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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which the story takes a sudden right turn. Moderate anal insertion, plot, dialogue, plot, characters, and more plot. I'm so sorry.

Aaron was in a living hell. A punishment, he was sure, but he couldn't tell what he had done to deserve it. He couldn't tell what he was supposed to learn from it, and he had no idea when it was going to end. All he could do was endure it, and pray that it would end soon.

Suzy was fully-sized, fully-clothed, and had shrunk him down to barely four inches. He was buried in her asshole up to his neck, left to struggle desperately against the ordeal of the giantess' life. With every step she took, the enormous muscles that surrounded him shifted painfully up and down, grinding painfully across his head. Sweat poured from the flesh that surrounded him, filling his world with a sour stench and a salty taste.

No matter how hard he fought, he had no chance of earning reprieve from this torture. The giantess' careless gait tossed him back and forth, and her muscles beat at him from one side, then the other, with every step that she took. It was hot, painful, and the only air to breathe was the nauseating miasma of stench that most people kept trapped within the waistband of their underwear.

How long had it been? Hours? Days? Long enough that he had settled from shock and disbelief at his hostile, miserable existence to a calm, if uncomfortable acceptance of his conditions. It was part of a broader lesson he had learned in what was undoubtedly weeks spent under the giantess' 'instruction.' He was at the point, now, where he was at least familiar with what he could expect when Suzy decided where she wanted to 'store' him. Be it her pocket, her shoe, her underwear, or whatever other weird accessory or body part she found most entertaining at the time, he knew what was going to happen. There was no more shock to it, there was just discomfort that had to be endured until it was over.

He had to admit that Suzy keeping him in her asshole was a new one. It would have struck him as too uncomfortable, especially for a long period of time. But here he was, helpless against the flexing muscles that squeezed around his head from both sides.

He was fully aware of how pathetic it was that even bothered to think about how his unfortunate position was how unpleasant it might be for the woman who had put him there.

Finally, light came flooding in from the outside world. His eyes blinded, Aaron gulped down the first breaths of fresh air that he had enjoyed in what felt like forever. But he barely had a moment to process the sudden change before he felt Suzy's fingers on his head, pinching down so hard as to squash his skull. He let out a yelp, but the giantess was unrelenting. She pulled, pulled, and pulled, yanking him with careless force completely out of her asshole.

She didn't savor, and she didn't linger. In barely seconds, Aaron's entire body was squeezed painfully out of the giantess' asshole and out into the outside world, the open air chilling against skin coated in slimy bodily fluids.

Before he could get his bearings, he was flying through the air, tossed aside carelessly by the giantess whose weight he had suffered under for the last eternity. A muted television, a cheap desk chair, a fluorescent overhead light, and he hit the surface of a bed so hard that it drove the wind from his lungs.

A hotel room. He could figure that much from what he had seen, but he had to focus on catching his breath for now. He stared up at the dull white ceiling, gasping like a fish out of water, trying to recover from the shocking transition.

Fuck. Was it going to be like this every time? He wasn't sure he could get used to this.

He heard the door open, and managed to twist his head around to see it. A hotel room, definitely. The door had the chain bolt and keycard reader to prove it. Dominique stepped in, dressed in tight jeans and a loose T-shirt, seeming not even to notice Aaron's tiny body. Suzy was just a step away, hiking her pants back up to her waist after removing Aaron from his miserable prison.

Dominique was the first to speak, though she waited for the door to shut before she did so. ''You fly out tonight?''

Suzy nodded, doing up the buttons to her pants. ''At nine, or so.''

''I'll see you in London, then.''

It was too much for Aaron. Where the fuck was he?

"Safe travels, love,'' Suzy said. She stepped up to Dominique and gave her a peck on the lips.

In any other context, Dominique's loving smile might have been heartwarming, but not when it was on the face of the woman who had taken on the task of 'training' him to be a sex slave. "You too," she said.

Suzy looked back at Aaron, and he felt himself shrink back involuntarily under her hungry gaze. She saw his reaction, and a predatory smile started to creep onto her face. "When do we get to have fun with him together?" she asked.

