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Author's Chapter Notes:

In an effort to not give away what interactions will occur in this chapter, I've opted to put chapter-specific tags at the bottom of the page. That way, those who want to know ahead of time can scroll down and do so, while those who want to stay fresh can easily do so well. Enjoy!

Weeks of efforts involving science, magic, and sometimes a mixture of both, had provided no results. The innocent bystander, who was caught in the crossfire of one of the Titans' bouts in the city streets, remained afflicted. Raven looked down at him with another defeated look, wishing she could stop failing the man she promised to return to normal.


He felt no ill will toward her, he knew she was doing her best. Besides, it was near impossible to hold a grudge against such a sweet face anyway; even when it was giving a stern and disapproving look to 90% of what she encountered on any given day.


Raven placed her hands on the dresser, letting her purple hair hang past her lowered head, hiding herself from her continued failures. Her life had been paved with mistakes and failures, sure, but she’d always found a way to fix them. Even when she couldn’t, the only ones who got hurt were herself, which she was fine with. Now she was dealing with an innocent human and she couldn’t help him.


Not wanting her to continue with her misery, he rested his hands on hers, hoping to get her attention. It wasn’t like his hands made the kind of impression they would when he was full size. However, she’d come to notice when his little hands were against her cool skin. He wanted her to see in his face that he didn't blame her. Hell, in all honesty, he didn't mind his new fate of being six inches tall.


Raven couldn't help but smile at his attempts to bring her some joy. She overturned her half-gloved hand, signaling him to hop onto her palm. With him resting comfortably, but prepared what came next, she steadily deposited him on her shoulder. She found this was the best way to carry him with her in most cases. Early on, even the simple act of being lifted up was chaotic for him. The intense g-force put on him when she lifted her hand was disorienting. They had both learned how to behave around one another over the weeks they spent together, however. How much force he had to exert to get her attention, and how little she needed to accomplish her goals with him.


In truth, he had grown to enjoy her company. Living in her room was actually enjoyable, too. He didn’t know if it was ideal, but he preferred it far more than his life before the day he was struck by an errant blast from some villain. It certainly helped to be in the company of a gorgeous teenaged woman. A woman who, despite being 18, was still only near fully developed. An element he couldn’t help but notice, considering she had no problem wearing a clinging leotard in his, or anyone's, presence. Not that he was complaining. Breasts looked like they could fill his hands easily, and then some, though at his current size they seemed much larger (and more enticing). Hips flared out, promising (and delivering) on a supple and wide butt. While her legs weren’t as eye catching as her curvier parts, the exposed, smooth, skin of them made them no less eye-catching. Sometimes he felt bad ogling the super powered woman. However, when something can take up your entire vision, easily, it’s hard not to.


Raven as well had learned to enjoy having this human pet with her as well, though she’d never call him that. He was quite helpful, and very attentive. No, pet’s not the right word, she once thought, he’s more like a familiar. An apt term for the sorceress. She was used to her solitude, having basked it in for so long that she assumed that was her natural preference. Having her little friend around, even at his diminished height, proved to her that good company was better than no company, any day.


He enjoyed riding around on her shoulder as she moved about her room, and there was never a risk of falling. There were no tremors from foot falls, as she preferred to float about. It was also the only place he could clearly speak with her, being so close to her ear and all. Through this, they had gained a strong rapport with each other. The other Titans were surprised to see this stranger had managed to get so much out of her; certainly, more than the small smirks they all had taken as great accomplishments.


Raven certainly did enjoy his company, and it helped she found him quite cute as well. Not just in the size sense but looks as well. She could tell he felt the same. Even with his small stature, and when modestly covered up with the doll clothes she had found for him, she noticed, more than once, signs of arousal whenever she bent over in her room, facing him or otherwise. She couldn’t yet tell if he was an ass man or a tits man, but she found it easier to innocently show off her ass than her tits. Playfully she would linger in these moments, letting him take in the sight of her pale ass testing the limits of her costume’s modesty. Raven had refused to confront him on it, even teasingly, though. She didn’t want to embarrass him. A relationship like theirs was fragile, easily broken. Just like Raven, emotionally, and her familiar, physically.


