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Author's Chapter Notes:

HAHA, BUGS! I told you they'd be back, now didn't I? Well here it is, a bonus arc for you all to enjoy and hopefully fap to (that's why you're there right). Don't forget, I practically get off to your pathetic little comments, so be sure to give me lots of em with decent reviews. See ya next chapter, my little reading slaves ;) ♥a039;♥a039;♥a039;

?As you can see, we have one of the most advanced labs available,? a scientist told Samantha and Bree as they walked through the white halls of the hallway. On each side of them were glass windows showing the insides of labs where other scientists dressed in white coats seemed to be combining chemicals and writing things down, all hard at work. Samantha and Bree were dressed in their casual clothes, with Bree riding on her girlfriend's shoulder; Samantha in her red tee shirt and jeans, complete with blue flip-flops; and Bree wearing a tiny dark green shirt with similar jeans and brown shoes. The scientist they were following, Dr. Hayner, was dressed similarly to the scientists in the labs, with thick black glasses, an obvious comb-over, and a pocket protector with nearly a whole rainbow of colored pens.

About a week ago Samantha and Bree applied to volunteer at the local research center. The ad said they'd needed a Nano and possibly a guardian to come and try a new drug they've been experimenting. They had said they believed they found a way to grow Nanos to normal size, but that it was still very experimental. There weren't many Nanos in the neighborhood or at least none who saw the ad and wanted to be lab rats; so Samantha and Bree were the first ones to call in.

?I hope you're enjoying our little workshop here,? Dr. Hayner said as they approached a lone door. Hayner took out his keys and began unlocking it, ?we've gathered the best scientists we could find for this project. We believe we've actually found a solution that will isolate and block the size regulating gene in a person's body. With this, we could actually loosen it for the Nano population and they'd be free to grow to, well, our size! Isn't that amazing?? Hayner asked, sounding incredibly enthusiastic.

?Oh, yeah it is!? Samantha said, trying to match his enthusiasm. She didn't really understand half of what he was saying, she wasn't a scientist type and was busy looking around. It was Bree that was really excited about the experiment. She got on her knees and literally begged Samantha to take her to try this out (though her begging was nothing they didn't do daily to have some fun). After a while, Samantha gave in and took her. Besides, it would be interesting if this stuff actually did work, her and Bree could go have fun with Nanos together~.

Hayner went into the room he'd unlocked and quickly came out with a two-liter bottle of a watery green liquid. The outside of the bottle was plastic and felt cold as he handed it over to Samantha.

?Now? Hayner began, ?as the Nano?s? oh I mean, Bree's guardian? my mistake. As her guardian, I'm putting you in charge of giving her her doses of the solution. You just need to give her a single drop of it in the morning and at night every day. We don't know how effective it is or if it'll even work so we're giving you this large sample. Keep taking it until she becomes normal height or if two weeks pass with no change. And don't worry, if one drop completely covers her it's totally safe to drink and still has the same effects.?

?Sure thing, Doc,? Samantha said, thinking she could keep track of that. And if not, Bree was hanging on to every word, she would have even brought a pencil and paper if she had one for her size.

The rest of the appointment past by pretty quickly, with Hayner having them sign some waivers and tell them how to give the solution with a medicine dropper. Apparently what Samantha had to do was give Bree only a tiny drop at first, enough that the tiny girl could spread it around her body like sunscreen while wearing her swimsuit. They agreed and signed and went back home, carrying the special solution as if it was soda Samantha had bought from the store.

Their home was Samantha's house, a two-story house in the suburbs, complete with a little tree out back with a swing attached. Samantha had brought Bree home with her after her fun at the Nano school being an exchange student. Bree had been sleeping either on Samantha's desk next to her or on Samantha somewhere; clinging to her nipple or in her sock while she slept were fairly normal and much loved. Some nights Samantha would forget she had Bree in her socks and would accidentally stick her in the sock drawer for the night. Samantha mother was fine with Bree living there, she saw it just the same as if her daughter was getting a pet bug. Her mother worked a lot so she wasn't home that much, so having Bree around made no difference to her. Samantha also had an older sister who was studying at a local community college, but she mostly stayed in her room listening to her music or being on her computer.

Samantha walked casually into her room with Bree holding excitedly on her shoulder. She looked out of her window and checked the clock, 11:30 AM, still somewhat early in the day.

?Hey Bree, it's still morning, you wanna try a little bit of that Dr?s growing stuff?? Samantha asked Bree.

?OH MY GOD YES!? Bree shouted back. She'd been counting the seconds until Samantha would ask her that. She was so excited to try out the formula, she wanted to be like Samantha, big and powerful, while still, of course, being an obedient girlfriend to her goddess. Samantha, on the other hand, didn't really think such a thing was possible. After looking at the solution for a minute it looked more like water with green food coloring, so she felt pretty sure the doctor was a quack. Still, she enjoyed seeing Bree this excited and was willing to humor her a little before they went back to having one of Samantha's little ?play sessions?. (These play sessions became more frequent when Samantha ate and crushed all the other students she'd taken from the pool party. It only took her two weeks and a hell's worth of restraint not to eat them all in one go).

?Alright then,? Samantha said as she picked Bree up between her fingers and set her on the desk. Bree quickly began taking off her clothes until she was left standing in her underwear, a pair of black panties and a matching bra (Samantha was kind enough to her miniscule girlfriend to buy her some new clothes every now and again). Bree could hardly stand still as Samantha opened the lid to the formula and took out a medicine dropper, getting barely even any inside, just enough that she could possibly get one drop off onto Bree. Samantha held only one eye open as she steadied it over Bree. She pushed the back only enough that a single small drop formed on the tip over Bree, who could hardly keep from squealing happily at the sight.

Samantha brought it down low, nearly touching Bree's head before saying, ?alright, let's see what this does.?
Chapter End Notes:

Yeah that's right I'm a dick with this cliffhanger .

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