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Author's Chapter Notes:
Emily and her friends trapped Caleb in a jar full of their own shit and piss. Emily will go to check up on Caleb and give him a little something of his own to try.
What was only a few hours felt like days stuck in a jar full of shit and piss. Emily came back to me around the end of the day.
?How are you holding up little bro??
?Terrible. I?ve thrown up 4 times in the past hour.?
?Aw that?s too bad. But since you?re my slave and you gave me something nice, I?ll give you a treat when we get home!?
?Slave?!? You said you would help me get back to normal!?
?Yeah, yeah. Well get to that later. But for now you can be my ?little bro slave buddy!?
She took me out of the jar and this time she put me in her breasts.
?I decided you should probably take this road this time, maybe walking won?t be such a pain for you, so you better enjoy this while you can until you?re riding in my pussy again!?
She slid me in between her boobs, unnoticeable without digging in to find me. She was right though, it felt a lot safer and didn?t hurt nearly as bad.
We got home and Mom had not gotten back from work yet, and Stephanie and Sarah were at Stephanie?s boyfriend, Trip?s house. Emily slid me out from between her breasts and put me on her bed. She looked like a goddess. It turned me on when looking at her from this size again.
?Well little bro, I told you I?d give you a treat so here it is! You seem to stare at my boobs a lot, so I think you?d like this!?
She took her shirt off and then her bra. Her nipples were erect and large compared to me. She brought me up and dropped me on her left nipple.
?Start sucking.?
?You heard me. Breast feeding gives off milk. So start sucking, you deserve this lil bro!?
I started to suck on her tit that was 50 times bigger than I was, and nothing was happening. I kept sucking and then I felt it. It was the best tasting thing that I had ever had. I started sucking more and more, it was almost like it had nicotine in it, I just couldn?t stop. It was warm, and she was almost treating me like a baby, forcing to breastfeed me. I started to cum from the pleasure of sucking on her nipple. Emily then pushed me down into her nipple, making me go deeper into her tit, almost completely enclosed by female eye candy. Then it hit me, ?this is my own sister, why am I enjoying this? And she is 3 years younger than me!?
?Woah woah woah. Doesn?t this feel a little bit wrong??
?Not if we both enjoy it.?
She seemed to be happy about me sucking on it as well. Maybe we could both enjoy her little slavery of me used as her sex toy.

Go to Chapter 12 for Caleb and Emily?s character progression.
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