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Author's Chapter Notes:

You got storyline in my erotica! You got erotica in my storyline! In which Aaron carries on his inevitable adventure, and Emma enlists the assistance of a friend. Full tour vore, a little dangling threads of lesbianism, and entirely too much dialogue.

Aaron rode helplessly through the giantess' intestines, listening to the pounding of her heartbeat, varying constantly in its pace, and the unintelligible vibrations of her speech, muffled by endless tons of flesh. Scarcely an hour had passed since he had lost his fight to Emma's stomach, and his disgust and fear had already subsided, replaced by sheer boredom.

It was hot. Unbearably hot. Heat coated his flesh and filled his lungs with every breath. He barely even noticed the sour taste of acid and half-digested food anymore, but he couldn't ignore the heat.

He was so small, but not small enough to avoid being dragged relentlessly against the walls of her intestines. The slow, steady pulsing of the flesh around him, combined with the random motions of her body, slowly pushed him along, but he was caught between folds of flesh for minutes, sometimes even an hour at a time.

Her small intestine, he knew. It squeezed tight around him, forcing his tiny body through a ceaseless vice grip. The flesh was even more wrinkled than that inside her vagina, and seemed almost furry. Old anatomy knowledge surfaced, telling him what made that fleshy carpet and what purpose it served, but what use did that do him here? He wasn't going to get absorbed into her bloodstream any time soon; he just had to endure the vilii squrming around his limbs like hot, slimy grass.

Boredom seemed like an incredible thing, given that he was experiencing firsthand a view that any biologist would kill for, but that's really all he felt. He was being pushed through Emma's intestines even slower than her food, but he knew what was waiting for him at the end of this trip. He didn't really feel like swimming to make it end sooner.

So he waited, lying there and wishing that he could just fall asleep. He had done it before inside her vagina, but, as the first day, then the second day passed, he never even felt a little sleepy. Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the constant lungful of slimy fluid, or maybe it was some other curse of this shrinking bullshit. In any case, he had to personally experience every inch of the woman's intestines. 

He tried to masturbate a few times, but really couldn't get it up. He tried to grind against the wall of her intestines, but it was like trying to fuck a wet shag rug. His failed attempts to get himself aroused made him hate her even more.

She had sex on the third day. He could hear the muffled, but very distinct pleasured moans, and he could feel the steady, jerking up-and-down motion as she rode her boyfriend. Even surrounded by pale, sickening flesh, even breathing lungful after lungful of foul slime, the sensation was enough that he was able to jack himself off. His pathetic squirt of semen was immediately lost to the acids that surrounded him.

It still felt like a victory. He had no idea why, but he got a sense of vindication of it, rather than the brief wash of shame that should have followed. Her body had broken his cum down and absorbed it in a matter of minutes, as it should have done long ago to his body, but, God dammit, it was still his moment of triumph.

The transition from her small to large intestine was clear by the sudden and abrupt passage through a tight tunnel of flesh, forced into a much wider tunnel that, though the same color as the hell he had passed through over the last four days, lacked the fuzzy, heavily-textured surface. He passed through in a mix that was thicker and more viscous than anything he had been in before. 

He knew what was coming next, and, on some level, he was disgusted by what was happening. But the transition from clear, acidic fluid to where he was now had been so slow that he barely noticed it happening. Eventually, the slime around him darkened, thickened, and finally solidified. And, eventually, he was carried along with a solid mass ten times larger than his body straight out of her ass and into the toilet.

The impact into the water threw him clear, and he floated there for a moment, staring at the giantess' bare ass in the darkness of the toilet bowl. A part of him feared, or maybe hoped, that she would just flush. Send him out of her life forever. Maybe living as fish food would be preferable to his life with her.

No such luck. Without wiping, he noticed, she stood up, turned around, and her eyes immediately met his. "Finally," she said, reaching down with one massive hand to scoop him up.


"Hello, Suzy," Emma said, shaking the woman's hand awkwardly. Don't look. Don't look. Don't look.

