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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which Emma retrieves Aaron from Dominique's charge. Some shrinking, but more plot than size content.

Emma wore a broad grin as she made her merry way back to Dom's house. The training period was over, and she had been told, in a cryptic text message that was apropos of the Program, that it had been a resounding success. Her tiny man, Aaron, was a totally willing slave. In fact, as Dominique said it, he actually wanted to see her. She could barely hide her excitement.

A small corner of her brain wondered how she would go about dumping her boyfriend. She certainly didn't need him anymore, not with a loyal slave who could live at any size. In hopeful expectation of this moment, she had already started to distance herself from him, but he still had a key to her flat. She'd have to take care of that, and without attracting too much attention from the press. Maybe she could do it late on a Saturday evening. That would help.

She knocked on Dominique's door, and the woman answered almost immediately, looking for all the world like she had just rolled out of bed. A baggy T-shirt, extremely generous gym shorts, and hair that formed a wild, unkempt halo around her head. Even so, the girl's sloppy appearance had a certain charm. "Emma, love! Welcome back!" she exclaimed. She opened the door a bit wider and invited Emma to come in.

"Happy to see you, Dom."

"It's my pleasure, for sure," replied Dominique. "So your little Aaron is exactly where you wanted him to be."


"Oh, it took a while. Might've been easier if you let me wipe him," Dominique said with a wink, "But I think you'll like what you see. He's in the other room, come on."

Emma followed, letting the door slam shut behind her. She couldn't help but notice Suzy sitting at the table in the living room, wearing more clothes than Dominique did, and reading the fucking newspaper. Really? She had so many questions about that, but kept them to herself.

But, as she turned the corner, she saw the man... Aaron... standing upright, full-sized, his hands crossed behind his back, seemingly waiting for orders like a soldier in formation. His skin was ghostly pale; understandable, given what he had experienced for the last month or so; but he had a really, really impressive figure, lean and covered in wiry muscle, with barely a single hint of fat to soften the edges. But Emma's eyes couldn't help but gravitate down below his waist, where an impressive dick swung surprisingly far down.

Emma gaped. She had complete control over this man. She already knew that she could enter his mind and control his body, but had largely refrained from doing so during the training after trying once and having to endure even a few moments of the incredible, suffocating pressure of being under some giantess' foot. But what was the point of doing so now? If Dom was right, he'd obey her every word, so no explicit control was needed.

But she wasn't really comfortable with a sexual display of her control, not right now, not with Dominique watching and Suzy just in the other room. Instead, she straightened up, looked the man in the eyes, and said, "You, Aaron. Who do you belong to?"

"I belong to you, mistress," the man said without hesitation, bowing his head.

Emma glanced briefly at Dominique. She had a look of pride that made her look like a master artist displaying her greatest work. Emma couldn't deny that she deserved to feel that way, but she had no way to read any further into the man's behavior; did he really believe himself to be her property, or was he hiding something?

Obviously, she couldn't demand any demeaning sexual shit out of him right now, but she could test her control over him in some way. "Lie down," she ordered sternly.

He didn't respond verbally, but he dropped to the floor immediately, eyes down, arms and legs all tense and ready for the next order. He looked like he was ready to start doing pushups. Emma admired his impressive frame for a moment, then said, "Stand up."

He lept to his feet with stunning speed and stood there, his eyes focused on the middle distance, waiting patiently for his next task. "Now, do star-jumps until I tell you not to."

He hesitated, confusion clearly written on his face despite his effort not to show it. Dominique huffed in amusement. "She means jumping jacks," she said.

He complied immediately, jumping up and down with vigor. Dom's flat was suddenly filled with the pounding of his weight on the floor and the heavy sound of his deep, measured breathing. With every jump, his chest muscles bounced up and down, and his dick flopped amusingly in every direction.

Emma watched, transfixed, at the spectacle of his body for a minute, before Dominique cleared her throat and snapped her out of her trance. "He's not a used car, love. You don't need to try him out. Just take him home and have fun."

"I was just trying to see..."

"I'm sure you'll put him through much harder activity than this nonsense," Dominique told her, tossing her head at the naked man. "But he'll obey you, I promise."

Emma looked at her, then down at her feet. "Right... I just..."

"Still..." Dominique was eyeing Aaron with a very transparent, very hungry look. "You definitely picked a good one, though," she said, biting her lip.

"Stop," ordered Emma. The man stopped immediately, straightening back into the position he had assumed when she entered the room. She looked at Dominique, whose eyes were fixed unsubtly on Aaron's considerable genitalia. "We're going home. You ready?"

"Yes, mistress," he replied, without hesitation.

Emma shrank him down as fast as she could. Four inches, that should be enough. No fancy gestures or magic words necessary; she just had to want him to be that size; and, in seconds, he was. He may have tried to hide it, but there was no disguising the sudden fear in his rapidly-diminishing facial expressions. Shrinking down, especially without warning, must be one hell of an experience. She'd have to try it from his perspective someday.

When he was small enough to fit in her hand, she plucked him off the ground, barely looking at him as she opened up her puse with her other hand and dropped him in. He didn't need an explanation, and he shouldn't expect one. He was hers now, and, fuck, that felt good.

She zipped her purse closed and set it down. "Thanks again, Dom," she said.

"It's my pleasure, love," Dominique replied, with the broad, luminous smile that Emma knew so well. "He's not a finished product yet, right? You have to bring him back every now and again, okay?"

That was new. "Why?" Emma asked.

"Right now, he trusts you because I told him to," answered Dominique. "If you break off his relationship with me too fast, it might hurt his relationship with you."

"Alright," Emma said with a shrug. "It makes sense. How often?"

"Once a week for a little while, and less often going forwards. I'll send you the dates and times."

Emma smiled. Dom was really just the best. "Thanks again, truly," she said, crossing her hands over her breast.

Dominique crossed her arms and turned away, making a show of being dismissive even as her face betrayed her own gratitude. "Oh, don't even mention it, love," she said. "You have fun, then."

Every minute, every mile, was pure fucking torture. Emma was so horny that she could feel her own heartbeat in her pussy, pounding so loud that she was sure everyone on the tube could hear it. The shrunken man, buried somewhere the purse she kept tucked tightly under her arm, seemed to have a physical presence that she could feel. He wasn't just a sex toy. He was a willing, living, breathing, loving sex slave. Her every whim obeyed at every time, at every size, with a willing eagerness. She had never before wanted something so badly.

Someone on the public transit recongized her, and demanded a selfie. In a libido-fueled trance, she obliged, and gripped the man's ass just as the picture was taken without even knowing what she was doing. His stunned look as the flash went off made for a priceless, and useless photo. He scuttered away, speechless, and she stepped off the tube at the next stop, not even acknowledging what she had done.

The next quarter-hour passed in a haze of imagined sexual fantasies. There were so many things she could do with this man; she couldn't wait to do them all, even though she knew that her body would eventually stop her from carrying on further. Even so, the knowledge that the endurance of her new sex toy was completely irrelevant was that much more exciting.

She burst into her apartment, pausing only briefly to verify that her boyfriend wasn't around, then fished desperately into her purse to procure the little man. Her fingers wrapped around his tiny body, and she tossed him out into the hallway just as she started to grow him to full size. The look of shock on his rapidly-growing face was clearly evident as she kicked off her shoes, stripped her shirt, and started to shimmy her pants off of her waist.

Naked but for her bra and panties, she slammed the deadbolt shut and leaned up against the door, breathing heavy and looking at the newly-resized, stark naked man. "I want you to fuck me," she ordered.

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