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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which Aaron follows orders, and meets an unexpected friend. Just regular sex. Nothing else.

The sudden transition was violent and disorienting. The world shrank... or his body grew, as he soared through the air, and hit the ground with a dizzyingly hard impact. It took a moment for him to regain his bearings. A narrow, carpeted hallway, fluorescent lights shining down on him from above, off-white walls on either side and, at the far end, Emma Watson. Her shoes and clothes were in a bundle beside her, and she wore nothing but her underwear, her back against the door and breathing heavy.

"I want you to fuck me," she gasped.

Aaron took several long seconds to process what the fuck was happening. He had already kind of accepted the reality that he would have to do whatever Emma asked him to, but that long, chaotic period spent tumbling around in the bottom of her purse seemed to prevent him from adequately processing what she wanted of him.

"Come on," Emma insisted, taking slow steps forwards. Her arms folded behind her back, and, after a moment, her bra fell loose. Her slight breasts sagged just barely when released, revealing her small, dark-brown nipples. She spread her arms invitingly, baring every curve of her slender, almost-naked body.

Notwithstanding Aaron's disorientation, the sight sent a rush of blood between his legs. He had to obey, right? Well, she had just given him the easiest order in the world to follow.

His right hand snapped forward, he grabbed her by the neck and swung her to the side, slamming her into the wall. With his hand wrapped around her throat, there was, for a brief second, a look of fear in her eyes. In that moment, Aaron had the sudden thought that he could end it. This life as her slave, the undercover agent bullshit. All he had to do was squeeze and twist...

But the thought only lasted as long as Emma's look of shock. Her expression morphed into one of sultry desire, and Aaron suddenly realized that there was absolutely nothing he could do to her. Whatever he tried to do, she could stop with nothing more than a moment's thought, and his one lifeline, the escape that Dominique had promised him, would be gone forever.

He took a deep breath through his nose, trying to subdue his suddenly violent impulse. He lowered his head and brushed his lips against Emma's tits. She exhaled lustily through her nose, and he took in a lungful of Emma's warm, heady scent, rich with pheromones; his murderous desire all but evaporated. He still felt some resentment towards this woman, his captor, his torturer, but it seemed, in that moment, that he had a new way to assert himself to her.

Aaron slid his hand between Emma's legs, his fingers probing effortlessly underneath her panties and into the wet flesh beneath. She let out a quiet moan, pressing her body against his. Aaron responded by shoving his middle two fingers forcefully inside her. Her open-mouthed gasp was something to be savored, but he wasn't anywhere near done.

Her left leg wrapped around his back, and he let loose his grip on her throat to take the crook of her knee in his hand. His fingers probed her soft, wet insides, and she was totally into it. Her hips rocked, her eyes closed, and her mouth gaped. The face of pure ecstasy.

Only his middle two fingers were inside her, and they were only halfway in. How was it possible that her vagina, which he had totally under his control now, could have been such a source of unending torture for so long?

But this was no time to regret his limited reality. Holding the crotch of her panties to the side, he slowly pulled her hips down until his cock slid directly into her. In that moment, her face was one of unfiltered pleasure. Her eyes closed, her head tilted back, and her mouth gaped. Again, it occurred to him that he could put an end to this, he could kill her, but he realized, after a pause, that it would still be too difficult. The chance too remote, the consequences of failure too high. For now, Dominique was still his best way out of this.

He placed his left hand on the small of her back, and started to drive in and out of her, as hard as he could, as deep as he could, savoring the bounce of her little tits and her pleasured gasp that followed every thrust. Her left leg wrapped tighter around her, and he suddenly found himself lifting more and more of her weight, until he had to shift his hands under her ass. When he did, her other leg lifted off the ground and wrapped around his back as well. She was light, but, even pinned against the wall, he couldn't get that much leverage against her.

Through his unfortunate experience, he already knew where her bedroom was. With his dick buried all the way inside her, he pulled her off the wall and stepped slowly down the hall. Her arms wrapped tight around his back, her head rested on his shoulders, and her hips slid up and down, grinding her pussy across his groin. With every step, she bounced up and down a little, and she was clearly loving it.

When he finally made it into the room, he bent his legs a little, and thrusted Emma off of him onto the bed. She hit the mattress with a gasp, then a giggle. As Aaron loomed over her, she raised her legs straight up and started to slide her panties off, looking at him from behind her thighs with her head tilted. "You like doing that, don't you?"

"I like it rough," Aaron replied. He stepped up to her and pulled her panties off all the way, tossing them to the side and leaving her wearing nothing but her socks. Her legs spread willingly for him and wrapped around his back like the legs of a spider, pulling him towards her. He obliged, grabbing her hips and slowly sliding his cock inside her.

That look on her face, the desperate breath she took, the form of her body when he entered her, that feeling of warmth and power with her body totally submitted to his, it was almost worth the miserable existence he had endured as her sex toy.

Almost. He'd do anything to get out of it, anything that Dominique asked of him, but there was still no denying that this was a silver lining.


That voice was new. Emma's face went from pleasure to shock, staring at something behind him. Aaron twisted around, still inside her, and saw another man standing in the doorway.