"Soon," Dominique promised. She didn't even bother to look Aaron's way. "Soon enough. Now get out of here before the cab leaves."

Suzy tore her gaze from Aaron with clear reluctance. "Love you," she said.

"I love you too."

As Suzy opened the door, Dominique gave her a gentle slap on the ass, prompting a yelp of surprise. Suzy looked back, one foot outside and the other inside, debating whether to give the other giantess another kiss. Then, apparently deciding against it, she slid out the door and let it fall shut behind her.

The moment the latch clicked shut, Dominique's gaze snapped towards Aaron.

He cringed instinctively under the giantess' gaze. But, despite his visceral panic, her expression was calm, without a single hint of sexual or sadistic intent. It took a minute, but she maintained eye contact with him, seeming to will him to be calm, urging him that there was, for now, nothing to be afraid of.

He didn't trust it for a moment, but it had the psychological effect she wanted. He didn't run, he didn't hide, and he didn't even think for a moment that this was his first and best real opportunity to try either of those things in his whole time shrunken.

After a moment, Dominique broke eye contact, then shed the bag she had on her shoulders, unzipped it, and pulled out a six-pack of beer. "Want a drink?"

If she had timed it right, Dominique had less than five minutes before the shrunken man would be raised to full size. Three hundred seconds, every one of which was crucial, because, under any other circumstance, an unwilling shrinkee would take the opportunity to fight or to flee. Aaron, as far as she could tell, was a pretty sturdy dude; he could overpower her easily, and, according to the schedule, he wouldn't be shrunken back down until tomorrow morning. She had to tread very carefully.

That's why she had opened with the beer.

She crossed the room with a lazy pace, fully aware that she was on a timer, but dedicated to keeping up appearances. She pulled two bottles out of the pack before throwing the rest into the mini-fridge under the television. She didn't have a bottle opener, so she took one bottle and put the cap against the edge of the television stand, and smacked it with her palm, popping the first bottle open with a tiny spray of beer.

"In five minutes, you're about to grow to full size," she said, looking at the tiny man stranded in the middle of the mattress. "You can run, you can fight, or you can listen to what I have to say." She took a sip of her beer. "But here's the thing. The only reason I want you at full size for this is so you understand I'm telling the truth, you understand?"

She eyed the tiny man for long enough that, eventually, he caught on that he should nod in response. Fuck, mate. The clock is ticking.

"We could fight. You'll probably win," Dominique said. "Or you could crack a beer with me and we could have an honest conversation about what's going on here."

The tiny man seemed skeptical, so Dominique took the second bottle and opened it like she had the first, placing it on the nightstand next to the bed the tiny man lay on. "Trust me," she said, "You'll want to hear what I have to say."

Aaron's tiny face still betrayed his every thought, and he was clearly torn between curiosity and suspicion. With her time as the dominant party quickly diminishing, Dominique could not afford the latter, so she dug into her bag and produced her badge, flipping it open for him to see.

"Dominique Tipper, Interpol," she said, with the most serious tone she could manage. "You're my best contact right now, so please... Listen to what I have to say."

That appeared to mollify him, and just in time. She checked her watch. Less than thirty seconds left. Moving as calmly as she could, she put her own beer down and grabbed the one she had just opened off the nightstand. In that moment, Aaron's tiny figure exploded into full size.

The transition was clearly shocking for him, but, as he regained his bearings, she offered the beer. "Here," she said, "Have a drink."

Aaron was a bigger man than she expected. He had more than six inches on her, and, with his broad shoulders and thickly muscled frame, could very well weigh twice as much as she did. But, despite the clear shift in the power dynamic between the two of them, he still held himself like he was the shrunken, submissive party. Refusing to make eye contact, he took the beer, then brought it towards his lap without taking a sip.

Dominique grabbed her own beer and extended the bottle as a toast. "Come on," she said. "Enjoy it."