She figured it was a foolish feeling to have, for someone who could never reciprocate the affection back to her, but it helped with having him so close to her. Eventually, she encouraged him to move off her shoulder if he was feeling restless, while she meditated. To only half surprise, he never opted to roam around the bed she was sitting or lying on. Instead, he always wandered about her body. Raven had to do her best to hide the shivers she got when she felt his bare feet step across her bare flesh. And he had to control himself when walking across such a beautiful, soft, body.


He greatly enjoyed traveling across her long legs. After ascending her soft feet, he would look down the long stem, how it curved behind her shin, and the more gradually as it approached that enviable ass. He would study how her flesh was dented only slightly by his steps. He could see the small, nearly unnoticeable, hairs that ran along her skin perk up as he approached. Over a few days of this, he grew more and more bold, covering more ground with each trip, and moving further from her bare feet, and closer to her thighs.


He always tried to be slow, gradual, with things. He didn't want to offend her and completely lose the relationship he already had with her. Still, he was sensing no discomfort, no disgust, coming from her, as he traversed her thick thighs, and gazed down between them to the natural gap that formed thanks to her wide hips. He was surprised how revealing the backside area of her leotard was, especially for a timid teenager. He figured she thought the cape was enough to conceal anything she wanted hidden. But to him, in her room, with her cape off, he was privy to the sight of the bottom curves of her ass. They were bare to him, twitching slightly at random moments while Raven read, lying on her stomach.


The fateful day arrived where he was bold enough to begin to climb up her plump backside and was delighted to see no resistance from her. It was good she had grown so used to his tiny touches upon her skin. If he had tried this perverse exploration too early, she may have instinctively reached back to slap her ass, killing whatever odd bug might be crawling across her. Instead, her only instinct was to blush and bite on her lip, to stifle a moan, while he explored her further.


To her, it was like being teased with a feather. Light, delicate, sensations against her skin. Small, certainly, but they were so distinct, so directed, that she could focus on nothing else. The small steps he took against her ass were as noticeable, and enticing, as being spanked with a paddle.


Once he reached the crest of her left cheek, he looked around at all the progress he had made and marveled at the sight of the crack separating the East from the West hill. He looked up toward Raven and saw that she was staring at him. Raven was peering over her shoulder, which obscured her smile, so he was unsure of her mood. Then, she playfully shook her ass a bit, causing him to lose balance and fall onto the firm yet soft cheek. She giggled at that. That was the first time, or likely anyone, had heard her laugh, even faintly. At that point, their relationship had gone from friendly to very friendly.


Any mystery of their mutual attraction to each other gone, Raven felt comfortable “confronting” him about it. In her own playful ways. The goth teen loved to tease him about his obvious attraction to her ass. She would shake it in front of him and bend over at the waist whenever possible. Thin fingers pressed into the flesh as she squeezed it the way he wished he could. He could tell she had modified her suit slightly to turn the back of her leotard more into a thong. What he didn’t know is she did it just for him. Most fun of all, for both of them, was when she warned him of the dangers of her “great big butt.”


"You need to be careful, cutie," she would say with a coo. "There is always the risk that I may sit on you." There of course was very little risk of that, as she rarely sat, just floated around. Still, she insisted on demonstrating the looming danger by hovering her plump backside over him as he stood in the middle of the chair's seat. Her ass swayed back and forth over him, her hands reaching back to cup and squeeze the full feature. Between her moans, she talked about how overwhelming big it was to him, and that, despite how soft it was, it could easily crush him.


“It’s just so big,” she’d say with a sultry voice. “So round, and firm. You might not get crushed immediately, pushing up against the weight of my perfect ass, but you wouldn’t be able to hold out forever. Your best bet is if you wound up right along my crack, between my cheeks. But that’s only safe if I sit still – and I wouldn’t. I would twist and sway my hips to grind my ass into the seat, and you.” It had taken her some time to figure out how to best tease his fetish for giant women just right, but he had to admit she was nailing it.


