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Ryan woke with a start as his alarm clock beeped, rolling over lazily he grabbed his phone and shut off the noise. He rubbed his eyes and let out a yawn as he stretched. The bed was empty except for him, Jenna had mentioned something the other day about having somewhere to go early in the morning. Ryan picked his laptop up from where he had dropped it late last night and lifted the screen. The webpage was still open from where he was investigating ways to tell Jenna about his giantess fetish. He scanned the page a few more times, hoping that something would come across as more helpful but, nothing seemed to be sticking out to him. Disappointed, he shut the laptop again and made his way to the bathroom to shower.

  Jenna was walking briskly down the street lost in her thoughts concerning this weeks major shoot and listening to music as she made her way to her hair appointment. The occasional passerby shot her a stare as her long legs, wrapped tightly in a pair of black leggings, propelled her  forward. Jenna was used to it, she was easily head shoulders taller than most and every bit thicker in the body. Stares and sideway glances were now just a normal everyday occurrence for her, in fact, she had started relishing in the attention shortly after she began her modeling career. It had become a game for her to see how many heads she could turn when she would be out running errands, this morning she had picked her leggings and an equally tight blue tank top as her choice for head turning, although this early the sidewalks in Oklahoma City were all but empty save for a few others. Her long hair was pulled back into a ponytail, revealing her strong bare shoulders and giving all the attention to her full bouncing bosom. Her cheap black flip-flops, slapped against her bare soles as she continued on her way.
  She stopped at the crosswalk and leaned against the light pole as she waited the light to turn. A light tap on her right arm drew her from her thoughts, she looked to her side to see a well dressed young red headed freckled faced boy smiling up at her. Jenna pulled the headphones from her ears, " Are you lost little boy?"

The boy shook his head no, still smiling.

" Is there something I can do for you?" She asked gently

The boy, who had been holding his hands together in front of him, lifted up his arms towards her and revealed a small bottle of clear liquid, no bigger than a bottle of perfume.

" For  you." He simply said.

Leery, Jenna took the small vial from his outstretched hands and brought it to her face to further inspect it.

The small vial had maybe 3oz of liquid and a simple label that just read, " If you think it, it will be."

Confused, Jenna looked back down at the boy to ask him what it meant, however, he was nowhere to be found. She looked all around but didn't see him anywhere, the street was empty. Thrown off, Jenna continued inspecting the bottle as she stepped off the curb, her focus completely on the recent weird event. A loud honk from a truck, startled her causing her to drop the vial, she was unable to grab it before it landed on her bare foot and smashed to pieces. The small amount of liquid quickly absorbed into the skin on her foot.

"Shit!" She yelled angrily and jogged to the other side of the crosswalk before bending down and inspecting her foot.

Everything appeared normal, it was dry and her skin wasn't burning or anything.

" How about you back that nice ass over here and I'll give you a another reason to bend over."

Jenna stood straight up and whipped around to look at the cat caller. The older man, sitting in his little Honda Accord quickly realized the impressive size of the lady he had just harassed, without a word he sped off.

"Ugh," she moaned. " I guess today is not going to be my day."

Jenna started back down the street and made her way into the hair salon. She was greeted by her hairstylist, Brittany. The short brunette, had her hair done in her usual flashy '50s style and sported bright red lipstick to bring out her thin lips.

"The usual today hun?" Brittany asked as Jenna sat down in the chair.

"Actually, I'm thinking something I'd just like a trim on the ends and I'm thinking a new color to help me stand out more. Maybe red to help my eyes pop even more?"

Brittany nodded in agreement, " Of course babe, I think that would really make you shine."

Jenna held her phone up with the camera switched around, " A quick pre-selfie for the Instagram page before we get started."

As Brittany got to work, Jenna's mind wandered to how she'd look once her hair was red and slightly longer.

"So what's ne..." Brittany started before noticing Jenna's hair slowly flowing down the back of the chair and subtlety changing to a brighter red.

"Um, Jenna. What just happened?" Brittany asked nervously.

Jenna opened her eyes and looked in the mirror, to her surprise everything she had just imagined about herself was looking right back at her in the mirror.

" Britt, did you already do something to me?" Jenna asked in disbelief.

"No, I haven't even finished getting everything together for you and how could I possibly add natural hair to you that quickly?"

Jenna flipped her hands through her new hair. It was definitely hers and definitely real.

"Britt, I don't know how this happened but I absolutely love it!"

Brittany could only continue to stare, still bewildered by what she had just witnessed.

Jenna stood up and gathered her things, " Thank you dear, you always do the best work." Jenna pulled out a wad of cash and handed it to Brittany before heading out. Brittany watched the beautiful woman walk out, with a light skip in her step. Shaking her head, she turned back to the counter to put the cash in the register and went on about her day.

