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Author's Chapter Notes:
Caleb goes to his youngest sibling, Sarah, seeking help.
Sarah?s Room was the farthest away from mine in the hallway. It was almost a mile walk for me to get to her. The wooden boards were nearly 10 times as wide as I was. I walked past Stephanie?s doorway, and she was, as usual, sitting on her bed texting late at night. As I walked past Emily?s doorway, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was on her TV and she was asleep, controller in hand.
I got to her room, and it was the smallest room of the house. She used the spare room as her bedroom. She was sleeping soundly on her bed. I crawled up the humongous bed and tried yelling at her to wake her up. I tried and tried to wake her, but she was sound asleep. I decided to wait for the morning, so I jumped on her nightstand, and fell asleep next to her lamp.

6 Hours Later

I woke up on a warm, but soft material. I opened my eyes, and I was in the palm of Sarah! She was staring down at me, trying to figure out what I was. I called to her, ?Sarah!? I yelled. She didn?t hear me, but she must?ve thought I was one of her dolls, even though I was 1/12 of the size of her 12? tall Barbies, because she put me in her dollhouse, what should I have expected. Barbie was giant compared to my size, so even they were a little bit scary to me, even though they were inanimate objects.
My mother yelled from downstairs drunkenly, ?Sarah! First day of 3rd Grade! Urp!?
?Coming mom!?
I did not know where she put her dolls until now, as I had never seen her dolls except for when she was playing with them. She only had 2 dolls by the way. She opened her panties and shoved me in with her Barbie and Ken dolls. She must do something with them other than keep them in her panties all day! Even Barbie was a Giant Goddess at my size. And here I am, shrunk in my 8 year old sisters panties. Her pussy wasn?t even fully developed yet, but it smelled terrible, and I vomited from the stench. It was full of sweat and I think Sarah enjoyed rubbing her vagina, even for being at such a young age, as she was rubbing me against her clit all the way to school. If she used enough force, I could accidentally have been pushed inside her vagina, and being in an 8 year olds panties is bad enough but inside her clit? No way! If she was a little bit older I may would have enjoyed this bus ride, but since she is only 8, it felt pervy as all hell. This is gonna be a long day. And I hope she will notice me soon enough. Maybe Stephanie or Emily will notice her playing with me. Or maybe she will bring me out in class.

Go to Chapter 7 for Sarah?s story progression.
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