"Emma Watson, it's such a pleasure to meet you," Suzy said enthusastically, grabbing Emma's hand with both of hers and shaking it up and down. Emma had to try very deliberately to ignore what the motion did to the other woman's breasts. 

"Dominique has told me a lot about you," Emma said, pulling her hand free after the handshake went for a second too long. She meant to follow it up with more, but was too uncomfortable to figure out what to say next. It was all she could do to keep her eyes from drifting down.

Suzy noticed, apparently, and spread her arms wide, spinning on one heel. "Oh, go ahead, look. What is there to be ashamed of?"

Before Emma could even respond, Suzy took a quick step forward and pressed her body up against her. Emma felt like she could almost feel the heat of the other woman's bare skin through her clothes, and she felt her cheeks growing red.

"I'm not ashamed," Suzy said, her voice growing husky. She ran one hand down Emma's back and cupped her ass, prompting a sqeak of surprise from her. "And I'm not afraid," she whispered into Emma's ear. 

Emma was frozen, and her eyes bulged as she felt Suzy's other hand work its way into the waist of her pants. The cool tendrils of her fingers brushed against the bare flesh of Emma's crotch, and Emma almost melted into the other woman's touch. God, just a few...

"Suzy!" Dominique barked. Her voice sharp and authoritative. Emma snapped back to reality and Suzy took a rapid step back, a look of fear crossing her face before she was able to compose herself. 

"Sorry, ma'am," she said, crossing her hands in front of her and looking down, ashamed.

"Oh, don't be sorry, love. Just save it for another time," Dominique said.

"Yes, ma'am."

Dominique's face took on an expression of pity, and she set her tea cup down, standing up and approaching the other woman. "Don't you worry, Suzy. You'll be able to make it up."

"Yes, ma'am."

Dominique stepped up and raised Suzy's head by the chin. She met the other woman's eyes for a moment, then barely brushed her lips against hers. When she let go, Suzy's head dropped again, but Emma noticed the barest smile on her face.

Dominique went back to her seat, a bit of a triumphant swagger in her step. She picked up her tea to take a sip, then paused. "Oh, Emma, get that look off your face. Go ahead and look."

Emma's self-control broke, and her eyes scanned downwards hungrily, drawing in everything about Suzy's naked body. The other woman, Dominique's human sex toy, had been sized up to her full height, about as tall as Emma. Her shoulders were wide, and supported relatively large breasts that still hugged tight against her chest. She was probably in her early twenties. Twenty-two, maybe twenty-three? But for how long she had been that age, Emma could not guess.

Her nipples were a dark, dark brown, only a few shades above black, and small, only about the size of a quarter. They poked just barely above the areola, but that might have just been the temperature. Against her pale skin, they seemed even darker than they really were.

She was thin, but not lanky. Fat smoothed out muscle definition and lent weight to her hourglass figure, and the tops of her thighs just barely touched with her feet together. It wasn't enough to hide the tight, bare-shaven cleft of her labia, though. Emma let her eyes linger for a second on that triangle-shaped junction, her imagination toying with a few crazy notions before she brought it in check.

"She's beautiful," Emma said. "Congratulations."

Dominique grinned, and Suzy's smile grew a bit as well. "Well, to be fair, the Program helps out a bit."

"Why a woman?"

"I thought the shape would feel better going in," Dominique said with a shrug. Suzy's smile didn't budge. "Besides, she doesn't come inside me when we fuck."

Emma sat down at the table as well, grabbing the tea that Dominique had poured for her. Suzy still stood in place, head down, seemingly waiting for an order. Emma leaned forward, her voice barely over a whisper, and said, "I kinda like that."

Dominique eyed her with a raised eyebrow. "You fuck your boyfriend bareback?"

“Oh yeah.”

Dominique laughed, and Emma leaned back, the chair creaking underneath her. “Well, Emma, you made the right choice,” she said. “Don’t worry, we’ll have a toy to replace your boyfriend in no time.”

Emma gave a bit of a half-smile, still wondering what on earth she was going to do to let her boyfriend down easy. She still liked him; she didn’t love him, but she didn’t want to hurt his feelings either. “Thanks again, Dominique.”

