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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which we see the first steps of the tiny toy training program. Mostly domination, a bit of vaginal insertion, and a bit more plot.

Aaron spent hours, maybe even days buried in a world of hot, wet flesh. The pounding heatrbeat of his captor was the only way he could keep time, but the rhythm was so chaotic that it was useless. Occasionally, it was slow, and his fleshy prison was perfectly still. Sometimes, it was rapid, and his entire world was rocked back and forth in a chaotic wirlwind of unpredictable motion. From where he lay, Suzy's normal activities were a stomach-churning roller-coaster, and there was no chance to get off that ride.

Was it hours? Was it days? Was it weeks? He was wrapped from head to toe in tight, muscular flesh, a thick layer of salty lubricant covering every inch of his body. The viscous fluid flowed in and out of his lungs with every breath. He was a slave, an involuntary toy for this woman, and the real insult was that this woman was herself a tiny sex slave.

Where did it end? Would he find a bite-sized toy somewhere in this woman's vagina? How many layers down did the Matryoshka doll go?

There was no answer to that question, but the end to his fluid-soaked sexual torture came quite abruptly. A giant pair of fingers grabbed his head, and, in a quick, violent motion, he was dragged out into the bright light and cool air of the real world.

He hit the ground so hard the air was driven from his lungs, a fall that he knew should have killed him, if the woman didn't already tear her head off by yanking him out like that. He stared up at the spread legs of the massive woman that had torn him from her vagina, until she stepped to the side and looked disdainfully down at his flushed, wet body.

A massive, pale woman, stark-naked with bright blue eyes and dark brown nipples set in the middle of her tight breasts, seemed to regard him with the same care as he would an ant in his kitchen. With the expression on her face, he honestly expected her to lift her foot and stamp on him like he was no more than a bug, but she didn't.

She just stared down at him, and her gaze bore such weight that he couldn't meet it for long. He climbed to his feet, moving slow, waiting for the sole of her foot to come crashing down on top of him just as he started to recover. But it didn't happen. Finally, he made his way to his feet, and found, to his surprise, that Suzy was no longer a goddess of incomprehensible size. Based on a quick observation of his surroundings, he had not grown, but she had shrunk, and now she was a little less than twice his height. When he looked, his eyes were at a level with her belly-button. It was easier to look up at a gaze that was only a few feet above his, but the experience was somehow more intimidating than the stare of a hundred foot-tall giantess.

Finally, she spoke. "Do you know why you're here?" she asked.

Aaron didn't dare respond. There may have been a right answer to the question, but there were far more wrong answers, and he didn't want to invoke the punishment of the wrong answer, not from this woman who seemed to delight in torturing him. He broke eye contact and looked down at his feet.

In response, the massive woman crouched down, bringing her head level to his, and placed her hand under his chin. The size of her fingers relative to his head was not lost on him as he looked into her massive eyes; she could have gripped his head like a grapefruit. She spoke again, her voice overwhelming despite her soft tone, "Tell me, why do you think you're here?"

With her banana-sized fingers holding his jaw, he couldn't look away from those massive, blue eyes. There was no nuance of her expression that escaped his notice at this range, and she seemed honestly curious, if a bit disdainful. He tried to ignore the condescension in her gaze and answered honestly, "You want to train me...?"

She heard the question in his voice, and her gaze narrowed. There was no hostility in her expression, though. She straightened up, keeping one hand outstretched, an invitation to maintain eye contact as she answered his question, "Almost," she said.

Her face hardened quite abruptly and she continued. "You are worth nothing. You have been chosen as your mistress' servant, but you were a day away from being discarded as useless. You are here to learn how to be useful, otherwise... You're just trash."

She said that last bit so flippantly that it sent chills down his spine. Trash? At this insignificant size, what the fuck did that mean? Emma proved that he could be restored to his full size, but also proved that he could be shrunken down to fish food. If he was tossed away by that giantess forever, he had a good idea of which size he would be when he was flushed down the drain.

