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Author's Chapter Notes:
Caleb goes to Sarah, but she thinks he is one of her small collectibles. On her way out the door, she stuffs him in her panties with her other dolls.
I honestly have had the worst life ever. I mean, how many people in the world do you think have been shrunk down, and shoved down their 8 year old sister?s panties? That?s right, none.
It was a bumpy bus ride, and an annoying one with Sarah rubbing me against her clit the entire time. She sat next to Emily and they had a conversation of where I was. They thought I was sick and didn?t want to come out of bed today.
When she went into the classroom, all I could hear was 8 year olds screaming their heads off. The fabric of Sarah?s underwear blocked out some of the noise, but not much. The teacher, Mrs. Cran, was a very loud teacher. He was louder than all of the 8 year olds combined. All this noise gave me a headache.
She went to take a bathroom break around her second period. She slipped her jeans down, and then her panties. He pulled out Barbie, me, and Ken and started playing around with us. I started waving my arms, but she didn?t notice. So I bit her thumb to get her attention.
?OW! What the heck??
?Sarah! It?s me!?
?Caleb? I thought you were a Barbie!?
?Help me Sarah! I don?t know why I?m like this!?
?Why? You?re a meanie, pushing me around all the time and calling me names. You can suck my butt!?
She then wiped me up and down her ass crack, which had shit all over it because she was, well, in the bathroom. When she pulled me back up, I gasped for air, covered in 8 year old shit.
?Ew you?re poopy! Go inside my butt with the other poopy stuff!? ?Sarah! You?re a sick freak! A freak!? ?See! You?re calling me names again, and that?s mean!?
She pushed me inside of her asshole slowly, feet first. This was torture. My last glimpse of light was my sisters ass inhaling me inside. When I was inside there, it was slippery from all the shit she just let out of shit creek. I had little oxygen, so I had to conserve it. It didn?t seem like I was gonna be out of here any time soon, so I tried to get comfortable and take a nap. But every time she quinched her cheeks, every time she sat down, and every time she stood up, I was crushed by her ass internally. Like I said earlier, if Sarah was a 17 year old like me and wasn?t my sister, I would have loved every second of this. But she hadn?t even developed breasts yet! If she was my girlfriend, I would let her do anything to me. I wouldn?t care. I would find it very, VERY hot if I were stuck a foot down inside my girlfriend?s ass! Or maybe I could literally get ?inside her pussy.?
Go to Chapter 10 to see what Caleb does to get out of this one!
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