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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sarah found Caleb and stuffed him inside her anus.
All my life until the next day was hearing stomach rumblings and farts making me vomit every time Sarah did one. Stomachs were loud enough when you?re outside of them, but it sounds like Godzilla when you?re right next to it.
Anyways, she had gone to sleep, with me still in her ass. The next day as she was about to go back to school when I was pushed by a piece of shit, all the way outside of her anus. I wasn?t in the piece of crap but I was stuck to it. I was pushed into the toilet where I started to drown in the disgusting toilet water.
?Oh gosh.?
She reached into the toilet water and grabbed me, splitting me from the poop. She rinsed me and her hands off in the sink.
?Caleb, I need you for something. I don?t have something for Show and Tell, so you?re going to be my guinea pig for it.?
?Why should I? I?d rather be dead right now. Why are you doing this to me??
?Because you are a bully! Now do what I say or else you?re going to get it!?
She stuffed me inside her sock, and then put her foot inside. I was stuffed between her big toe and her 2nd toe. She put her shoes on and ran out to the bus.
This was worse than being in her ass! I was being scrunched up between her toes and she was grinding me up with them. And she put on dirty socks that haven?t been washed for 2 weeks, so that, plus her sweaty toes, equals the smell of a thousand skunks at once.
?We haven?t seen Caleb in 2 days now Sarah. What should we do??
?It?s fine! He?ll show up soon! He?s probably tired from hanging with his friends all night.?
?But he couldn?t have gone out because he was si-?
?I don?t wanna talk about this Emily, who do you have for your teachers??
Sarah was trying to get me out of everyone?s minds! She really wanted to keep me didnt she?
We got to school and Sarah got me out of her sock and got me ready by putting me in her cupped hands.
?Okay class, who would like to go first??
Sarah raised her hand, very excited.
?Okay Sarah, you can go first!?
?I have a very special Show and Tell today, and it is, my brother!?
I was raised into the air and I almost fell down as she brought me up.
?He can do tricks! Caleb, do a backflip!?
?I can?t do that!?
?I said DO IT!?
I failed to do a backflip and the class laughed at me. I didn?t care because it was a bunch of 3rd graders but Sarah was probably going to kill me.
?Sarah, is that doll naked??
?It?s not a doll! And yes he is naked.?
?I believe I will have to take that from you until your parents come to retrieve this inappropriate item.?
Sarah and Mrs. Cran were playing tug-o-war with my 1 inch body. Mrs. Cran got me and I was put in her drawer. Sarah sounded very angry about it.
It was dark except for when she opened the drawer to grab a pen or pencil throughout the day. At the end of the day after school, however, Mrs. Cran opened the drawer and pulled me out of it. She brought me up close to her face.
?Hello Caleb. I remember you from when you were in 3rd grade.?
?Hello Mrs. Cran!?
It was so awkward with me being naked in front of my old teacher.
?Well I remember you being a very bad boy so many years ago.?
?I?ve changed a good bit since then.?
?Come with me to my house. We can talk some more there.?
This wasn?t good. Why was my teacher bringing me home?! I had just escaped Sarah and now I?m in the same position. I need to get out of this crazy world.

Go to Chapter 13 for Mrs. Cran?s meeting with Caleb at her house.
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