It took a lot of convincing for him to get her to actually sit on him.


Raven took it slow, of course, and would only do it if he was on the bed, where there was enough give that she was somewhat confident he could survive. Starting at only grazes across his body with her cheeks. Then graduating to a mere second of pressure placed on him, and not even all her weight, either. Over time, she grew to enjoy it enough to give him the full experience he wanted, with a little magical help. A thin, but powerful, magical shield around him to buff his endurance enough to withstand all her weight. She couldn't supplement his air, however, so she had to remember not to get carried away and sit for too long. That day did, unfortunately, come, during one of her grind sessions.


Her hips swiveled around in circles, pressing her butt down onto him, and rolling his form against her skin. She chewed on her right index finger, while her left hand idly traced circles against the crotch of her suit. So preoccupied with her approaching orgasm, she forgot all about the air he needed.


He enjoyed struggling as much as possible while under her, knowing that it was driving her wild. To be subjected to the power of such an awesome part of her body was bliss. Yet things were going on longer than they should have, and his struggles began to become real. Though it did no good, he screamed nonetheless. If anything, the vibrations of his yells only enticed her more.


Raven let out her own little sounds, though hers were from pure pleasure. Her finger tips pressed against her suit, pushing in against her lips and massaging her clit and labia. It was damp before, but quickly became soaked. She started sucking on her index finger, her thick lips encircled around the digit while her tongue lapped at it happily. She lost all track of time as she neared closer and closer to her orgasm. As it hit, she ground her ass even more against the bed, testing the limits of her shield on him. Certainly, she was getting off on the feeling of her familiar moving against her ass, but she was also getting off on the power. However, she wasn’t ready to admit that to herself or him.


Just as her climax was resolving, her eyes shot open and immediately she sat up from the bed, spinning around to check on his condition. He was fine, though coughing and gasping for breath. She apologized profusely, holding him in her palms up to her crying face, as she swore never to hurt him again. No matter how many words of forgiveness he gave her, she would not relent. It wasn't until he approached and kissed her on the tip of her button nose, then moved to hug her cheek, caressing it softly, that she calmed down.


From then on, they were inseparable, even more so than they already were (though it would take about a week before she allowed herself to be intimate with him, out of fear of losing control). Even into the meetings with the Titans, from which he was barred due to not being a trusted Titan, Raven found a way to include him. And he really loved her idea.


On a day he was prepared to say goodbye to her as she went off to train, she smiled and grabbed him with one hand, and grabbed the collar of her costume with the other. He peered down at the mixture of shadows and grey flesh, and the curves of her generous breasts. Raven gave him a sweet kiss before gently lowering him toward her cleavage, and then letting her leotard snap back into place. Thanks to the size of her tits, and the snugness of the suit, he was never in any danger of slipping down past her breasts.


It was hot, and dark, and it took him a bit to learn how to steady his breathing. Despite that, it was heaven, nonetheless. Sometimes, he was lulled to sleep by the gentle thud of her heartbeat. Others, he was too aroused by being surrounded by the mountains of tit flesh. They had other games involving her breasts, as well.


His favorite was being placed onto her nipple, where he would be challenged to grip onto the erect bud and hold on as long as possible while she started to bounce her tit up and down with increasing intensity. He also enjoyed being laid upon her breast, hugging it as much as possible, before her hand came down to massage him against it. He had discovered new ways to tease and pleasure her nipple that were only possible at his height.


Things were taken to the next level on a seemingly normal day.


Raven sat in the air, cross-legged, while Anon took a nap on her left thigh. Awaking from her meditation, the young sorceress looked down at her familiar-turned-boyfriend and smirked. Gently she lowered herself to the bed and roused him from his sleep with a slight nudge. Once awake, Raven moved him down to the bed, sitting him between her now spread legs. He looked with awe as Raven peered down at him past her full breasts and used a hand to pull aside the crotch of her costume, exposing her pussy to him.


