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Author's Chapter Notes:
Stephanie has found Caleb in her panty drawer and is going to have a little “fun” with him.
Stephanie took me off the side of her panties and put me on her bed. She then stripped in front of me so she found out her panties on and change her clothes for her morning jog.
?Stephanie don?t get naked in front of me!?
?What? I?ve seen you perving on me all the time! You?ve seen me naked plenty of times, don?t lie about it!?
?No I haven?t! I just looked to uh..?
She was right, I did stare at her when she got out of the shower multiple times.
?Yeah. No excuse. And you seem to have a thing for my ass!?
She shook her ass with her yoga pants on in front of me, teasing me with it.
?I think you would like a more close up view!?
She then picked me up and slid me down her ass crack.
?Stephanie! Get me out of here!?
She hadn?t even started running yet and she was sweating like crazy!i was sliding between her cheeks with every movement. I tried banging on her cheeks but she just ignored it. I then heard her yell to Mom saying, ?I?ll be back in a little bit! Going for another jog!?
She started running and I was going everywhere. Her legs moved, I moved. Her ass moved, I moved. I mean I liked her ass but not this much! I now know the evil side of Stephanie, I only knew her as the healthy, fit girl in the family.
After her jog was over, she took me out of her pants and placed me on the dinner table. Mom had left for work, and Emily and Sarah were at school.
?Did you enjoy the personal experience with my gargantuan ass??
?Yes and no. I liked the idea, but not the sweat and odor.?
At least I was honest.
?Well you?re going to have an even better experience now that we?re the only ones here!?
She pulled out a dildo from her closet in her room and brought it back downstairs.
?Where?d you get that? How did Mom not see you get it??
?A friend gave it to me at school.?
She put me on top of the dildo and she started to take her clothes off again.
?Oh no, you are not going to do what I think you?re about to do.?
?Get ready for this Caleb you tiny fucking perv!?
She plopped her ass down on the dildo and I was sent flying inside her ass. It was wet and slimy, and it smelled like shit, because that was almost all there was.
She started moving up and down on the sex toy, and I could hear her moaning while I was inside her, and I was starting to struggle for oxygen. As I was about to pass out, she finally let me out saying, ?that was the best experience of my life!?
?You fucking bitch! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Help me get back to normal!?
?Oh this is just gettin started Caleb!?

Go to Chapter 8 for Stephanie?s story progression.
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