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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey guys! Hope you're liking this story as much as my others . Sorry if this isn't the best chapter, still getting over some allergies. Still tell me what you think

Sarah squirmed between Lily's toes, each one holding her so tight she thought her bones could snap at any minute. It'd only been ten minutes since she was stuffed under there but Sarah was already drenched in sweat. The fur of Lily's toes made it like an oven; Sarah tried pushing against them to free herself, but she only pushed deeper into the flesh. She kept trying to scream or beg Lily to let her out but her voice was always muffled by the thick fur that surrounded her.

Outside, Lily was enjoying what little squirming she could actually feel between her toes, but there was something she now enjoyed even better. Mark, Axel, Dwayne and Cindy were right at work worshipping their new master, or goddess, as she liked being called. There were two at each of the massive soles, Mark and Dwayne at one, Axel and Cindy at the other. They were all terrified and felt utterly humiliated to be so small and made to rub this bunny's feet, as if they were nothing more than service tools. But it soon got even worse.

?Now lick.? They all heard Lily command from behind.

After a moment of hesitation, Mark and Dwayne were the first ones to obey, they went from roughly stroking the role of her foot to slowly putting their faces to it and giving fast little licks. Axel and Cindy were the slowest to begin, and the worst with rubs. They were both very hesitant to even touch the gigantic bunny's soft soles, this was mostly due to Axel being the rebellious type (but not stupid) and Cindy being scared out of her mind. But eventually, Lily saw that all of them were busy licking her soles, getting the tiny pieces of dirt that slid there from her flip flops. She wiggled her toes in satisfaction, and also to maybe scare the little ones when she noticed there was still a tiny squirming underneath her toes. Lily squeezed her toes together harder until she felt something was going to snap, the wiggling grew intense until Lily suddenly opened her massive toes wide open, making the tiny pathetic body of Sarah to plop out.

Sarah lay on her stomach, breathing heavily and raggedly. She began crawling away from the toes until she could see her friends, too exhausted and hurt to walk. Mark was the first to see her, ran and shout to the others.

?Guys! Sarah's hurt!?

Everyone else quickly stopped licking and ran to where Mark was helping Sarah to her feet. The best she could manage though was getting onto her rear end. Dwayne, who had some knowledge about injuries, looked Sarah over and noticed that she was absolutely drenched in sweat; but he had a feeling it wasn't all her own. Dwayne began feeling around her ribcage when Sarah winced.

?OWOWOW! DON'T DO THAT!? Sarah yelled, obviously in pain.

?Sorry, sorry?? Dwayne apologized, ?it's broken, you're going to have to rest for a while so it can heal.?

?You mean?? Cindy began, shivering and pointing at the massive sole next to them, ?that bunny broke her ribs with just her TOE?!?

Mark was the first to answer, ?well it could have been a lot worse, Cindy. Let's just count ourselves lucky Sarah's still here.?

?ARE YOU OUTTA YOUR F***ING MIND?!? Cindy exploded, ?weren't being tormented by this giant bunny! There's nothing lucky about this!! We have to get the hell out of here or we're all going to die!!?

?How the hell are we supposed to do that, Cindy?? Axel finally cut in, ?you think we can just run off the goddamn table and be fine? You don't think she's gonna be watching us like a damn hawk? It's damn stupid of you to think we can just?,? Axel was cut off as they all heard the voice from above.

?Awwwww~, did the big bad bunny break one of her little toys??

The small group turned around, only to see the massive smiling face of their bunny goddess.

?L-Lily!? Dwayne shouted, ?Sarah broke a rib! You need to take her the vet to get help!?

Like any other pet, humans could very well be taken to a veterinarian if they were sick or hurt; which either happened very often, due to their small fragile size, or was never reported.

?Nah, I have a better idea,? Lily said, a teasing smirk growing on her face as she looked at Sarah, ?I think I'll just wrap you up in a little band-aid and stick you back under my toes while I sleep. Sounds comfy, right~??

Sarah finally looked terrified as she began crawling backwards, ?N-No! No please don't put me back there!!? She tried standing up, her legs shaking under her, ?s-see? I'm fine!?

?We'll see if you stay that way,? Lily said giving a wink that chilled them all to the bone, ?now, time to decide to losers~?

Cindy screamed again as behind them the balls of Lily's giant soles were sliding closer together. They touched just a few feet away from the group, Lily kept her heels far apart so she didn't close them between her arches, instead forming a little pen shape making it hard for them to run in any direction but one.

?Now let's see?? Lily began thoughtfully, extending her arm out so her fingers were wavering over her little pets, ?I'm gonna choose?. You?

There was a loud scream as Lily's fingers swooped down and plucked up the tiny form of Cindy, who's legs kept kicking as she was lifted and dropped into her other open hand.


She screamed out one more time before Lily closed her hand, pinning Cindy in the mass of fur and flesh. Lily just wanted her shut up, her screaming every two seconds was beginning to annoy her and her sensitive bunny ears.

?And how about?? Lily said, hanging her fingers again over the cowering humans, finally stopping over Axel, ?I was going to choose you, but?? her fingers fell from the sky again, only this time landing on Dwayne. ?You called me Lily earlier instead of Goddess, you pests gotta learn you place.?

Lily pinched her fingers together and lifted Dwayne up to her now open palm. Cindy lay there huddled near the creases in the hand, having no clue what was about to happen to them.

?Now, time for punishment~? Lily said.

All of their hearts dropped as they saw her lick her lips.
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