"I want you to eat me out,” she commanded with lust dripping from her voice. A command, sure, but one he was free to disobey. She wasn’t going to force him to do anything he wasn’t ready for. Though, in the back of her mind, in the darkest parts, she knew she could if she wanted to. Thankfully for both of them, he was more than happy to obey this order.


He didn't even need to be told once to get started on that task, though hearing her give that order did add an extra layer of arousal to the situation. The task was more intimidating than he thought when he got up close. All he could do was explore with his hands, reading her reaction by listening to the sounds she was making up above. Once he had roused her clit from its hood, he began to massage the nub with both hands, before putting his lips to it. Raven was happy to guide him with instructions, telling him to go faster, softer, slower, or harder.


Eventually, he found himself with one arm buried inside of her, while his other hand played with her lips, and his mouth licked around, and on, her clit. Once again losing herself to pleasure, Raven forgot about the fragility of her pet and lowered her hand down behind him. Before he could react, he felt himself being pushed into her hungry, soaked, cave.


Even with someone he trusted so much, the new experience was a bit frightening. The most valuable senses to someone of his size was sight and sound. He needed to be able to see and hear danger coming. Inside of Raven, though, both of those were taken from him. There was no light, save for the quick beams that managed to squeeze in randomly. There were no sounds other than that of the squishing of her wet, moving, walls, the beating of her rapid heartbeat, and her muffled moans. The inside of her was like a soaked oven, and he could not find his bearings with her fingers constantly sliding him in and out. Eventually, however, he was able to get her fingers to retreat when he started to move about on his own, directing the pleasure fully rather than have her micromanage him.


After an expanse of time he could not have hoped to measure in the intense, and pleasurable, environment, he found himself ejected by the force of her orgasm. He thought he was going to be crushed at first. It was far more intense than when she sat on him. The rush of fluids helped to push him out, though, spilling out onto the sheets. Once he had caught his breath, it sounded like Raven had as well.


With no warning, she reached down and plucked the tiny human up from between her legs, and carried him across the expanse of her body, letting his legs dangle and his feet slide across her skin. A trail of her cum following him along her grey skin. She gave him a sweet kiss, then licked her lips at the unique and arousing flavor. Knowing she owed him one anyway, Raven decided to give him the best time of his life. Though maybe she should have told him first.


He was admittedly fearful of her intentions as she lowered him, feet first, into her wide-open mouth. The fear of being crushed was the first one he gained when he realized he had been shrunk. The fear of being eaten alive trumped that once he realized the reality of the situation. He would have started to panic had she not stopped with him only halfway in before closing her lips around his waist. He shivered at feeling those soft, thick, pillowy lips being enclosed around him. He could have passed out then and there were it not for the sensations that would come next. The suction in her mouth started, and he almost came immediately. He tried to find some grip on her lip, nose, anywhere, while he was overcome with this hurricane of a blowjob.


Raven started to giggle and moan, adding vibrations to the greatest blowjob ever given or received. With her tongue, she managed to roll him around, so he was now facing away from her, and so he could put his twitching hips to good use and start humping her caressing tongue. As he did, he watched as her hands massaged her bare breasts, pulling at her dusky nipples, her back arching in a shared pleasure. It didn't take long, after that, despite holding out as long as possible, for him to cum.


He hoped, that at his size, cumming in her mouth without warning wouldn't be met with offense. Sure enough, after he relaxed, post orgasm, she audibly gulped down the cum and the remainder of her fluids that covered him. She did decide to scare him a little, for not having the manners to give her a heads up, by sucking him the rest of the way into her mouth suddenly. She used that that opportunity, though, to suck the rest of her cum off his body before it tried.

Raven drifted off to sleep after that, with her familiar. No, she thought. My boyfriend. He nuzzled up between his savior’s, his girlfriend’s, slowly rising and falling breasts.


Chapter End Notes:

[F/m, Butt, Crush, Breasts, Insertion, Mouthplay]

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