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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey there little guys, really hope you're all liking my first story~ Some feedback would be really great so don't forget to leave a review for me~ <3

Jackson squirmed inside his dark wet prison, all he could feel was Lucy's massive slimy tongue and her hot breath wafting from her throat. He could tell she'd brushed earlier with the hint of mint, but the smell was still overpowering.
"L-Lucy!!" He screamed, again trying to reach for where he last saw the light vanish, "let me out! This isn't funny!!"
He didn't get any response, but he did feel slight shaking which made him scream again, thinking she was about to swallow. But the motioned turned to a steady bobbing, making him move only slightly against Lucy's tongue. She must have just stood up.. but where was she going? After a few moments Jackson felt like he couldn't stand being in there any longer, it was so hot his face was burning red and he could hardly breath. He felt like passing out but knew if he did he'd probably die.
Just then he saw the light again, he thought he'd never see it again in his life and desperately he tried crawling towards it, going as fast as he could. He looked outside as soon he got past the tip of the tongue and his face went white. All he could see was Lucy's face with her mouth wide open, smiling at a tiny figure he could barely see inside her mouth. She was looking in a mirror...
"L-Lucy...." Jackson stuttered out, almost paralysed in fear as his eyes wandered around, looking around at the lips that formed the literal mouth of the cave, "p-p-please... Let me out.."
"Wai? Weyre yust ge-eing arded?" Lucy said, her words distorted as she tried to speak with a full mouth, trying not to move her tongue too much. She didn't do very with it though, Jackson felt his head slap against the roof of her mouth. He reaching out again, maybe he could jump to the floor and get away. But he wasn't fast enough, Lucy brought her tongue back and Jackson with it as she slammed her teeth shut, the loud clack nearly deafening the tiny in her mouth. The next couple of minutes were a blur, Jackson found himself getting tossed and rolled around the giant mouth, the tongue forcing him every which way, slamming him against the roof of her mouth, her teeth, and even planting his face deep into the mushy flesh of the tongue itself, coating him completely and nearly drowning him in her saliva. Eventually Lucy started opening her mouth slightly to make it easier to move her little captive, giving him another few glimpses of the smiling titaness as she played with her prey. That's exactly what he felt like at that moment: prey in the jaws of a vicious predator..

Eventually Lucy got bored of just staring at the thing in her mouth. Though she kept toying with him as she went back over to the couch and took out her phone, all Jackson could see from his tiny occasional window was that her phone said 'calling'. Lucy lifted the phone to her face and Jackson could feel the slight change as she pressed it against her cheek. She went quiet for a moment, waiting for an answer.
"Hey giiirl!"
Lucy said, maybe a little louder than necessary, making Jackson's ears ring and forcing his body to slap around her mouth with each word she spoke. Imagine that, so bored with the actual person squirming in her mouth she decided to call her bestie. The call went on for some time as they talked and laughed about school and TV when suddenly Jackson had an idea, and a little shimmer of hope. As Lucy had her mouth open slightly, smiling as she listened to her friend when Jackson tried crawling forward with all his might; screaming "HELP! I'M IN HER MOUTH HELP ME!"
In barely a second Lucy shut her mouth and Jackson was forced against her cheek, the speed making him dizzy for a few seconds. Lucy was still talking on the phone.
"Huh? Oh yeah, that was just the TV, Jackson has it a little loud."
She pulled the phone away from her face and whispered in an angry tone,
"Do that again and I'm biting your head off. Don't try me bastard?
Jackson now felt the cheek close a little as she opened wider, rolling him onto his back, but this time on something hard.. It took a second but he finally realized he was laying right on her bottom row of teeth, staring up at the upper row hanging above him. But then they started moving. Jackson screamed again in terror as he flung his arms up against the falling fangs and tried to hold them up with his bare hands. He was using all the strength he had left to try to keep them up, even cutting his hand slightly on a sharper part of Lucy's tooth, and eventually they stopped coming. But it wasn't because of Jackson's lifting, Lucy simply wasn't don't with her little toy. After a few moments of terrifying stillness, Jackson found himself getting shoved off the toothy shelf by her tongue again, and when he was completely off he heard another massive crack and a grinding noise very close to him. She was threatening him once again.

Lucy finished her phone call a few minutes later, having run out of things to talk about. Jackson still lay inside his wet prison, barely moving aside from the occasional squirm, he?d given up on trying to escape and was only waiting for what he feared most in that moment, getting swallowed alive. He felt more slight motions after Lucy hung up the phone, but nothing like before when she stood up; she must be watching TV he thought? A few minutes later he felt her mouth moving again, but this time was different, now he was sliding.. Forward? He found himself sliding towards the massive white teeth as her mouth opened again, but instead of seeing the light of the outside or the TV, all he could see was a strange light blue-ish color, almost like he was looking at the sky. But he was heading down, and down he fell until he landed face first on the slightly squishy blue surface, spit out covered in a small puddle of saliva. Jackson breathed heavily, trying to fill his lungs with as much fresh air as he could to get his energy back up, he couldn?t stand just yet, or even move his face. He was exhausted and the spit had plastered him to the surface he was resting on. But before long he noticed something odd, the air around him didn?t quite smell like his house. Then it hit him. He remembered where he saw light blue before. Still exhausted, he lifted his head to look ahead of him, and there he saw what looked like a pillar come out of the ground for about his height, then branch off in two directions.
Again the color drained from his face, he turned his head as far as he could and looked up, just to see the bright grinning face of his babysitter.
?Hey there my little candy~, you liking my flip flop??
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