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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm baaaack~. Busy as F*** with work and school lately .Trying to get back into the swing of writing, but I've gotten a lot of great ideas in really excited to try soon ;)

?Hey!? Axel shouted, ?let 'em go!?

This was of course ignored by the towering bunny, Lily, as she now held the tiny Cindy and Dwayne in her palm, both laying back against the thin coat of fur and staring up in dread at their goddess. They could all see how she licked her lips while eyeing them as if trying to decide which candy to eat first.

?I said let 'em go!? Axel yelled again as he ran to one of Lily's soles and began hitting it. His punches barely even made it past the thicker layer of fur on her feet, and if anything gave off light tickle. She must have felt something though because after a few more blows the heels began to move again and slowly come together.

?Damn it, Axel! Look what you did!? Mark shouted as he held Sarah tight. The three huddled close to each other and quickly made their way to where they wouldn't get squished badly; the arch. They already knew it was too late to completely escape, and being between the heels could easily mean getting crushed.
As the feet drew closer, the two men went to the opposite sides of Sarah, still injured from getting time between Lily's toes, and tried pushing the furry arches out further, giving Sarah as much room as they could. Mark and Axel again could only barely make a dent in the thick fur, but it was enough to let Sarah relax slightly, or at least as much as they all could at that moment.

?Let's see?? Lily began, hovering her finger again over Cindy and Dwayne as they lay petrified, ?eenie meanie minie?? she trailed off. That's all it took for her to decide the fates of these tiny humans, a simple child's choosing rhyme.

?Meenie minie?? Lily said again at the end, her finger hovering over Dwayne. This meant her choice would be Cindy, and the small girl knew this.

?AAAAHHHH! NO NO NO! GOD PLEASE NO!? She kept screaming as she shot up from her seat and began quickly climbing over fingers.

The last thing Cindy ever wanted was to be eaten. She'd heard stories in the human shops about animals coming in and gobbling them up in boxes; she'd been scared of that since she was younger. Cindy had always thought it was only the meat-eating animals that ate humans, like wolves, dogs, or tigers; but not a bunny, never did she think she'd be scared of a bunny's mouth. That's why when she saw a bunny buying humans she shoved herself to the front where they scooped them up. Even going so far as pushing another girl aside and taking her place.
But what Cindy didn't know was that the bunnies did, or at least could eat some meat; all to help their larger bodies grow naturally, though they had a lower tolerance for how much they could eat. The main meat in the world was, of course, non-mammals that had not evolved over the years, such as birds or fish.

Cindy kept climbing over the fingers, screaming hysterically the entire time. Lily reached with her other hand to pick up the tiny girl, but she was too late; Cindy had crawled right off the pinkie finger and was falling towards the ground. She just kept screaming as the ground came closer, it was shag, but she?d hoped that at over a ten story drop it?d still be able to kill her. That?s what she wanted in that moment, to just die and get away from Lily; to not have to go through whatever torture or death the bunny had planned for her.
Cindy hit the ground with a hard thud, her body compressing into the pieces of shag, but she was still alive. She screamed in pain as she lifted her upper body; she?d broken at least two ribs and twisted her right ankle. Cindy looked up terrified as she could see, between the shadows of her massive thighs, Lily was staring down at her looking a little surprised before her lips spread into a wide smile. Cindy tried crawling away towards the door, but with her injuries, it was a pathetic display, anyone else could have walked circles around her in a second.

?How could this have gone any better,? Lily thought, seeing her injured toy try to make its escape. She wiggled the toes on her right foot excitedly. Axel grew white thinking of what she was about to do. He lost his grip pushing as Lily moved her foot, making him fall forward onto the table. Axel ran to the edge of the table, followed closely by Mark and Sarah.

Lily's foot was now hanging over Cindy, the toes still wiggling playfully in the air as if playfully threatening the tiny girl. Lily was enjoying this too much, she giggled seeing the terrified little girl raise her arm in fear, screaming and crying out ?no!? and ?please don't!?, it was utterly pathetic. This was why humans were at the bottom of the food chain, they were just so easy to toy with, and so fun. Lily's sole came down slowly, as if savoring the screams that got louder with each second of approach. Cindy gave her final scream as the foot came down with a muffled *FWOOM*.

Mark pulled Sarah back, not wanting her to see anymore; and not wanting to see it for himself. Axel stared, now growing white as Lily's toes scrunched up, making it obvious she was adding on pressure.

Just under the sole Cindy?s bones were creaking and beginning to crack. She tried screaming at the top of her lungs but even she could barely hear herself through the fur over her mouth. What was once a soft furry sole comparable to a pillow now felt like a truck being slowly lowered onto her.

Lily giggled again, feeling the pathetic squirming and struggles of Cindy. It was even better than she'd read. The internet had said that crushing these tiny humans was a great way to release stress; but now Lily felt something now, a sadistic pleasure that came only from making something writhe under you. The kind of feeling that tells you you're the one with absolute power, and she loved it. Lily pressed her foot down harder, nearly lifting her ass off the couch until she finally felt the squirming stop, along with a satisfying pop and crunching sound. She twisted her foot, feeling more crunching as Cindy, or what was left of her, was ground to nothing but a miniscule patch of blood on her beautiful sole.

?Mmmmm?? Lily moaned, ?god that felt great?. She lifted her foot back up onto the table, revealing a blood spot on her floor. ?Damn it? have to clean that up later? eh, worth it.?

The three remaining on the table and the single survivor on Lily's hand couldn't believe their eyes; they all felt sick. So close to them loomed once again the towering sole of their massive bunny master; and all their eyes were transfixed on the single terrifying red smear that, while covering only a tiny spot on the foot, was roughly the size of a human body.
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