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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey there my little insects~ . Hope you pathetic little things are enjoying this still enjoying this. I know no matter how high the view count is in total, my real cans are you guys that made it this far. Fair warning, these may be the last chapters I do for this sorry, but I'm still planning on using this "nanoverse" I've made for possibly more stories. Also don't forget to check out my other work in progress, Big Bunny, first three chapters already out.  

Samantha leaned forward in her chair, careful not to move her feet too much and crush Betty who was still at work licking the giant girl's bloody sole. Bree was now laying on Samantha's shoulder, still soaking wet with saliva (and her own cum), sitting up only enough so she could see what was about to happen. Screams erupted from the small sprinkles container as Samantha's fingers gripped its top. The students inside began running around and punching the plastic hoping to break it, but it only caused a vibration that the massive girl could barely even feel with her fingertips. With her free hand Samantha opened her lunch box again and took out her slice of pizza, setting it on the napkin which earlier had held Bree and her bullies. The cookie crumb they'd been near was flattened just by the weight of the slice. After setting down the pizza, Samantha also took out her carton of milk and opened it, setting it nearby. When her meal was all set she finally lifted up the small container and brought it to her eyes, she smiled and licked her lips seeing all the students panic. They kept running around and hitting the sides, some looked like they were praying on their knees and crying, others were actually bowing in complete submission. If she freed them now they'd probably all worship her as a merciful goddess, but then she'd miss out on having her favorite lunch toppings.

?PLEASE LET US GO!? She heard them keep screaming through the small holes, ?DON'T EAT US,? a louder voice cried.

?Oh? I thought you'd all kill for a chance to have lunch with the most popular girl in school. Here, I'll even share my lunch~.?

More screams erupted as Samantha began tilting the container over her pizza, making the students slide ever closer to holes in the top. The students tried holding on but the sides were too slick, they all built up in the cap, some even falling through the holes but grabbing their rim.

?Don't be shy~,? the gargantuan girl giggled as she began gently shaking her classmates. One-by-one they began slipping and falling down until they smacked against the soft cheese of the pizza. When they finally managed to sit up, they each found themselves stuck in the cheese and grease; and even if they could walk their shoes only stuck in deeper under their own weight. Only one student landed close enough to the edge to jump off the gigantic pizza, he landed hard against the table, twisting his ankle and slowly trying to limp away. Samantha didn't notice him, she was all too busy with the remaining classmates in the container. After the majority had fallen onto her lunch she thought she'd put the rest somewhere else. She shifted the container to dangle over her milk carton as the rest of the students fell out; they all landed in Samantha's milk, terrified and trying to swim in the thick white drink.

Samantha giggled, and Bree felt like she was going to cum again seeing how her girlfriend had turned a train full of people she possibly knew into mere lunch toppings. Now they were nothing but part of this goddess?s food to be consumed with great pleasure. The lucky bastards, she thought. As if on instinct, Bree turned around and began kissing and licking Samantha's wall-like neck, she held the skin tight and made sweet love to it, it was the skin of her girlfriend, her goddess, her very world; the warmth radiating off of it was all she needed that moment.

Samantha didn't notice this however, she had finally noticed the nano limping boy trying to run away. She smirked as she licked the tip of her finger and planted it onto him, making him scream in pain as his ankle (and leg) broke under the force. She lifted him up to her gigantic hungry lips, which she licked before speaking.

?Oops, hate to waste any part of my lunch~.?

The boy gave one final scream before he was quickly licked up and swallowed by the massive girl. On her shoulder, Bree had seen the whole thing, and came once again in her panties as she felt the neck move with the swallow and thought that she heard the actual scream of the boy as he slid down her throat.

With that taken care of, Samantha again turned her attention to her pizza. She licked her lips again as she grabbed the crust beneath her fingers, lifting it up and setting a free finger closer to the tip to keep her ?toppings? from falling off. They all screamed and struggled frantically in terror as they were brought to the girls waiting mouth. The lips parted and they could all see inside, the last night of many, Samantha's gigantic red tongue with strings of saliva connecting it to the roof of her mouth; she'd been drooling extra just waiting for this.

Screams of terror could be heard as Samantha wrapped her giant red lips around the tip of her pizza. Darkness shrouded over the nanos nearest to her as they found themselves inside of her mouth. Samantha's titanic white teeth came down and separated them from the rest of the pizza, which was brought away from her mouth so the remaining nanos could see her smiling face as she chewed. The students in her mouth screamed as the teeth came up and down again, gently crunching the pizza between them. Most of the screaming tinies were safe, but three of them were eventually crushed under the teeth, their blood becoming nothing more than extra pizza sauce. The screaming continued to echo throughout her mouth until Samantha finally brought them all to the back of her throat. Bree could again hear the screaming as she felt her bug sized classmates slide down Samantha's throat.

This continued, bite after bite until the entire pizza was nothing but crust. All the students who has only been wanting to ride the train to their next class ended up in the stomach of the school queen.

The nanos in the milk were beginning to lose their strength as they continued trying to not drown. Suddenly there was a rumble. The drink began to sway to and fro, massive wanted started forming as they were all lifted into the air. The nano students looked up to see what was going on as they began tipping, the open sky above them was now replaced with a dark mouth with Samantha's red upper lip. They screamed and tried swimming away, but the small carton was like a giant lake to them, they went backwards as they screamed before falling into the giant girl's mouth like a waterfall. When inside they kept trying to swim away and beg for mercy. Their pathetic cries weren't even heard as they were quickly gulped down. Bree again felt this, and with her face red hot, came for what must have been the fourth time in the past half hour.

With her lunch finished, Samantha took her feet off the table. Betty still lay there in shock, having heard the entire thing transpire. She'd been licking the entire time, blood staining the sides of her lips, but her heart swelled up into her throat as she saw Samantha frowning as she looked over her work.

?The fuck? You call this clean? I can barely even see the spot you were licking! So damn pathetic.?

Samantha scowled as she picked up the tiny former bully. Betty screamed the entire time.


She was ignored as Samantha simply threw her to the floor. The nano girl's legs broke on impact, her ribs all nearly breaking as well; it was like falling out of an airplane. Betty reached up as a gigantic shadow fell on her. She opened her eyes and saw nothing but the bloody sole of Samantha's Mary Jane shoe. She let out one final scream before it came rushing down, landing with a satisfying crunch as the nano girl exploded with the sudden pressure. Betty's bones crunched to dust as Samantha ground her sole against the floor.

Despite the poor service, this had been a great lunch.
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