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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey little bugs~. Your favorite goddess, me, decided I should treat those few extra pathetic bugs I love so much that commented by making this special bonus chapter based on majority requests. Enjoy~<3 (but really, thank you so much for all your support!)

Jackson spent the next few hours between Lucy's massive soles, drenched in his own sweat and the sweat of his babysitter's soles. Lucy kept opening her feet for Jackson to climb and try to escape before slamming them shut on him, making him tumble back to where he started. It took four times before Jackson finally gave up and stayed wedged in his place. After that Lucy lost interest in him and kept her feet together as she watched TV and made more calls to her friends. Jackson laid there for what felt like hours, the heat and humidity almost making it impossible to breath between the lumps of flesh. Just when the thought he was going to pass out, the soles opened again, the light from the living room stung his eyes for a moment and he took a few quick breaths of fresh air. His eyes stopped hurting but his heart jumped as Lucy's gigantic fingers came, casting her shadow over him as she gripped him between her fingers and brought him up to her face.
"Hey there little guy~, you having a fun time with your babysitter?"
"Lucy...." Jackson answered, exhausted, "Please change me back.. I won't tell anyone, just please!"
Lucy have him a smug smile as he pleaded, still dangling between her fingers.
"Well I would, but it's getting a little late isn't it? I think it's time for this little boy to go to bed. And your parents did say you had to listen to your babysitter, right~?"
"No.. Lucy, please!!!" Jackson begged again, praying she'd even consider it. To his disappointment Lucy stood up, ignoring his tiny shouts.
Lucy kept Jackson held up by her face as she walked through the house, each step making him gently bounce and sway. To Jackson's surprise, Lucy walked past the guest room she was supposed to be staying in, instead making her way to his room just down the hall. She turned the knob with her free hand then walked in.
Jackson always enjoyed keeping a simple room, light green walls, a desk in one corner, his bed in the other. He always wanted to keep it simple until he was older, so that if he ever had to write about it as an assignment he wouldn?t have to spend entire paragraphs going into detail.
?Wow?? Lucy said, with a little bit of disappointment in her voice, ?your room sucks.?
She shrugged it off a second later and started walking towards the bed. She tossed Jackson onto the center of it and smiled down at him.
?You ready for bed, little guy~??
?L-Lucy? What are you doing??? Jackson stammered out, scooting back on his own sheets as he saw Lucy get undressed in front of him; he was mostly surprised at the fact she was also removing her underwear.
?Getting ready for bed, duh. What? You don't want a hot girl in your bed??
In any other situation Jackson would have killed to hear those words, but at this moment there was nothing more terrifying.
?O-okay..? he said as he nervously started crawling backwards, keeping his eyes on his half naked babysitter, now wearing nothing but her shirt, ?j-just let me get over to the side before you??. Too late. Before Jackson could finish another shadow was cast over him, this time cast by two gigantic globes coming towards him. He tried to scream and crawl as fast as he could, but soon he found himself flattened under Lucy's massive ass. He tried to squirm out but her curves pressed him too deep into his mattress, all he could do what slide deeper to the center of where she was sitting.
?Mmm~, your room is shit, but at least your bed is comfy~.?
Jackson squirmed, getting closer to her crack, that was his only hope. If he stayed under her cheek all night he knew his bones would snap and he'd be crushed like a bug, he could already feel his ribs creaking from the weight.
As he struggled, Lucy lifted her feet off the ground and onto the bed, pulling the blanket over herself. For a moment her entire weight was on her ass, making Jackson try to scream as one of his ribs snapped. If he'd been under her foot he would have been popped, good thing for him Lucy's ass was like a pillow, cushioning the pressure but making it harder to move under.
Eventually he made it to his sitter's crack, the place between the two globes currently crushing the air out of him. As he crawled under, he felt himself getting sucked between her cheeks as she moved into place. Between the two masses was suffocating, it reminded him too much of being between her soles, only now they were even larger and rounder, he couldn't move or breath. His squirms only made Lucy giggle as they tickled her skin. Just when he thought he was about to pass out, Lucy rolled onto her side. As he and the cheeks moved he tried even harder to get out, but he was only able to stick his right arm out from between her ass. He felt around for something to grab onto but all he could feel was his babysitter's soft skin. There was nothing, not even a piece of blanket he could reach, he was trapped barely able to move.
At least now he knew he wouldn't suffocate, his free arm that stuck out of his prison was just enough for some air to pass through. After what felt like an eternity, he heard Lucy snoring and knew that this would be his bed for the night?

The next morning, Jackson woke up as Lucy seemed to jump out of bed, making him shake and jiggle along with her ass.
?Morning little boy~!? She said, sounding enthusiastic, ?I'm gonna be heading out soon, me and the girls decided to get coffee today. And guess what? I think I'll be taking you with me~.?
She gave a little wink as she said this, but Jackson couldn't see it. All he saw was the little space of his room through the hole made by his arm.
?So that means you better be good and stay there for me, kay~??
Jackson felt something pushing his arm back into Lucy's ass, and of course, it was her giant finger. He couldn't move, he couldn't breath, he just woke up but he felt exhausted. What little light came in through the crack was now shaded pink as Lucy pulled her panties up.
From both sides Jackson felt squished, and it only got worse as Lucy pressed her cheeks together with both of her hands, playing with him. The pressure just kept building and building, he could hardly take it, a moment later he felt a snap, one of his ribs definitely broke?
When she stopped he tried screaming out in pain but his mouth just filled with the soft skin of her cheeks.
?I'm going to die here..? he thought.
After he thought that, the space around him got tighter again, but noticeably not as hard as before. All light was cut out as Lucy pulled up her pants before going out the bedroom door.
This was how the rest of his day, maybe even his life would play out, as the plaything of his babysitter. Trapped in her ass in a pair of skinny jeans.
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