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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey there you little insects~ hope you're all enjoying this as much as I am. Don't forget to keep commenting! I really appreciate it, if you don't I'll crush you like an ant. 

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Samantha's shoes clacked loudly against the floor as she entered the large cafeteria. In her hands she held her pink lunchbox she'd had ever since she was little, and still clinging to the hair on her shoulder was her new nano girlfriend, Bree. In the room the majority of floor space was occupied for nano students with lunch tables barely even taller than the width of a toothpick.

When Samantha was a few steps in she felt a slight tugging on her hair and stopped. It was Bree trying to get her attention. Samantha tilted her head towards Bree, so she wouldn't have to yell as loud for her to hear. The nano students who already started eating could only sit and watch as a smile slowly began to spread on the giant girl's face; some of them getting a bad feeling and already trying to run for the doors. They didn't get far until a massive black shadow covered the floor under them, they tried looking up but it was too late, the sole of Samantha's Mary Jane shoe came down on them. The surrounding students let out what sounded like high pitched screams before they met with the sole of her other shoe. It just so happened that Bree suggested they take a slight detour on their way to the giants table, which there was only one of in the center of the room reserved for the only giant student in the school, Samantha.

Bree was enjoying her position immensely as she heard the screams from far below and all the crunching of both the tables and the bodies of her classmates.

“Hehe~ you're all just pathetic little insects, aren't you?” Samantha chuckled to herself. This gave Bree a shiver down her back.

‘Insects…’ she thought, ‘we're not even human to her.. just bugs she screws around with..’. But this fact didn't scare her so much as it made her wet. She looked towards Samantha's smiling face then back down to the violence below. She felt like she was standing on the shoulder of an actual goddess. No, Samantha was her goddess, the goddess that accepted her pathetic love request when she could have easily been crushed like any of the others right now. But why didn't she? Would she still do it if she felt like it? Bree didn't know, but it didn't bother her, she was happy enough being where she was now, miles high on her goddess of a girlfriend.

When they finally made it to their lunch table Bree looked back at the path they had taken and saw Samantha had left nothing in her wake. Bree saw the path now as demolished wooden tables and masses of tiny red stains she could barely even see, along with what looked like hundreds of nanos trying to flee from the path of destruction. Bree nearly drooled seeing the imprints of Samantha’s shoes in the destruction, imagining herself as one of those tiny blotches of blood under her goddess. She adored just how casually Samantha could, and did crush them all, the slightest movement could be an instant death; Bree loved that thought and just how pathetic her puny body was. She was, however, content being safe on Samatha’s shoulder; then she could clearly see all the fun going on.
Luckily for the both of them, the school was populated with thousands of students, possibly near half a million. Nano populations in areas were always extremely dense, which meant severely crowded schools due to the excess room. So unless Samantha went out on an intentional stomping spree for a week (which was always a possibility), she would have plenty of playthings to keep her busy.

Bree looked back towards their table as Samantha set down her lunchbox, making a loud clacking sound as the pink metal hit the table that could be heard throughout the room. She put it onto its side and opened it up, there was a piece of pizza, a milk carton, and a cookie. The pizza and milk had been from the exchange program, since nano meals would barely even be a crumb to a giant; the cookie was from Samantha’s mom, who made her a batch before she left. Samantha also reached into her pocket and pulled out a small plastic cylinder. It had small holes in the top, secured with a cap, and originally was filled with sprinkles; now it held the forty or so students from the hallway train. The girls had stopped by Samantha’s locker before going to the cafeteria to pick up the container, it was much easier than carrying around the whole train and it kept them all secure. Samantha simply tilted the train and the majority of them spilled out into the container, the rest were foolishly trying to hold onto the seats and vertical bars; though they came off with a little shaking. There were only two who were still on the train after that, but Samantha didn’t notice, nor did she even care; she already knew what she was going to do next. She brought the train up to her mouth, dangling like a tiny gummy worm between her fingers before finally letting it drop onto her tongue. She brought it in and sucked on it for a second. Inside the train, the two nanos who had stayed were now being flooded with saliva, before ultimately getting swallowed along with the train.

The trapped students could only watch Samantha inside their plastic prison, they pounded uselessly against the walls and begged for mercy. Not that Samantha could hear them, she was too busy getting her pizza out. She also brought her hand to her shoulder and pinched Bree between her fingers, she did this gently as not to hurt her favorite little girlfriend, not intentionally anyway. Bree was dropped onto a clean white napkin Samantha had set aside, and from above Samantha dropped a small crumb of her cookie for Bree. The crumb was the size of a car for Bree, but she took a piece off of it and ate it nonetheless.

Bree watched in amusement as Samantha picked up the tiny container of students, now screaming louder as she opened the lid. She almost burst out laughing as Samantha tilted it and saw how they all tumbled out over each other and landed onto her hand. Samantha brought them up to her eye, and on her palm she could see some trying to crawl away, others were on their knees praying to her and begging, a few only looked up in terror with tears in their eyes. They all were flung against the hand as Samantha moved it across the table and over to Bree, tilting it so her nano sized girlfriend could see them all tumble around.

“Anyone you know~?” Samantha said with a smile.

Bree smiled even wider as she could clearly see two distinct faces in the jumble.

“Oh,” she said, almost giggling already, “Just two little bullies~.”

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