“Don’t worry about it, love. Before we get this started, do you want to have a go with Suzy?”

Emma eyed Suzy, and the naked woman barely moved. She couldn’t help but linger on the gentle curve of her ass, baser instincts debating among themselves what best to do with the woman. She wanted her head between those thighs, but, at the same time, maybe Dominique was right. Maybe those curves felt better going in...

She shook her head, trying to clear the thoughts. “No, but thanks.”

Dominique stared at her for a moment, as if she knew her indecision. Honestly, if she had pressed even a little bit, Emma would have eagerly accepted, but, thankfully, she didn’t. “Alright then,” she said. “Where is your tiny man?”

“I’ll get him,” Emma said, putting down her teacup and standing up. Before she could step away from the table, though, Dominique grabbed her arm.

“Emma, no,” she said seriously. “You can’t pretend like nudity is anything to be ashamed of. It’s part of making them think that sex is normal.”

Emma hesitated, glancing between Dominique and her toy, Suzy. "You sure?" she asked.

Dominique rolled her eyes and set her tea down. She stepped back from the table and pulled her shirt up over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra, so her slight breasts flopped down freely, revealing broad nipples a few shades darker than her skin. The left nipple was only a hair bigger than the right, and her breasts hug tight to her chest. Emma was a hair jealous, especially considering that the other woman was older.

She undid her shorts, letting them fall to her ankles and kicking them to the corner, and revealing that she wasn't wearing underwear under those either. A thin rectangle of curly hair sat above an otherwise bare crotch, and the loose lips of her labia were clearly visible. Emma averted her gaze immediately, but she noticed that Suzy snuck a look that may have lingered a second too long.

"There," Dominique said, spreading her legs and arms, inviting examination. Her breasts jiggled just barely as she did so. "It's fine, see?"

Emma tried to meet the other woman's gaze, the only part of her body she felt comfortable looking at, but broke it quickly enough. She nodded, then took a step back away from Dominique and shed her pants and panties. Dominique barely seemed to pay attention, returning to the table to finish her tea, and Suzy didn't even look, her eyes fleeting towards Dominique and away again. After a moment’s pause, trying to figure out the relationship between the two, Emma slowly slid her middle finger into her vagina.

“Wait,” Dominique said suddenly.

Emma felt downright foolish, pausing in the middle of fingering herself, but Dominique was not even looking at her. “Suzy,” she said. “Come here.”

The naked woman obliged without hesitation, walking over to Dominique. Emma saw how every step sent a subtle wave through her flesh, set her breasts jiggling, and couldn’t help but get a bit horny at the sight.

She wasn’t a lesbian, or at least she thought so. Still, God damn, this Suzy was absolutely gorgeous.

Dominique grabbed Suzy’s wrist, and the woman shrank quickly and without warning. It was insane to watch from the outside; the woman went from six feet to less than six inches in only a few seconds, leaving Dominique holding onto her arm with just two fingers. She carried the tiny girl over to the table and set her down, a bit less than gently. Then she returned to her tea. Right before taking a sip, she asked, “How tall is he?”

“As small as I could get him,” Emma answered, still shocked. Somehow it seemed totally natural for her toy to change size when she controlled it, but, from the outside, it was absolutely inhuman. She had never seen anything so unbelievable.

“Perfect,” said Dominique. “Now bring him out.” She took a sip of tea and added, “Suzy, you know what to do.”

Emma barely heard the tiny woman’s voice acknowledge, “Yes, ma’am.” A small part of her regretted what she was doing, wondering if she had made a mistake given the absolute weirdness of it all, but she had paid a lot to join this world. Might as well embrace it.

She shoved her middle finger back into her vagina, probing for the mote of dust that was her sex toy. She couldn’t find him until her ring finger went in as well, searching the inside of her pussy like the pocket of an old pair of jeans. Eventually, she finally got him, trapped to the tip of her finger by a thick layer of vaginal fluids. Emma wiped him off on the table, right next to the shrunken Suzy. Then, brushing her wet fingers off on her thigh, she crossed her arms and stood back.

Time for Dominique to work her magic.


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