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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which Aaron's new co-mistresses take an indulgent break. Some insertion from the tiny perspective, and good old-fashioned lesbian sex. Hat tip to author minifriend for some stylistic pointers.

Aaron hung there, upside-down inside Suzy, with the blood pooling in his head, for God only knew how long. He didn't even bother struggling; he knew from experience that he wouldn't be able to do much against the relentless pressure of the woman's vagina. Through the tons and tons of throbbing flesh that surrounded him, he could feel the woman moving, and he could hear her speaking, but neither were distinct enough for him to make anything of it. The steady thump-thump of her heartbeat ruled his entire world.

He kicked half-heartedly against the walls that surrounded him, hoping to elicit a response, but nothing happened. He pawed against the hot flesh, trying to pull himself towards the exit, but he couldn't gain any purchase. He was trapped, well and good, waiting for this woman, Suzy, to decide what to do with him.

Fuck, his captor was a toy herself. Barely ten minutes ago, she had been half his height, but the black giantess had sought fit to grow her to full size, and now he was trapped inside her like a living tampon. The helplessness of it all was infurating, but there was nothing he could do at this scale to restore his status as a human being, no matter how loud he screamed or how hard he kicked.

He resented the fact that he resigned to this sense of helplessness so quickly; barely five minutes after he had been forgotten inside this new woman's body, he had stopped trying to worm his way to freedom, and he couldn't muster up the will to continue. He offered one last frustrated kick against the fleshy walls, but he couldn't gain the leverage to do anything but push ineffectually against the massive woman's insides, and it elicited no reaction.

He could feel her moving around, though. The steady, predictable pulse of her heartbeat throbbing against his body was mixed with the irregular thudding of her footsteps. He was rocked left and right by the steady motion of her walk, lifted up and down as she stood and sat. It didn't seem, at least from his limited perspective, that she was doing any aggressive acrobatics, but there was really no way to be sure from here.

The question that nagged at him, however, was whether he would shrink with her if the black giantess decided to shrink her toy back down. If he did, he might wind up smaller than a speck of dust, and an inopportune escape might leave him stuck at a size so small that nobody could ever see him. He imagined being sucked up unwittingly by a vaccum cleaner, tossed carelessly into the garbage and forgotten forever.

He didn't know. And, unless he was sure, he couldn't chance an escape attempt while with these women. He would have to wait it out, endure whatever torture they came up with, until he could return to Emma. But the dull ache that he still felt between his legs reminded him exactly how awful that could be. If Suzy was comfortable torturing him like that right in front of Emma, how much worse could she be when they were in private?

Maybe getting tossed into the trash with a bunch of dust and crumbs was a better option.


Suzy worked with her mistress for the better part of two hours to develop the size schedule they would send to Emma. She led the process, laying out exactly how she planned to break the little man and then build him up again. She even had the privilege of sitting at the computer as they worked, though Dominique loomed over her the entire time. The other woman had thrown on a sweatshirt as the warmth of the tea had worn off, but she was still naked below the waist, practically inviting a pleasurable distraction from the tedious work.

She had also shrunk Suzy. Not much, only a few inches. She probably thought that her loving toy wouldn't notice, but, when Suzy had another shrunken toy inside her, every inch lost made the tiny man that much bigger. Any size change sudden enough had the shocking sensation of penetration; it was almost impossible fokr her to miss. Ever since Dominique had done it, Suzy had been fighting back an insatiable sexual desire, waiting for the cue from her mistress to get the fun started. 

About an hour after they started, Dominique leaned in a bit too close to the computer screen, and Suzy reached up and brushed a soft kiss against her neck. Her mistress leaned into it, begging for more, and Suzy obliged, kissing and sucking gently at the smooth skin. She pulled away after only a few seconds, and saw that Dominique was already breathing heavy, her pulse pounding visibly in the veins of her neck. 

Her mistress took the next move faster than she could have hoped. Her hand was on the back of Suzy's head before she even knew what was happening, and she dragged her forward, forcing their lips together. Suzy was elated, but not too surprised, to feel their tongues start worming together, and she reached back with her right hand and probed her way up the other woman's thigh. She reached the heat of her crotch almost effortlessly, and started to rub carefully at the sensitive flesh.