Redheaded, square-jawed, garbed in casual, all-black wear, fit but with a tiny beer gut just barely visible beneath his loose-fitting shirt. Aaron had never seen this man before in his life, but a sinking feeling in his chest told him that he had probably been pinned underneath his cock before, as a millimeter-tall unwilling passenger between two giants having sex.

Her boyfriend, no doubt. With keys to the apartment and who could enter without announcing himself. Who clearly appeared shocked and hurt at the sight of another man literally inside his girlfriend.

For a moment, all three of them were in shock. Nobody said anything to anyone. In that instant, Aaron could feel his erection softening, and realized suddenly how absolutely absurd it was to focus on that, of all things.

Wait. Was this his chance to escape?

"Fucking cunt," the stranger said. He had an Irish accent. Before Aaron could even react, the Irishman had turned on his heel and walked out of the room. A second later, Aaron heard the door slam, and the dull thuds of the stranger angrily descending the stairs outside the apartment.

Aaron stepped back from Emma's naked body. "I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't..."

"Hey!" Emma snapped. She pushed herself up off the bed with frightening speed to stand right in front of him. She was shorter than him, and totally naked but for a pair of pink socks, but she was still incredibly intimidating. "Did I tell you to stop?"

Aaron raised his hands defensively. "I just..."

"You don't get to make decisions around here," she said sternly, jabbing her finger at his chest. As she spoke, she slowly circled around him. Aaron only cast a glance at her tits once, and regretted it immediately. She drew closer; he could feel the heat of her body on his skin; until he was backed up against the bad. "Forget about that loser," she said. "I told you to fuck me."

Emma laid her palm on his chest, and shoved. He fell backwards onto the bed, and she followed, climbing onto the mattress on her knees. The whole time, she stared down at him, her expression deadly serious, keeping his eyes locked to hers. With all the unexpected drama, he was at half mast now, but she didn't care. She planted herself on his hips, right above his crotch, and, with one hand on his chest, pinning him against the bedsheets, she reached back with the other and started massaging his groin.

Her slender fingers, her tender touch sent a rush of blood below his waist despite the awkward situation. He stared up at her, unbelieving, and she stared down at him, commanding. She didn't even break eye contact; once he was fully erect again, she raised her hips, and guided herself down until he was all the way inside her.

In that moment, when he entered her, the expression on her face was quite unlike what it had been before. Her mouth gaped, and her eyes fluttered, but it wasn't a look of pleasure. There was pleasure there, for sure, but it was the pleasure of control. Of total domination. She looked down at the junction of their intimate union, the soft flesh of her crotch pressed forcefully against his pelvis, the subtle bump of his cock inside her, and gave him a wolfish grin.

The air reeked of sex, the heat of her seemed to press against his body, but he was totally unsure of what to do next. He reached up to grab her hips, but she swatted his hands away. "No!" she ordered. "Put your hands behind your back."

Aaron obliged immediately. Emma let her eyes drift shut as she started to gyrate her hips, sliding up and down across his body, his cock still buried inside her. Aaron stared up at her in shock. The woman had been caught cheating not sixty seconds ago, and didn't give a fuck, and now she was riding his dick like nothing had even happened. That was a level of ruthlessness that he couldn't even comprehend.

There was a brief moment when her boyfriend was in the room with them that Aaron realized that he could cry for help. Now he was so glad that he didn't make that mistake.

Emma had her way with him for the better part of thirty minutes. She had so intimidated him that, despite his erection, he really couldn't bring himself to orgasm. Mounted on top of him, she managed to cum three times, twice by riding him to her satisfaction, and once with his dick outside of her, just sliding the wet slit of her pussy up and down across it.

Finally, she fell off of him and onto her back. "Come on," she said breathlessly, spreading her legs, and spreading the lips of her pussy with her left hand. "Just finish it."

Orders are orders. He rolled on top of her, slid himself inside her, and started to drill her as fast and as hard as he could manage. With one hand, he kept his body up above the mattress, and, with the other, he gripped her narrow hips for leverage. With his dick driving in and out of her vagina, Emma's eyes rolled back and closed, her face the picture of ecstasy, her entire body shaking with his violent force.

Finally in control, it only took about two minutes for him to finish, and he did it while buried balls deep. He groaned, and she let out a breathy squeak, as his cock pulsed and he shot his load inside her. After a moment, or an eternity, of reality-bending pleasure, it was over, and Aaron rolled onto his back.

In that brief window of post-orgasm clarity, he knew exactly what was coming next, and he was ashamed that he had let himself fall for it again. But he had to do whatever she ordered, didn't he? That was how Dominique could save him from this hellish life?

Emma sighed a deep, satisfied sigh. "Go do the dishes," she said airily.

What? He leaned up, looking at her. She didn't even move, but her eyes turned to him, and her expression shifted, speaking without words. Now, it said. Without a word, he lept to his feet. His dick was still wet, slowly deflating under the cold touch of the outside air. He strode out of her bedroom and towards the kitchen, bare feet slapping against hardwood floors.

That was... unexpected. So now that she thought she could trust him, it wasn't just all sex, all the time?

He could get used to that.

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