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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey there little ones~ sorry the wait, weekend stuff. Hope you're all enjoying these~ planning on wrapping this one up in 3 or so more chapters but we'll see. Don't forget to follow and leave a little little review for your goddess~!

Samantha walked back into the gym with a smirk on her face. Feeling the squirms of the tiny girls who tried to escape inside of her hand. For good measure she also tossed a couple into her gym socks before putting on her sneakers. She said she was going to make them exercise, and any exercise with Samantha was a test of endurance, of both body and mind. Which basically boiled down to seeing how long they could go without getting smashed like a grape or going mad from fear. The rest of the school was always subject to this, but especially her gym class. Samantha always lead the class in exercises, and last time she had them run laps around her bare feet. She had them run for a solid hour, and if she thought any of them were slowing down she'd lift her foot over them and pin them down, along with anyone close to them. Sometimes they'd be lucky and only break a rib, other times they became new little stains for the rest to avoid. It was all her idea of a penalty.
Samantha would be leading class today too, not like the teacher could stop her anyway.
“Alright guys!” She said, trying to project her voice (though at her size it wasn't necessary), “I think we should warm up with some jumping jacks! Sound good?”
She didn't wait for any response, all she did was bend over and dump the girls out of her hands, letting them roll onto the floor in a pile before they quickly got up and ran to their spots, thinking that was safer than staying near their colossal classmate and her massive sneakers. Some of the boys noticed that some of the girls were missing from their spots, their blood ran cold imagining the worst; “she must be in a crushing mood”, they thought.

One of the missing girls, Bree, was currently trapped in the bra of the giant Samantha, getting squished by her breast. She bounced gently with every step Samantha took, terrifying her that she might just pop there. But at the same time she felt blessed, her love confession didn't get her crushed immediately, and all she had to do was survive the next hour and a half of gym class, then she'd Samantha's real girlfriend. The girlfriend of a real sadistic giantess. The very thought made her wet, along with just thinking of the domination Samantha was imposing on her right now.
For years Bree loved everything giant, finding them all so interesting until one day while browsing the internet she happened upon some giant tiny domination videos, once she saw her own kind getting picked on and crushed under beautiful goddess-like giants she was hooked for life; nothing could ever turn her on as much as that. When Samantha had been transferred there earlier that week, Bree was excited but at the same time expected her to be one of those boring nice giants she'd seen on TV all the time. Imagine her surprise when she heard the new student actually smothered a group of students under her finger and actually put the teachers and principal in her shoes! Bree was ecstatic, she nearly fell to the floor drooling when she saw Sam crush the senior class president under her sole, luckily someone caught her and just thought she fainted from shock. From there Bree loved Sam even more, but it wasn't until Wednesday when it was fully realized. Bree skipped her homeroom class to spy on the exchange student that turned her on so much, seeing her in action was like a drug for her. She stared through the door window into Samantha's class the entire time as she played with the tiny bugs of students under her seat, this made Bree giggle and rub herself gently. But after a while something changed. Bree noticed that she wasn't staring at Sam's feet anymore, but at her beautiful smirking face. All the fetishising, sizes and violence melted away as Bree just watched Sam. At once she realized something amazing, this giant was the most beautiful girl she'd ever seen. She noticed the way she laughed (while crushing students) and fell in love with it and her sense of humor. She loved seeing how her black hair just spilled over her shoulder and down her back like a beautiful waterfall. It was the size of a waterfall too. Bree loved how playful Samantha was. Bree realized she was actually in love with Samantha. After the end of the day, Bree made a promise to herself that she would confess her feelings by the end of the week. She'd have too, if she waited too long it just meant a higher chance of accidently getting crushed anyway. Now Bree was so close to getting exactly what she wanted, Samantha. Hopefully her body would last until the end of class.

On the outside, Samantha made everyone get back in place for warm ups. She stood in her own place instead of at the front of the class this time, she was sure they could all see her example anyway. The tinies closest to her on both sides were terrified though, they knew once the jumping jacks started they'd most likely get squished immediately under Samantha's giant sneakers, but if they ran their punishment might be something much worse.. They decided to take their chances and hope she'd miss.
Samantha called out that they'd be doing twenty jumping jacks, though again the projection of her voice wasn't necessary, it even made some students cover their ears as it echoed through the oversized gym. She counted off so they all started at the same time, starting on three. The first few Samantha did were small, as if she was barely moving her legs at all; still her jumps shook the ground under everyone else like an earthquake, making it almost impossible for them to keep jumping without falling. The two nanos next to her were relieved they weren't crushed yet as they tried keeping in time with Samantha. “Eight, nine…” they chanted, glad to be nearly halfway done when suddenly a shadow came over then, they looked up and screamed as loud as they could as the white underside of Samantha's gigantic sneakers came onto them. They were crushed immediately into tiny red stains on the smooth hard floor, like stepping on an ant with a satisfying crunch. Samantha giggled feeling it. “Two down so far,” she thought, “let's see who else doesn't make the cut~”.

After they finished jumping, Samantha decided they weren't quite done yet with her warm-ups.
“Alright! Now push ups!”
Without any further warning she knelt down, put her hands on the ground and spread her legs outward. Fortunately for the nanos in the back row, her legs spread out a long ways past them, the entire class itself only went about half her length in their rows. The nanos at the front however, weren't so lucky. As she set her hands against the floor, at least six other students were trapped under them. They all squirmed and one popped as she held her body off the ground. She giggled as their struggles tickled her hand, they felt just like squirming ants; and to her that's exactly what they were. She let her body go low as she did the push up and another scream came from under her as she got close enough that her large breasts touched the ground. More students were now being squished under her bust. As they screamed one nano near her left cup heard something odd; another scream was coming from inside Samantha's bra. It was Bree, screaming as she was firmly squeezed by Samantha's major breasts, during the rest of the push ups she felt like she was going to pop, her ribs creaked and all the air was forced out of her with each movement Samantha took. Before Samantha finished, she took notice of a nano boy just under her face quietly yelping in fear every time he face came down. On her last fall downwards, just when he thought he was safe he felt a gigantic wet mass hit him on his back, a second later he felt himself getting raised higher and higher. Rows of teeth became visible to him as Samantha brought her tongue into her mouth. He barely had any time to yell or struggle before she put her hand on throat and swallowed, trying to feel him squirm as he slid down her throat.
“Mmmmm… protein~.”

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