

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