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Hey bugs~ it's your goddess Lucy back with another story for all you little guys, enjoy~!

Samantha is just your average teenage girl, all except for her nano fetish. Lucky for her, half the population in the world is nano sized, unlucky for a school of nanos this girl just got exchanged to their school for a few weeks. And she plans on ruling the school.

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1. Chapter 1 - The Exchange by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 15] starstarstarstarstar (732 words)

Mostly standard exposition, next chapter we start getting into the real fun still. Stay tuned my little bugs~<3 or you just might get squished. 

2. Chapter 2 - Homeroom Havoc by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 0] (1435 words)

Alright bugs, now it's gonna start getting good. Hope you enjoy your time at this school~♥a039; I know I am. 

3. Chapter 2.5 - Obey The School Queen by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 0] (1262 words)

Hey bugs, loving all the support and reviews I'm getting lately~. So glad you're all enjoying yourselves<3

4. Chapter 3 - Locker Room Doom by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1179 words)

Man I'm bad with these titles xD. Hope you're all enjoying~

5. Chapter 4 - Warming Up by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 1] (1435 words)

Hey there little ones~ sorry the wait, weekend stuff. Hope you're all enjoying these~ planning on wrapping this one up in 3 or so more chapters but we'll see. Don't forget to follow and leave a little little review for your goddess~!

6. Chapter 5 - The Crushing Climb by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 3] (1267 words)

Hey there you little insects~. Hope you're all still enjoying my stories. I'll try to post more often but this weekend held me back a little. 

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7. Chapter 5.5 - The New Power Couple by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1021 words)

Hello there my pathetically loyal bugs~ I really hope you're still enjoying my stories. But really, if you're reading this far in, I just wanna say I really appreciate it, you the real heros! Hero's I wanna crush~ but still <3 

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8. Chapter 6 - Lunch Date by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 1] (1172 words)

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9. Chapter 7 - Picking on the Bullies by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 3] (1424 words)

Hello insects~ taking more time with these I'm afraid, but I'm still trying to get these out to you all. I think this story is gonna be closing up not long after a few more chapters, I'm running out of ideas and I don't want this to be a twenty chapter nightmare that scares away new readers .But for my loyal slaves I'll happily go on until its conclusion~ enjoy <3

10. Chapter 8 - Their First Kiss by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 1] (1335 words)

11. Chapter 9 - Lunch by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 0] (1386 words)

Hey there my little insects~ . Hope you pathetic little things are enjoying this still enjoying this. I know no matter how high the view count is in total, my real cans are you guys that made it this far. Fair warning, these may be the last chapters I do for this sorry, but I'm still planning on using this "nanoverse" I've made for possibly more stories. Also don't forget to check out my other work in progress, Big Bunny, first three chapters already out.  

12. Chapter 10 - Pool Party by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 0] (1321 words)

Next chapter is the last one, bugs . So don't forget to favorite me for the notification or whatever it is .

13. Chapter 11 - The End by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 1] (1654 words)

Hey bugs, this is gonna be the last chapter of Deranged Exchange, but be sure to favorite me, because I'm definitely planning on releasing nowm stuff with this world and characters ;3

14. BONUS Chapter 12 - A New Experiment by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (1205 words)

HAHA, BUGS! I told you they'd be back, now didn't I? Well here it is, a bonus arc for you all to enjoy and hopefully fap to (that's why you're there right). Don't forget, I practically get off to your pathetic little comments, so be sure to give me lots of em with decent reviews. See ya next chapter, my little reading slaves ;) ♥a039;♥a039;♥a039;

15. BONUS Chapter 13 - Bigger Than Ever by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 0] (1126 words)

16. BONUS Chapter 14 - Tremors by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 1] (943 words)

One or two left if you're lucky, bugs. Enjoy! DA at the bottom again

17. BONUS Chapter 15 - A New Age by Goddess_Lucy_tinycrusher [Reviews - 1] (2101 words)
Enjoy this double length chapter with the end of this wonderful story. Honestly I think this story has been my greatest work yet, can't think of how I'll top it. And really it's also all thanks to the support of you bugs. Thanks so much for commenting and all the love. Hope I can keep you all entertained with the rest of my stories, and hey, maybe this isn't the very last we'll see of this. But most likely it is because this turned WAY longer than I imagined at first. (originally was like 5 maybe but here we are at 17 (numbers because I stupidly did two .5 chapters as transitions)) anyway. Thank you so much.