Aaron lifted his gaze to meet hers. He was a broken man, she could see as much in his expression, but he raised his bottle and clinked it against hers. She took a drink when he did, and he followed her example.

He was still naked. Maybe clothing could help. She went to the closet and pulled out a bathrobe. "Here," she said, tossing the thin garment at him. "Get comfortable. We have all night."

Aaron, moving uncertainly, put the bathrobe on, then sat back down on the bed to take another swill of beer. He was still acting like an abused puppy, but Dominique supposed that, given what he had undergone under Suzy's instruction, she couldn't expect anything else. Honestly, it made her feel a bit better about how this interaction could work out for her; she had entered it with the fullest expectation that the tiny man could try to kill her in a desperate bid to escape his life as a sex toy.

Dominique was trying to figure out when it would be appropriate to give her pitch, then Aaron let out a deep, exhausted sigh. He looked up at her, his expression desperate, and he asked, "What's happening?"

Dominique nodded slowly. That was all she needed. "You've been kidnapped by a international sex trafficking organization. They sold you to Emma, and she brought you to me."

"Can't you help me?" Aaron asked.

The desperation in his voice was heartbreaking. She wanted nothing more than to be able to say 'yes,' but she couldn't. "I can't, at least not for now," she said.

His shoulders sagged, and his gaze drifted downwards. She had never seen such a dejected expression all her years doing this, though she had never had a contact so close to the problem.

"Look," she said. Aaron kept his gaze down, barely twitching in response to her voice. "Hey, look!" His eyes came up, meeting hers, "We're trying to figure all this shit out. You're not the only one. In fact, you're lucky that I found you. If you help me, we can blow this thing open."

That seemed to get his attention. His expression perked up, and he took a sip of his beer. "How?" he asked.

"We've been trying to pin this organization down for almost two years," Dominique said. "We don't really understand how they're shrinking people, we don't really know what the shrinking even does. They're kidnapping people to shrink, but we don't know how or why, and the people they kidnap have their memories wiped, so they can't help."


"So you're our best chance to answer those questions," Dominique said, "Through Emma, we can start to draw the full picture. But we can't move until we have all the facts, otherwise this Program will disappear, and we're back at square one."

Aaron downed the rest of his beer in a single gulp. "Then what do you want from me?"

"Play along," Dominique said. "Be the thing Emma wants you to be."

Aaron's gaze dropped again. That was a brutal thing for him to accept, she knew, but his sense of helplessness could be as dangerous, in the long run, as a refusal to cooperate entirely. He had to realize that he was doing this for the greater good. Fuck, Dominique had put her life on the line merely by trying to recruit him. Her adversary was vast, mysterious, and powerful; if they caught wind of her efforts, she might disappear without a trace, maybe sold off as a shrunken sex toy to whoever could afford it.

"Look, she didn't wipe your memory. For some reason, she doesn't want to," Dominique told him. She grabbed another beer from the pack, opened it, and handed it to him in exchange for his empty glass. "That puts you in a unique position. I convince her that you need to come back to me periodically, and you can tell me what you've learned from being with her."

"I've learned nothing!" Aaron exclaimed, surging forward with surprising violence. "She's tortured me! This other girl... Suzy, that bitch... She's tortured me too! And you did nothing, and now you want me to..." He fell back, running his hand through his hair. "Fuck. When does this end?"

Dominique felt for him, she really did, but her empathy was tainted by her fear. Did he know how much power he had over her merely by how she had exposed herself to him? Would it be worse if he didn't know? He could say three words, 'Dominique is Interpol,' and she'd disappear forever, probably as a shrunken sex slave for a particularly sadistic customer. "I can't say for sure," she said. "The more information you can pass me, the sooner I can help you."


"That means that you have to seem as willing as possible. Earn her trust. Meet her friends and family. Report as much back to me as you can." Dominique paused. Maybe diplomacy should take a back seat to honesty here. "It might be easier than you think. Do you know what she wants from you?"

Aaron shook his head and shrugged. "To make my life a living hell," he said bitterly.

