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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which Emma succumbs to her feral desires. Panties entrapment, mind control, and vaginal insertion.

Emma was never really able to forget about the little man in her pants, at least not over the next hour or so. Just walking around outside was erotic, knowing that she had a secret tucked away, that her pussy was someone's whole world right now and the strangers passing her in the street would never know. She knew that the industry, though illegal, still processed a decent number of shrunken men. They might be rare, but Emma found herself looking at faces for a sultry smile that matched her own, wondering of anyone else had the same little toy.

Less than sixty minutes had passed, and her crotch was still absolutely oozing lubricant, to the point that she was sure that it would start running down her leg, or worse, stain her skirts. She was still slightly tender from before, but already uncontrollably horny. God, this little toy was going to be a liability. If she kept on like this, she'd wind up tackling a total stranger and fucking him right there in the street.

She found the first clothing store she could, bought the cheapest set of panties she could find, and immediately retreated to the changing room. Setting her skirt aside, she sat down and looked between her legs at a crotch that was soaked through with lubricant.

She closed her eyes, leaned back, and transported her mind into the man's body.

The sudden onslaught on her senses was beyond overwhelming. She had no idea how miserable it was for him to be down here. She had planned on masturbating as him for some sexual release, and just trying to forget about him until she got home, but this was too much.

The heat, the stench, the pressure. Her mouth was filled with the taste of her own flesh and fluids. Everything she could see was pink and wet, every inch of her skin was enveloped by the soft flesh of her own genitals. Directly in front of her, her vision was filled with the dark maw of her vagina, rippling flesh pressed up tight together, lubricant bubbling up from unknown depths.

The moment she realized what it was like down here, she realized what she wanted to do. Fighting against the surprising amount of pressure from the flesh that surrounded her, she forced her way deeper into her own labia, shocked at how difficult it was at this size. She had no problem putting an entire finger knuckle-deep into her vagina, but, at this size, every inch was won with a tremendous amount of effort. 

And that's where she was going. She had taken control of her little toy's body and was forcing him to climb into his mistress' vagina. It was exhausting, and she had put her mind so thoroughly into his that she was forced to take a rest every few minutes, gasping with effort, each breath drawing hot, frothy lubricant down her throat. The heat surrounded her and filled her, making the exercise that much more exhausting.

She got him in up to his shoulders, both arms over her head, before she was unable to gain any purchase at all. She wasn't able to get her feet down on anything, and her hands slipped uselessly against the soft, fleshy walls of her own vagina. She finally stopped, breathing heavy, and just lay there for a few minutes, sucking down lubricant with every breath. 

Then, holding her senses in his body, she brought control back to her own limbs. She didn't need vision or even touch to guide her hand down into her pants. Feeling her own giant fingers on her back was terrifying, but she used her giantess strength to effortlessly overcome the challenge that had consumed the better part of five minutes. In seconds, she was buried head to toe in her own vagina.

She thought about masturbating with his understandably hard dick, but the expression of her absolute control over him she had already made was enough by itself. She'd leave him in here and teach him what else she could do when she got home.

In an instant, she transported herself back into her own mind, leaving the little man buried in her vagina. The sudden return of fresh, cool air was a stunning relief, and she leaned back with a grin, patting the still-wet crotch of her panties. A quiet, satisfied 'hmm' came out of her throat, and she took a deep, shaky breath, stood up, and started to change.


That was the most terrifying thing that had happend to him so far. He had been forced to watch as his limbs moved with a will of their own, dragging him inch by inch into the hole that he had spent the better part of the last hour trying to keep himself from sinking into. It was immediately clear that Emma had come into his mind and taken his body, and, after about five minutes of struggling against flesh like quicksand, she gave up and just pushed him all the way in herself.

Then his limbs were his again. If he thought that being in her panties had been torture, this was a hundred times worse. Her heartbeat was deafening, and each beat made the walls around him pulse slightly. The only other sound was the wet, squishing sound of her vaginal walls sliding over each other every time he tried to move.

The heat was incredible. Soft, elastic flesh sandwiched his entire body, pressing relentlessly against his front and back. He drew deep, desperate breaths, his heartbeat pounding in his ears and claustrophobic panic rising up in his throat. But each breath only served to suck the hot flesh into his face, and all he could draw into his lungs was a thin trickle of frothy lubricant, filling his mouth with the thick taste of her womahhood. 

He was completely surrounded, and completely at her mercy. The unstimulated walls of her vagina were stronger than he was, so he had no doubt that, if she so much as twitched her pelvic muscles, he would be broken in half. But, if she had taken control of him, that meant that she had been in his mind with him, right? She had seen through his eyes, and knew exactly how miserable this place was for him.

He had hoped that she had just not known. That she had just dumped him in her panties and forgotten about him. But that meant that she not only knew, but she had decided to do the one thing that would make it even worse. The last of his hope withered with that realization. 

So there was nothing for him to do but sit here and wait. Feel the gentle rocking of her hips, listen to the pounding of her heartbeat, and try to endure the oppressive heat and claustrophobic pressure of her flesh pressing against him on all sides. Just lie inside her and wait for her decide to use him again.


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