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Author's Chapter Notes:
Caleb goes to Stephanie, hoping she can help him.
I noticed that I was thousands of feet off of the ground when I looked off the edge of my bed, so I slowly climbed my way down the sheets, which took about 30 minutes. Stephanie’s Room was across the hall from mine, so it shouldn’t take too long to get there. I walked along to my door, and I crossed the threshold into the hallway, 3 doors, Stephanie closest to mine.
I walked into the room, with light pink walls and floor lamps in almost every corner. Everyone else was asleep except Stephanie, probably texting her boyfriend or something. As I walked in I noticed that it was a whole new perspective of the house now that I was this size! I decided to explore a little bit before I try to get her attention.
Stephanie was on her bed, legs propped up, head leaning on the bedframe, but I was 1 inch tall on her floor, free to explore the entire area! I walked up to her bookbag, which had been in the same place all summer, and it looked like a mountain at this size. Her closet looked like a gigantic cave that had bras and jeans inside. I was next to her dresser at this point, and I climbed up the wooden boards to see inside.
I was looking at the ground, about he same height as my bed, and as I was leaning over the edge, I accidentally fell into her panty drawer. I tried yelling for help, but because of my size, barely any noise was made.
Stephanie usually stays up late but still gets up early. So I waited for her to go to sleep so she could wake up and change clothes to get me outta there. It actually smelled pretty good in there, it had that high school girl scent to it.
She finally went to sleep and woke up around 6:00 AM. She went to go get some panties as she had just finished her shower. I was waving to her but she grabbed some without looking. I held on for dear life as I was dragged in he air by panties the size of a building. When she was about to put them on she noticed me hanging off the edge.
“Caleb?” Stephanie questioned.
I tried yelling to her but she couldn’t hear me so she put me up to her ear.
“How are you so small? And why are you on my underwear?!”
“I was shrunk in the middle of the night! I have no idea why I’m like this! Help me get to normal size Steph!” “Why should I? You’re always perving on me and you hanging onto my panties at 1 inch tall isn’t helping.” “Because I’m your brother! Please help me, I don’t want to be like this forever!” “Well we’re gonna have some fun today... little brother.”
I did not like the sound of that. Go to Chapter 5 for the next part of Stephanie’s story.
Chapter End Notes:
Part 1 of Stephanie is complete!
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