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The tiny human looked up in fear (all except one) at the smiling bunny above them, taking notice of her large ears and buck teeth. After a few seconds, the cheerful looking girl stepped up and again waved at the bunny.

?Hi Lily!!!? She shouted, ?I'm Sarah!?. Sarah gestured over to one of the males, the tall one with black hair, ?That's Mark! And him with the red-ish hair is Axel! And the guy in the glasses is Dwayne! And the other girl is named Cindy!?

After Sarah gave the cheerful introduction, she smiled brightly at the group. She'd been at the pet store only a week before this and was actually thrilled to be bought, thinking it now meant she'd be taken care of and get to play lots with a new master; though she had hoped for a big fluffy dog master. Sarah looked back up to Lily, but all she could see was a big furry finger. She gave a little surprised yell as it crashed into her, knocking he to the ground on her back and nearly smothering her in the white-grey fur.

?I told you,? Lily said, feeling the tiny girl squirm beneath her finger, ?call me Goddess.?

?O-okay Godde-...? Sarah tried to sputter out, but her mouth only filled and became muffled by fur.

?She's.. she's sorry!? the tall black haired guy, Mark finally said, stepping up to the finger. ?It was just a mistake, Lil-... I mean, Goddess!?

Lily smiled again and took her finger off Sarah, who got onto her knees and began coughing, breathing raggedly.

?Sarah are you okay??? Mark asked, running to Sarah and helping her up.

?Yeah, that was great!? She said back, again smiling wide. Sarah thought that was fair, she did seem to forget literally the first thing her new master told her to do.

?Well, it's good to see at least one of you can follow directions.? Lily said. She'd read before that with humans you need to be firm and tough with them, or else they'll never learn. She also enjoyed just picking on them personally, and feeling Sarah squirm under her finger felt heavenly. Never before had she had so much control over something or someone else. It was amazing.

Lily grabbed the sides of the small box and, without any warning to the ones inside, slowly began tipping it over in front of her. The tiny humans slid and all slammed against the wall, Lily giggled and kept tipping the box further until they all spilled out, tumbling onto the hard table. They all slowly stood back up as they looked around at their surroundings. It was a massive (at their size) apartment, the walls were white and the carpet was a light brown shag. They could easily see a kitchen section from where they stood on the wooden coffee table. The tinies could also see the rest of their new master. Lily towered over them while she was only 5?7 feet tall and sitting on her dark green couch; she had a red tuft of hair between her long ears, she also had bright purple eyes and buck teeth. She wore a plain white shirt and jeans; Dwayne looked down from the edge of the table and could see her massive feet. They were human-like than rabbit, except that they were covered in white-grey fur with red painted toenails. The feet themselves must have been at least four buses long at the tinies size and her toes alone must be as tall as they were. This made Dwayne shiver, they were like grapes that could be stepped on by this bunny, this terrified all of them. Well, all except one.

?Wow! Your house is so big!? Sarah shouted, a little louder than necessary; bunnies have excellent hearing. ?We could have so much fun in here! What are we gonna play first??

?Play?? Lily said back, ?I'm a little too old to be playing games, sweety, and too big.?

Sarah's smile faded a little and she looked down towards the table; she'd been excited to play giant-sized games with her master ever since she got to the store. But as Lily said her next words, Sarah's smile came back.

?Actually, I do have something kind of fun I'd like you all to to do for me.?

?Really!? What is it what is it!!!? Sarah yelled.

?Well,? Lily began, a smirk growing on her face, ?I've heard from my friends that go to the spa that humans are great for personal care, you know like massages, applying facials, and my favorite idea, foot rubs~.?

?Foot rubs??? Axel asked, not sure if he heard that right.

?Mmhmm. Your tiny hands are just great for getting into every spot~
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