Dominique gasped into her mouth, her tongue still probing at Suzy's. It was a deeply satisfying sound. Her job momentarily forgotten, Suzy spun around in her chair to face her mistress, bringing her other hand to the woman's neck. They both breathed desperately around each other, greedily sucking down the heat and the scent of one another. Their making out grew more and more furious, until Suzy found herself standing up from her chair, her middle two fingers knuckle-deep in her mistress' vagina, and the sweater discarded on the floor.

There was nothing between them but heat. Suzy could barely tell where her flesh ended and Dominique's began. But her insistent pressure slowly drove both of them to the ground, legs tied up in knots, their mouths seemingly melted together. Eventually, though, Suzy felt an insistent, downward pressure on the top of her head. She raised her gaze to meet Dominique's, and saw a carnal hunger in her eyes.

She obeyed without question, delaying her downwards journey slightly to graze her teeth against her mistress' tender nipples, to lay gentle kisses on her taut stomach. Every brush of her lips was rewarded with goosebumps, nearly-invisible peach fuzz standing on end in the chill air. Soon, though, she was between Dominique's thighs, staring up at a beautiful expanse of flesh, meeting the other woman's eyes over the mound of her breasts. She greeted the other woman's lusty gaze eagerly, breathing deep of the familiar, heady smell of her most intimate parts. 

After as much finger teasing as she dared, she clamped her mouth down on Dominique's pussy. Her mistress let out a pleasured gasp immediately, but Suzy knew that it would be a while before she was finally satisfied.

There was a bit of tedium in this, she had to admit. She spent the next few minutes drawing circles over Dominique's clitoris with her tongue, a rote exercise that was repetitive enough for her mind to start wandering. But she loved hearing Dominique gasp, her hands grasping desperately at her breasts. She loved watching her hips buck and squirm, unwittingly seeking relief from the unceasing stimulation. However repetitive it was, it was worth it.

After riding the familiar rhythms of pleasure for the better part of fifteen minutes, Dominique finally came. Her entire body tightened up, thighs squeezing hard around Suzy's head, fingers gripping white-knuckled at her hair. She could hear her mistress gasping desperately for breath during that one, brief moment where her mind touched heaven.

In that moment, Suzy wanted nothing more than to be inside her. The insistent force of Dominique's hands drawing her forward, of her thighs trying to pop her head open like a grape, it was nothing compared to the comforting heat and pressure of her vagina. Suzy had endured countless orgasms under the strength of the giantess' pelvic muscles. Even where she was, with her mouth filled with the taste of Dominique's pussy and her head crushed between the vice grip of her legs, was a pale imitation of being there to experience the climax. 

Only there, with her entire body buried inside the warm blanket of Dominique's flesh, could she feel like she was truly a part of her mistress' ecstasy. She thought, briefly, about the little man who was inside her, little Aaron, who surely wondered why the heartbeat that pulsed against every inch of his skin was so rapid right now. Did he know what that overriding, primal sense of empathy felt like? Could he ever know what it felt like to be connected to someone, body and soul?

And then Dominique finally came down. A deeply satisfied, half-screaming moan escaped her lips, almost but not quite formed into a coherent curse of pleasure. Her chest heaved, gasping down air, and her hips bucked up and down, carrying Suzy with them. Her legs were relentless, squeezing like they meant to pop her head like a walnut, but Suzy just waited it out, satisfied with her work. She sucked and licked tenderly at the flesh beneath her mouth, trying to keep her mistress going for as long as she could without being overwhelming. 

She was rewarded, after about sixty seconds, by Dominique pushing her away, her legs clamping shut and twisting away to keep her from doing anything more. Suzy was a bit disappointed, but satisfied in her work. She lay there, watching Dominique's entire body writhing about as she rode out the last remnants of her orgasm, savoring that expression of pure pleasure as proof of a job well done.

Finally, her mistress' entire body relaxed. Her legs fell askew, and she propped herself up on her elbows. Her dark skin made it hard to tell, but her face was flushed with pleasure. Her hair was a mess, and sweat beaded up on her forehead despite the cool air. She smiled broadly down at Suzy, full lips parting to reveal brilliantly white teeth. Suzy couldn't help but return the smile. 

They met each other's gaze for a moment, then Dominique let her head fall back, and she let out the first coherent word of the last fifteen minutes. 


Suzy giggled. She scooted forward to lay her chin on Dominique's hips, her head square between her legs. "I want to be in there," she said.

"Mmm, I know you do," Dominique replied, reaching her right hand down to run her fingers through Suzy's hair. She felt her mistress' fingers brush a smear of fluid away from her mouth with her thumb. "I want you in there too, but we have a job to do."

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