As if she heard his thoughts, Suzy bent forwards at the waist, bringing her head down towards his. He couldn't help but notice how her breasts sagged as she did so, but the sheer bulk of her form was so intimidating that it made it seem like her body was closing in on him. "Oh, don't fret, I'm sure I'd play with you for a while first," she said with a wicked smile. She brought one of her massive hands down and stroked his face with her thumb. He recoiled instinctively, and her smile broadened.

"I'd love a new toy," she said thoughtfully, her eyes wandering upwards. She bit her lower lip, and her grin grew before she looked back down at him. He could see the hunger in her eyes as she stroked his face again. In that moment, he felt real fear, a fear that froze him in his place. This woman was in the perfect position to arbitrarily decide that he deserved to be her slave, and the memory of what she had done to him was still fresh in his mind. It was the last thing he wanted, but he couldn't say that aloud.

"You wouldn't be the first," she promised, her voice growing husky. The lust in her face was as plain as day now, and her thumb continued to stroke the side of his face. He was only vaguely aware of how the rest of her hand had curled around his back. "The lazy ones, the disobedient ones... the ones I just wanted to play with..."

She leaned in a little closer, her voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper. "They defied me," she said, practically moaning, "I showed them the consequences after their mistresses abandoned them."

Suzy's hand wrapped a little tighter around his back, and she drew a sharp, shaky breath before leaning down to whisper directly into his ear, bleeding sensuality as she continued, "Do it for me," she said. "Fight back, refuse your place. I'll show you what it means to be a toy."

Faced with the massive figure of her body, frozen by the goosebump-raising tone of her voice, Aaron couldn't bear to turn his head to look the woman in the eye. Then, without warning, he felt the hot, wet mass of her tongue against the side of his head. Not a full lick, just a little brush, but he recoiled all the same. Suzy straightened up, a satisfied look on her face, and Aaron just stood there, trembling. The thick layer of saliva on his left ear was chilling in the open air.   

Trying to quell his fear, he looked up at Suzy, though his instinct screamed to avoid eye contact. She was already looking down at him, and it took every last fiber of his being to keep from breaking eye contact and fixing his gaze on his feet. The sexual sight of her tight, muscular body didn't even command his attention anymore; all he felt was fear.

Then, without warning, she grabbed the back of his head and drew him abruptly forwards. At the same time, she fell to her knees. His face was buried in her crotch, and his body was forced down to the ground. In less than a second, her entire weight was borne on her groin, which sat directly on top of his face. The pink, wrinkled flesh of her vulva was all he could see, the warm, fishy scent was all he could smell.

Aaron half expected her to start grinding on him again, facefucking his tiny body like she had before. But she just held him there, pressing his face against the soft flesh between her legs. Far above him, he could hear her taunting voice, muffled from between her massive thighs. "You like that?" she asked. "Get used to the taste. It's gonna be your life if you fuck this up."

Then she finally drew her pussy off his face. Knees on the ground, she walked herself backwards until her face was at a level with his. Her flushed face was the picture of lust, and her flared nostrils showed that she was ready to take this entire situation to its logical conclusion.

Eyes sparkling, she leaned forwards and planted her lips on Aaron's. Her mouth was just barely large enough to consume Aaron's head whole, but she acted for all the world like a horny teenager. Her tongue shoved its way between his lips, greedily slurping up the hot, viscous mix of his saliva and the fluid from her own vagina. It felt like trying to deepthroat a T-bone steak. Aaron had to fight to keep from gagging, afraid that she would interpret it as a sign of rejection.

Finally, she detatched from his face and stood up straight. All he could do was watch her perfect figure step off of him and wipe his face with the back of his hand. He was too stunned, too afraid to do anything else. Finally, she turned her back on him, making to walk away, before, at the last moment, she turned back and said, "Don't disappoint me."

Holy shit. Things had just gotten serious.

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