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Author's Chapter Notes:
Caleb was stuffed in Stephanie’s ass crack as she went for a jog, and then used him as a sex toy. What will Caleb face next?
?I am enjoying this a lot Caleb.?
?Well I don?t! It is humiliating!?
?Well I have a little treat for you.?
She called up her boyfriend Trip to come over. After the call, she stripped in front of me again and got some clothing you would see in a porno before they start doing it in bed.
?How do I look? Does my ass show big enough??
She waved her ass in front of me, teasing me again.
?Uh, that?s a weird question to answer.?
?Lemme give you a closer look to see.?
She plopped her gargantuan ass on top of both of my legs, disabling my ability to move. I tried to get out but the weight of her body was entirely put on her ass at the time.
A doorbell rang and Stephanie welcomed Trip in. When she opened the door, his eyes widened like a dog seeing its owner when they come home.
?Hey Trip, uh, that thing we?ve been wanting to do for a while now. No ones home for a few hours. Let?s go to my room.?
She picked me up without making it noticeable and stuck me inside her asshole just enough that I wouldn?t be seeable to the naked eye.
?Take off your clothes and fuck me, dirty boy!?
She stuck her ass outwards towards him and he began to unzip his jeans. I was thinking to myself, ?I have the worst life in all of human existence, don?t I.?
His 7 inch dick was going for her ass, where I was. I tried to escape, but she clenched her asshole, trapping me inside. His dick was coming through the opening, about 3 inches away from me now. I was hoping for dear life someone would come home and see this, but it didn?t happen.
He started going at it hard. I was getting pushed farther and farther back into her ass, and he was starting to cum. Eventually I was completely covered in Trip?s slimy cum.
?Oh my goodness... *moan* that was the best fucking I?ve ever had!?
?Wait, you?ve had other guys before me??
?Uh.. duh. Of course!?
?You lying son of a bitch! You?re a whore!?
He started trying to beat Stephanie up, but she was stronger than Trip, as she worked out a lot more than he did and was a lot taller than him too. That kinda turned me on some, having a strong older sister as well as hot.
She kicked him out and then began to cry having just lost her boyfriend. I slowly made my way out of her ass and when I was about an inch away from freedom, she pulled me out anyways.
?Ca-leb, don?t- you dare *sniff* try to esca-pe.?
She then stuffed me back into her ass. Got on a handstand, faced the wall and started shaking her ass, making me fall deeper and deeper into her 4 walls of torture. She eventually calmed down and went to sleep, but forgot about me. So I went to sleep on a warmer part of flesh I found.

Go to Chapter 11 to see the end of Stephanie?s story with Caleb.
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