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Author's Chapter Notes:
Caleb goes to Emily, hoping to get help.
I crawled down my bedsheets to the wooden floor which was a lot bigger than I though it would be. Emily?s Room was the door left from Stephanie?s, which was right across the hall from mine. I made my long journey across the hall and into her room.
I was barely as tall as a power socket. She was asleep on her bed, with her TV still on, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on the main menu. I just climbed down my own bed and now I have to climb up hers. Thankfully there were some boxes on the floor I could get a head start with.
They were at the foot of the bed, so I had to make my way on top of her body. I climbed from her left pinky toe to on top of her right sole. It stank a lot crawling up there, and I almost vomited a little bit. I made my was up to her ass which was not as big as Stephanie?s but was still bigger than average. I almost fell off but I caught myself by hanging onto her pajama pocket. As I made my way to her boobs, I started getting turned on. I was hoping this wouldn?t happen right as I?m about to ask her for help, having an erection in front of your sister is not a good situation to be in. I had to crawl over her left breast, which felt mountainous at this size. It also felt like a trampoline almost. The nipple was hard because the room was pretty chilly. I finally made it to her head, and I started yelling at her for help.
?Emily! EMILY! Help it?s me Caleb!?
No response.
I tried to get her attention some more, but it wasn?t working. I went over to her eye and started poking it. She has very sensitive eyes so she woke up pretty quick after that.
?Agh, what?s that in my eye?!?
?Emily! Emily!?
?Caleb? Is that you??
?Yes I got shrunk and I don?t know why or how!?
?What time is it? 7AM?! I?m gonna be late for school! And you know I dont like being late on the first day!?
?But what should I do? I can?t get Stephanie or Sarah to help me! I?ve already been going for 6 hours to get to you!?
?You can come with me to school.?
?While shrunk? Where will I be put? Your book bag is way to dangerous for me to be rattling around in, and you don?t have pockets in your skirt!?
Emily pointed at her breasts which were on the verge of popping out of her small shirt, and then brought her finger down towards her vagina.
?Which will it be??
?Erm.. uh.. is there another place??
?Uh.. I.. I-I..?
?If you don?t make a decision soon, I?ll choose for you because I am NOT being late to class!?
I wanted to be in her shirt but I felt too nervous to ask, it just felt wrong, but her vagina just felt weird to say!
?Okay- I choose...?
?Nope! Times up!?
She picked me up with her index finger and thumb and started to pull her panties out.
She could not hear me as she was too far away now. She opened her panties and stuffed me inside her pussy head first. I felt humiliated, being the sex toy of my younger sister. I could feel her heartbeat inside her wet pussy. I heard her say as she opened the door, ?and as you?re like this, I?m calling you my ?little brother?,? followed by a laugh as she went to the school bus. I did not like where this seemed like it was going.

Go to Chapter 6 for the next part of Emily?s story.
Chapter End Notes:
This will be the most fleshed out story if you chose Emily! So tune in to Chapter 6 for more Emily content!
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