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Author's Chapter Notes:
Caleb got to choose to go to school either inside of his younger sister’s pussy, or inside her breasts. He chose too long and got the opposite of what he wanted as she chose for him. He is now 3 inches deep in his sister.
The bus ride was bumpy as usual. But it was even worse being inside my own sisters clit. She seemed a little bit too happy that I was this small, but it was disgusting in there.
When we got to school, I could feel every step she made. I was squirming inside her and that made her walk a bit strangely. We got to class and that was going to be the only break I get. So I tried to get comfy in there, put she kept pulsing and it moved me up and down, while I was trying to sit still.
In her second period, I heard, “Emily, where is your brother Caleb? Mrs. Watson just called saying he wasn’t here this morning.”
“Uh.. he’s sick today Mrs. Maimone!”
I jumped up when she said my name, but Emily sneakily stick her hand in her skirt and pushed me in further. I was 6 or 7 inched in there now! She was enjoying this! I thought she was going to help me, not torture me!
We got to P.E. and that was the worst time of all. During jumping jacks, I slipped and slid around all inside her vagina. After some excercises, we played dodgeball. Emily is really good at dodgeball, and takes it very seriously. She was running as fast as she could, and it was making me sweatier inside of her. Someone hit her in the crotch and it sounded like a cave was about to collapse.
We went to the lockers and as Emily was about to go to her 4th Period, which was lunch, she yelled, “Amelia! Stacy! Meredith! Come to the bathroom real quick, I need to show you guys something.” Why would she want them to go to the bathroom? She can’t use it as I’m inside of her!
They went inside the girls’ bathroom, locked the door so no one else could get in, and they all sat down on the floor.
“Okay, get ready for this.”
She took her panties off, which must be normal for girls to see each other’s parts without freaking out, and slowly pushed me out. I was wet and sticky and there were 4 goddesses surrounding me in a locked bathroom.
“Oh my gosh!”
“He’s so small!”
“Why is he like this?”
“I don’t know, I found him this morning in my room, and I decided to stick him in there.”
“Emily! What the fuck?!”
“Hey, you asked for this since you’ve teased me all these years. It’s payback time and you should not have come to me for help.”
I had no clue what they were going to do to me.
“Let me see him first!”
Meredith had had a crush on me for a few years now, even though I’m 3 years older than her. She is kinda tubby, so I wasn’t insterested even if I was going to do that. She then started reaching for my body.
“You know Caleb? I always wanted you to put your dick in my pussy, but you’ve always said, ‘but you’re 3 years younger than me! I can’t do that!’ But now since your dick is so tiny, I guess I will have to stick you all the way inside!”
She started pushing me up and down inside of her fat ass clit, moaning from the pleasure. I was screaming for help, because I don’t like being inside of a fat chick’s genitals. She eventually started to orgasm and she stuffed me inside of her as far as she could. I soon threw up as I was covered in white cum. She pulled me out and they all started to laugh at my cum-covered body.
“Ooh! Me next! Me next!”
Amelia started to reach for me. I was always interested into dating black girls, and this started to turn me on a little bit. Seeing a goddess’ face right in front of you is a major erection just waiting to happen. And soon enough it did.
“Oh my gosh his dick is so small! Ha ha! You want me to stick you in my pussy don’t you? Well guess where you’re going to go to!” She started to open her mouth, and I immediately lost my turn on. She threw me in her mouth, and was rolling me around in her tongue. It was wet and slimy in there, but it was especially hot. It was like being in the hot summer sun but it is right on your skin.
She eventually spat me out, and that wasn’t nearly as bad as Meredith’s vagina.
“Saved the best for last!”
Stacy grabbed me and immediately started rubbing me on her clit. At least I wasn’t inside of it. I was gonna get whiplash if she kept doing it, but then she did something I didn’t expect. And this was the worst.
I was sent headfirst flying up her asshole. She then got on the wall and started twerking like she never had before, sending me deeper and deeper. I was starting to smell the shit that was brewing inside of her, and then she farted and I went flying back from where I came in from. It was the worst smell of my life, and I didn’t vomit this time because Meredith’s clit did enough.
“Well we can’t take him back to class now! He’s still all sticky!” Said Meredith. I let a sigh of relief.
“Oh I know!”
Emily pulled out a jar from the closet in the bathroom.
“No one ever goes in that closet!”
Emily then squatted over the jar and pissed for about 30 seconds straight, and then she let out a house sized piece of shit (compared to my size.)
“Your turn girls.”
Meredith let out all of the cum that was left inside of her. Making the jar at least another 10% full. Stacy only let out some rabbit poop. Amelia took the biggest shit of my life, it was 4 times as big as Emily’s.
“Now for the final topping!”
Emily picked me up by my head and hovered me over the jar. I started banging on her fingers but she ignored me. I was dropped in, and it was like all of the horror that just happened to me had come back for seconds.
“Have fun lil bro! Ha ha ha! I’ll be back to check on you later!”
“Emily, wait! Blargh- you can’t - blegh- leave me in here!”
They put the jar with me inside back in the closet, they unlocked the door, and walked out like nothing happened.

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