"She wants a loyal slave. She doesn't want to have to shrink you down and shove you up her cooter for the rest of her life, she wants someone she can trust to be loyal to her, no matter what size. If I send you back to her, and you show that you're that person, then you might spend more of you're time at full size than not."

"Like that... Suzy?" Aaron asked. Dominique nodded. "Is she in on it too?" he asked.

"No," answered Dominique. "She's one of the few people who volunteered to be shrunk, so she's totally willing. It's complicated, and some of the things she does are... unpleasant... but it really helps to have her here."

"Unpleasant?" Aaron demanded. "You saw what she did to me! You watched! Fuck, you helped!"

Dominique nodded somberly, trying to keep calm in the face of his rising anger. "And you're not the only one. It breaks my heart to support this kind of evil shit, but every shrunken person is another thread back to a client of the Program, which helps us uncover who they are and where they operate." She tossed back the rest of her beer and slammed the bottle down. "Once we put all the pieces together, we're going to go full Nuremberg on these motherfuckers."

She sat down on the bed next to Aaron. "Look," she said, "I'm asking a lot of you. All that disgusting, degrading shit you've had to experience so far, it's probably going to keep happening, and I don't know for how long. But you're my best chance so far to blow it open. Can you help me?"

Aaron swung his beer bottle between his fingers, watching the fluid slosh around inside the brown glass. He was silent for a long moment, and Dominique was silent too, letting him think about his answer for as long as he had to.

"I think..." He paused, then nodded, "I think I can. Can you help me?"

"In time," Dominique promised. "If this goes well, Emma will be the first to go down, and you'll be the first to be freed."

"Why me?" he asked.

Dominique sighed. "I don't know. Bad luck, I guess. But Emma chose not to wipe your memory when she had the chance. For some reason, she wants you to remember everything, so that makes you my best chance to uncover that fucked-up Program that brought you here in the first place."


"Look, here's the plan. When you get back to Emma, you're going to be the perfectly loyal slave she wants you to be. She'll probably dump her boyfriend, then she'll start going around in public with you at her side. At home, in the bedroom, she'll probably abuse you like she has already, but, if you pretend like you're willing, you'll get to live the closest thing to a normal life you can hope for." Dominique was talking out her ass, and she knew it. This was pure supposition based on what she had experienced with the other clients she had worked with. "You'll meet all of the weird socialites she associates with, the millionaires, the superstars, the power brokers. Any time any one of them even implies a role in the Program, you commit everything to memory and bring it back to me, okay?"

Aaron nodded. "Is that what they call it? The 'Program?'"

"As far as we can tell, yes," Dominique answered. "Do you think you can do this?"

Aaron took a deep breath, and let it out with a shake of his head. Dominique waited patiently as he stared into the middle distance, beer in hand, contempleting what he was buying himself into. After a minute, he took another drink, and looked up at her. "I'm in," he said.

Dominique nodded somberly. "Good." She stood up and went to pick up her bag from the floor. "Now, let's find out who the hell you are."

"What?" he asked.

"The Program wipes the memories of everyone it kidnaps. We don't know how, yet, but your DNA is still the same," said Dominique. She pulled a fingerprint kit out of her bag and a cotton swab. "This is our best chance to return you to the life you had before. You okay with that?"

Aaron nodded, and extended his hand. Dominique inked his fingertips and led him through the process of committing his fingerprints to paper. Then she ran the cotton swab against the inside of his cheek and deposited it in a plastic bag. What she couldn't tell him was that there was no way she could make a search for this biometric data until the risk provided by the Program had been eliminated.

"You'll remain full-sized until tomorrow morning," she said. "I couldn't afford to leave you like that any longer, to keep up appearances. We're flying back to London tomorrow, and I'll return you to Emma. It'll be boring, but it'll at least be comfortable."

"Okay..." said Aaron.

"I'll be in the room next door. Your key is on the desk. Just knock if you need me," Dominique said. She made her way to the door of the hotel room, and paused on her way out to turn back. "I'm counting on you," she said. "If you pull this off, we'll put these cunts away forever."

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