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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hello there my pathetically loyal bugs~ I really hope you're still enjoying my stories. But really, if you're reading this far in, I just wanna say I really appreciate it, you the real heros! Hero's I wanna crush~ but still <3 

Don't forget to find me on DeviantArt, Goddess-Lucy,   this chapter was actually added there first last night, which I'm considering doing more. A nice little bonus for my loyalist insects here~

Bree held on tight to the massive strand of black hair next to her, trying to keep her footing on Samantha's shoulder as she walked through the halls. Samantha had changed back into her normal uniform and into her Mary Jane shoes, which now clacked through the halls; each step panicking tiny students trying to cross the massive hall. Most students stayed to the sides of the halls as they traveled, but for two reasons. The first being Samantha herself, she enjoyed being the center of attention for everyone so she mostly walked in the spacious center. The other reason was the train. Because students had such a long way to walk just to get to the classroom nextdoor, the school had a miniature train going to every room in the school. This was fairly standard in most places; stores, office buildings, they all had them to accommodate nanos.


Bree was shaken out of thought hearing a loud crack, followed by an odd crunching sound.

“Haha! See that, Bree?” Samantha laughed. She had just crushed a student who wasn't fast enough getting away from her shoes. He was now nothing more than a red decoration against the black underside of her shoe.

“N-no! I didn't! Sorry!.. Do it again!” Bree yelled back towards Samantha's ear. She was still busy adjusting to her new position in the school. When they got back into the locker room after P.E., Samantha stayed true to her word and accepted Bree as her new girlfriend. Bree felt her heart flutter hearing that, maybe Samantha actually was a gentle person, deep down; to anyone except nanos that is… Since then Samantha had placed Bree on her shoulder, completely out of harm's way. Bree felt like the queen of the world being that high.

Earlier that day she was just another bug, not just to Samantha, but to some of her classmates as well. For the past few months Bree had been teased relentlessly by her classmates, for both her short size and her giant fetish being discovered and spread throughout the school. Eventually everyone began making fun of her for it, saying she must enjoy being short then, so everyone looks like a giant to her. Eventually she found herself being the favorite target for two bullies at school, the biggest fear of everyone, before Samantha came of course. The bullies were Adrian and Betty, they were boyfriend and girlfriend, and their favorite thing to do together was to torment Bree. They'd follow her around making short jokes at first, then they have her terrible sounding nicknames like “buggy Bree” or “the little Bree-tle”. They wouldn't let up, eventually shaking her down for her lunch money, but the worst thing they did came the week before. They held her down in the lunchroom and forced her to lick the bottoms of their shoes. After that somebody told the principal and they both got suspended for a week, which just so happened end today.

As they walked down the halls together, well with Samantha walking and Bree riding on her shoulder, the two started chatting and found they some things in common. The most obvious was their shared fetishes and love for whenever Samantha would crush someone under her feet; which happened quite often on this walk. They both loved playing soccer and some other sports and even joked about playing against each other, even though Samantha's foot could probably cover the entire field. They were both very bright girls, and eventually they both felt a strong bond join between them. This moment had to be cut short however, Samantha had noticed the nano train coming up behind her on her right and felt the urge to have some more fun. She always had trouble controlling urges like that.

Inside the train there were around forty students, most waiting tiredly until arriving at their next room or to the lunchroom to eat; others were working on homework between trips. The trains weren't very long, the school didn't want people waiting a long time for them to pass by at crossings so they decided multiple short trains moving throughout the school would be more efficient and safer.

Imagine the students’ surprise as a girl on the train screamed and pointed out the window. They all looked and saw a massive black wall rising up from the tracks. The driver panicked and hit the brake as the students held on as tight as they could. Sparks flew from the wheels as the train tried slowing down. But it was already too fast, and the wall too close, until SLAM! The train hit with a large amount of force, enough to throw the students around and bend the very metal out of shape.

As everyone was beginning to calm down and check themselves for injuries, which there were surprisingly little, they felt the train suddenly rock and shake side to side. They all screamed once again as the entire train was lifted high into the air by some unknown force. When they stopped rising, a few tried standing up the looking through the windows, but all they could see was a massive blue eye. It was Samantha, and what they had hit was nothing more than the heel of her shoe. They all have yet another scream of terror, the last thing they ever wanted to see was Samantha looking straight at them. They all tumbled around, trying to find a way out of their metal prison, but Samantha wrapped her fingers tightly around the train, blocking the emergency exits and windows. They were trapped.

As Samantha kept walking she laughed with Bree about how pathetic they all looked, screaming and crying for the mercy of a sixteen-year-old girl. Bree laughed too, thoroughly enjoying seeing the panicked faces in the windows between her giant girlfriend's fingers. She recognized some people who had teased her before, and was looking forward to what was going to happen to them now. And Bree could guess at what exactly it was going to be, as Samantha kept walking in the direction of the cafeteria.

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