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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey bugs, loving all the support and reviews I'm getting lately~. So glad you're all enjoying yourselves<3

After roughly another hour Samantha’s first class was over, she stretched and yawned for at least a couple seconds, having gotten tired of looking at the projection screen for so long. She felt some squirming under her ass as she sat up. Oh good, she thought, some of them are still alive. As she continued to stretch, taking her time doing so, the rest of the students around her made a break for the door, many of them climbing over desks just to be fast enough. They all thought it was safer by the door, against the wall maybe, somewhere where Samantha wouldn’t step and crush them; many already knew what that was like and didn’t want to know it ever again. Samantha swung her legs around in her seat to stand up, but first she checked the bottoms of her feet. She set her right foot on her knee and she could clearly see some smashed bits of desk sticking to her sole, along with the tiny barely moving bodies of some other students. A couple tried to lift their heads and breathe some fresh air, but they found their bodies plastered and stuck to the sticky surface under them.

Samantha looked at the ball of her foot and saw the girl who tried to run away after she commanded them to stay put; she would have to be punished. The tiny girl had somehow managed to get her arm free from the sole and began hitting it, trying to pry herself off. She got her upper free when massive fingers came down on both sides of her, making her scream again in a high pitch as they came together, squeezing both of her sides and peeling her completely off the sole. Samantha brought the now screaming and squirming girl up to her face. The girl squirmed and tried to push Samantha’s fingers apart, thinking that falling to the floor and breaking a leg might be better than whatever Samantha had planned. She looked up and saw her massive classmate smiling, her heart nearly stopped as she saw Samantha licking her lips. “S-SAM!! PLEASE DON’T EAT ME! I-I’M SORRY I RAN JUST PLEASE DON’T DO IT!! I DON’T WANNA DIE!!!” the tiny girl cried out, struggling harder and harder as Samantha brought her closer and closer to her mouth, opening it and extending her tongue. She teased the girl at first, licking her body with the massive tip of her tongue, coating her in saliva and making her scream bloody murder. When she was completely wet, and Samantha incredibly turned on, she stuck her tongue out and pressed her little captive into it with only one finger. The tiny girl couldn’t stop screaming as she frantically tried to push against the red slimy surface of Samantha’s tongue. When the finger finally raised the girl quickly sat up and quickly looked around. She was on the center of a huge red floor covered in wet saliva and small bumps, she saw ginormous teeth rising as big as she was leading towards the back of the mouth, a dark slope leading down the throat with a giant uvula hanging. The girl turned back towards the opening of the mouth and started crawling towards the light, screaming, “PLEASE NO!!! SAMANTHA!!! NO NO NO!!!!” she reached desperately for the outside before the upper teeth came down with a loud CLACK. Not a second after the teeth closed the girl was forced upward by Samantha's tongue, slamming against the roof of her mouth. Samantha was having fun, for the next few seconds she was swishing her new little treat all around her mouth, knocking her against her teeth, hitting her with her tongue and pinning her under it. The small girl screamed the entire time, trying to find something to hold onto, but there was nothing; like a ragdoll the was flung everywhere inside Samantha's mouth, until finally landing near the back of the tongue. She laid there for a moment, hoping she would be spit out soon as a warning, but then she noticed she was sliding backwards. She screamed louder as she frantically tried getting a grip on the slippery tongue. “SAM NO PLEASE! I'LL BE GOOD I'LL BE GOOD! JUST DON'T WANT ME! NO!! AAAHHHhhhh…”. Too late. *GULP*. The nano girl was sent sliding down Samantha's throat, squirming and screaming the entire way before landing in the massive girl's stomach.

Samantha closed her eyes and gave a little moan of satisfaction.
“Mmmm.. tasty~”.
The remaining students that weren't either stuck to her sole or under her ass looked at her in terror. Many were still running to the door, just passing her feet as she stood up. The ones under her ass were completely stuck to the soft flesh, with one noticeable red smear that used to be a student; it only got worse for them as she pulled her gigantic panties out of a wedgie and covered them with it, sealing them in for good.
Samantha looked back over at where she tossed her socks and thought she didn't want to have to come back at the end of the day to get them. She started for them, moving past her desk and crushing dozens of smaller ones under her bare soles. Students screamed as they ran away from her path, luckily almost all of them escaped by the door. Almost all of them, except for the ones trapped under Samantha's socks. As she reached down and picked up her socks, all but three of them were stuck in the fabric as she lifted them up to her feet, putting them on as the caught nanos screamed to be let go and the ones that were free bolted as fast as they could to get away. Samantha pulled her socks up tight, forcing the nanos hard against her foot. She started making her way back towards the door and her Mary Jane shoes that went with her uniform. The people by the door ran away from her shoes as she approached, they couldn't wait until homeroom was over and they were in separate rooms. Samantha slid her shoes towards herself, about to put them on when they all rushed for the door, pushing and shoving to escape their ginormus classmate. Samantha smiled as they yelled and ran, thinking they looked more like little ants running away than fellow students. She decided to have a little more fun with them though. She reached down and scooped several of them up in her hand, they struggled and screamed for her to stop but she didn't listen, she dropped them all into her shoe. They tried climbing the heel but quickly stopped as they saw her massive toes heading towards them. They all ran as fast as they could towards the toe of her shoe as she slid her foot in, the light slowly fading out. Many of them got trampled under her sole as she squeezed her shoes on and she thought she felt a couple of them pop. It was orgasmic for Samantha. Nothing pleased her more than feeling tiny crunches under her soles, the screaming and begging of her tiny classmates as she lorded her power over them. She was their queen.
Samantha stepped outside the massive door, her other classmates had already run off in separate directions. She'd already had her fun with them though. She was on her way to P.E. class. She walked cheerily, smiling as she felt squirming under her sole and struggles against her ass.

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