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Author's Chapter Notes:

One or two left if you're lucky, bugs. Enjoy! DA at the bottom again

Madison was sitting on her couch, comfortable in her little apartment room watching TV. One of her favorite shows was on, a celebrity gossip show that was talking about another celebrity breakup, but Madison wasn't even paying attention. At her feet were about six or so Nanos she found on her way home from work. Passing by an alley she found a box with them inside. She thought it must have been their idea of a home, or maybe someone put them there. Either way she didn't care, she'd had a long day at the office and decided to take them home with her. Now they were all at her pretty but aching feet, being forced to rub them for their new master.

?Please let us go!? a tiny boy, who looked to be roughly sixteen cried out.

?Aww shut it,? Madison replied, though she could barely even hear him the sound of his quiet but shouting voice annoyed her. She wanted to just relax. She couldn't help but smile, not even being able to feel their nanoscopic hands on her soles but still feeling the aching begin to fade. Now of course she had to crush two of them when she got home, how else would they know to listen to her? While what she was doing was kidnapping, she felt it was more like bug collecting, or even finding nice little toys out on the sidewalk, toys that could do whatever you told them to, given the proper motivation. One of the many advantages of being the biggest.

Her happiness, however, was again interrupted; not by the Nanos at her feet, but by her TV and lights shutting off.

?Damn it, the powers out!? she said, sounding very annoyed. She got to her feet, and again crushed two more Nanos as she stood up, carelessly and unaware of what she'd just done.

Madison walked in a huff over to her balcony, trailing light dots of red in her footsteps. When she got outside, leaving the door open, she saw that the weather was almost perfect, nothing but sunshine and light clouds over the city. She could see almost all of it from her apartment near the top floor, but she barely ever looked out, after a while the view got boring. It was boring today of course, that is, until the tremors began.

The ground shook once, almost causing Madison to trip over herself onto her ass. Cautiously she held onto the railing of her balcony, she was getting scarred. She thought there'd been an earthquake, a big one, and worried her building might come crashing down. But then it happened again. And again. And again. In a smooth rhythm, almost like they were? steps? She thought.

Madison thought they were coming closer, and she could swear she could hear screaming on the right side of her building. She tilted her head over the railing and looked past her building. The streets were packed with cars and people running, screaming, pointing at something behind them. When Madison saw it, she screamed. Behind them were nothing but walls of massive toes, the smallest maybe around the size of four houses tall. On top of the monumental toes Madison could see the rim of the nails, and they shone a bright shade of red. She tried looking up to see the face of whatever this thing was, but soon all she saw was the sole of a gigantic foot.

The next few seconds passed by in slow motion. The massive foot came down onto the apartment building, Madison screamed in terror seeing the top floor press into the apparently very soft skin of the sole, until, with incredible ease, the top floor caved in. The rest of the building came with it, going for a couple floors before the entire thing, Madison included, were completely flattened under the giant sole.

Samantha stopped after crushing the apartment building. She looked down at all the people, known as ?Giants? for being the biggest kind of human, now run like pathetic ants while she crushed them and the city she'd visited many times before. She wasn't even aware that what she crushed was an apartment building, or how many lives met their end at her soles, nor did she really care.

?Hey bugs,? she shouted in command, ?listen closely?.

Only a dozen or two people stopped in shock, looking up towards their black-haired monster girl, the rest simply kept running and panicking. This made no difference though, Samantha knew her voice could be heard for miles and by everyone.

?I'm your new Queen,? she said, smiling at the chaos below. She lifted her foot only slightly, but to the people on the ground they were now higher than a house on top of another house. She extended it over the street where cars were parked in deadlock and people tried to run. Samantha brought it down quickly, crushing dozens of cars and the buildings on both sides of the street. The people before her foot were paralyzed with fear.

?Now, lick.? She commanded.

And that is all she said, that's all that needed to be said. The majority obeyed out of sheer fear alone. No more threats were needed for them to obey. Because now, Samantha's very existence was a threat to anyone smaller than her. The ?Giants? were now the bugs to their now bigger Queen, and Samantha was now Queen of the world.

As the pint sized Giants either licked Samantha's toes obediently or ran away in fear, they noticed something that filled them with even more terror. The tremors had begun again.
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