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Lily looked back down at the tiny Dwayne still in her palm, she could easily feel his shakiness as he stood peering over her fingers at the red splotch on her sole. Lily couldn't help but smile with the corner of her mouth.

?Man you guys squish real easy~,? she said, wiggling her furry toes for her audience. Dwayne looked back hearing her voice, only to be immediately grabbed between her giant fingers once again, this time by his legs, making him hang upside-down as he stared at Lily's smiling face. She was licking her lips again, this one wasn't going to get away.

?Hmmm.. I wonder how you guys taste. Rich people eat you humans all the time, so you must be pretty good.? all Dwayne could do was look at her in terror as his glasses kept nearly falling off.

?Oh wait!? Lily said, taking her feet off the table and standing up, ?I've got some ranch in the fridge, I wanna try dipping you in it.?

Dwayne tried to scream but his cries were cut off as Lily closed him into her fist, as she began walking, the force of her massive steps sent gentle vibrations through the floor; to the humans, however, they were like small earthquakes. The humans still on the table, Mark, Axel, and Sarah, crept back further onto the table as the bunny came closer before moving past them and into her kitchen. Lily began humming as she walked, and it could be heard on the table.

?Oh fuck?? Axel said to the others, ?Did you just see what she did to Cindy! Oh fuck fuck fuck??

?Calm down Axel!? Mark interrupted, holding Sarah close to him, ?We saw! Okay? But listen, I think we?re safe for now, she said only two of us would get punished.?

They heard Lily open her fridge and class bottles clatter a little as one was removed.

?She?s eating Dwayne just for saying her damn name!? Axel yelled, ?What if? what if she likes us? What?s gonna stop her from eating all of us?!?

?Do I taste good..?? Sarah asked, finally speaking up. She looked at her hand after asking, leaned forward and gave it a quick lick. She gave a slightly disappointed look, ?I taste like bunny hair??

?No one else is getting eaten!? Mark blurt out, ?remember? She said only rich people eat us that often, she's not rich! So she can't afford to buy more of us, so she's not just gonna eat us all in one day.?

?I hope not..? Sarah muttered under her breath.
They all let out a little yelp of surprise as the table began to shake again as Lily made her way back to the couch and sat down. Her right hand was still clenched, but the small onlookers could tell she was feeling something around in her fist; Dwayne. In her other hand and held a small plastic cup halfway full of ranch dressing.

Lily lifted her legs up once again onto the coffee table, her feet surrounding the tiny group once again. They all noticed that the red stain on her sole was less prominent, seeming to have worn down from just a trip to the kitchen; but it still sent shivers down their spines.

Lily smiled excitedly as she opened her hand revealing Dwayne, still being held by his legs between her fingers. His breathing was hard and ragged, and he sweating from the suffocating tightness of Lily's hand. Dwayne had lost his glasses on the way to the kitchen and could now only see large blurs of things; but he could easily recognize Lily.

?Please! G-Goddess! I'm sorry! I'll never say your name again just please don't do this!!?

?Awww, begging for your life now, little guy? So cute,? Lily answered, before quickly adding, ?too bad, down you go.?

Without any further warning Dwayne let out a terrified scream as he was rushed downward, his upper body landing in the center of the dressing cup, his legs still gripped tightly almost to the point of snapping. Dwayne tried to scream but his mouth immediately filled with the tang of ranch dressing, and his flailing was slowed by the thickness and by the fact that Lily was gently stirring him counterclockwise in the dressing. Lily giggled feeling his pathetic little struggle. After a couple more seconds she finally raised him out and held Dwayne in front of her mouth. He breathed heavily again and tried his best to scrape the dressing from his eyes. When he could finally open his eyes, all he saw before him was a massive red blur. As he slammed into it he realized it was Lily's tongue. Dwayne struggled, pushing against it with all his might, but he was only pushed harder into it. It was wet and red and covered in taste buds that felt like large balls to the tiny human. It was more of a humanoid mouth, only with flat teeth and large buck teeth in the front. He was lucky it wasn't a wolf, all the fangs would have ripped him to shreds. Dwayne was shoved inside the Bunny's mouth and instantly he heard her moaning with pleasure, tasting her snack and the delicious ranch that covered him from head to toe. He was shoved up against the roof of Lily's mouth and rubbed aggressively by the tip of her tongue, getting into nearly every part of his body, lapping up almost every drop of ranch. Dwayne kept pushing and struggling, but it was hopeless, nothing he could do would overpower only the tip of her tongue. This was the power of a master, this was the pathetic human race. Dwayne kept screaming as he was brought closer to the back of the throat, siding down the massive red tongue like a gigantic water slide. His pathetic cries were ignored as Lily swallowed him. She blushed happily, feeling him squirm as he slowly slid down her throat. She could feel it perfectly, inch by inch him trying to push himself up but only siding deeper before landing into her stomach.

Lily sucked on her finger for a second, getting some stray sauce that was on her finger. She looked down at her three remaining pets, seeing them cower up a huddle just between her feet. It was almost adorable how they looked so scared.

?Mmm?? Lily said satisfied, ?tasty~.?
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