Jenna walked happily back towards her apartment where Ryan should be up and waiting for her by now. Although she was unclear as to how her hair changed so quickly, she didn't let that spoil her good mood. Every chance she got she would look at her reflection in the windows of the stores as she walked by, the brighter color combined with her already bright green eyes truly made her beautiful face stand out even more. Jenna kept one eye on the pedestrians she passed by, even they were glancing at her more than usual. This made her feel even better about herself and a little horny, she really hoped that Ryan was ready for some action the moment she walked in.

  Ryan stepped out of the bathroom feeling clean and refreshed after his shower. He put on a pair of gym shorts and a white t-shirt and made his way into the kitchen to start on breakfast. As he was finishing up the scrambled eggs, he heard the door open and close.

"Hey babe!" He yelled.

"Hey honey." Jenna said seductively as she came around the corner, " Notice anything different?"

Ryan immediately noticed, but decided to play with her. " Hmmm. Your breasts are bigger?"

Jenna rolled her bright green eyes and flashed a smile. " No silly, my new hair color, what do you think?"

Ryan smiled, " I think it looks stunning on you."

Jenna smiled back and leaned down to give him a kiss, as she bent, she let her right hand lightly grab at his dick through his gym shorts. A light zap, much like static electricity, made him jump slightly.

Ryan brushed it off and  feigned shock, " Why Jenna, how could you? You haven't even had your breakfast yet."

Jenna bit her lower lip and wrapped his now harder dick completely in her hand, " I'm feeling like having a big piece of sausage."

Ryan blushed, " I'm not sure I have enough sausage to satisfy your hunger."

She led him towards their couch on the other side of the breakfast bar and laid down, with one hand she pulled his shorts and underwear off and pulled him on top of her with the other. Ryan found himself straddling her torso just behind her mammoth breasts, his hard dick throbbed against the thin material of his shorts and pulsed against the soft flesh surrounding it. Jenna pulled her tank top off, releasing her breasts, her soft pink nipples pointed up towards Ryan's face. Without another word her grabbed hold of one with his mouth and began sucking slowing and slid his seven inch cock into her cleavage, rocking his hips back and forth.

Jenna's breathing increased with the rocking of Ryan's hips, she could catch slight glimpses of the tip of his reddening dick between her breasts as he would buck slightly harder whenever she let out a moan. Jenna imagined what it would be like to be able to suck his dick while still rubbing his shaft with her breasts while he sucked on her now swollen nipples.

A rhythmic prodding against her lips, brought her out of her day dream, when she opened her eyes she couldn't believe what she saw. There, tapping against her lips was her husband's engorged penis, except that it was twice as long and much thicker. Ryan had yet to notice as he was still working his magic on her arreolas. Not wanting to stop or draw his attention, Jenna quickly enveloped his penis in her mouth. The shudder of pleasure from Ryan's body was easily felt as Jenna began sucking him off.

" Oh, honey. Keep. Going. Don't. Stop, what...ever you're doing." Ryan gasped.

Jenna kept up the work with her mouth and tongue and worked the shaft of his new long penis with her hands and breasts. With a loud UGH, Jenna quickly found her mouth filling with the familiar salty warm cum of her husband. She swallowed, load after load until his body slumped against her chest quivering.

The rock hard penis slowly softened and  pulled itself back towards its owner through the crevice that was her cleavage, still pulsing from the massive ejaculation. Ryan gazed lovingly at Jenna, still euphoric from the unbelievable orgasm he just had.

"I knew you were awesome at this, but honey that was amazing."

Jenna smiled lovingly back at him and wiped a  drop of cum rolling down the corner of her mouth. " If you want to see something truly amazing, you should stand up and look at your dick."

A puzzled look came across Ryan's face as he pushed himself off of her and stood up. Ryan couldn't believe what he saw, there dangling between his legs was a much larger version of his dick.

He grabbed it with one hand feeling the weight, " Jenna, I don't understand. I've never had a dick this big and it certainly wasn't like this earlier this morning."

Jenna could only shrug her shoulders. " The only thing I can think of, and you're gonna think I'm crazy,  is on my way to Brittany's this morning to get my hair redone, a young boy came up to me and handed me a vial of some strange liquid that I ended up accidentally spilling on myself. Shortly afterwards, I thought about my hair being this way and when I opened my eyes here I was. Just now I thought about your dick being able come through my cleavage to my mouth and lo and behold."

Ryan stared at her hard in thought for a silent few minutes before collecting his thoughts.

" So, what I'm gathering from your story is, you can think of anything an it will just magically happen because of this liquid?"

Jenna shrugged again, " I guess so, I'm not sure really how it works but so far these two things have happened right after I was thinking of them."

Ryan nodded, " Sounds like it's time to experiment a little more with this. Today is both of our day off, might as well see what we can make happen together."

Jenna put her tank top back on and brought her knees to her chest, forcing the flesh further out the sides.

" I don't know Ryan, it seems pretty crazy and I'm not sure how safe this is."

Ryan's heart sunk a little, he was already focused on his thoughts of bringing up his giantess fetish, if what Jenna had already told him then his dreams might could just become a reality if he could convince her.

" You're probably right dear." Ryan hesitated looking around and building his confidence.

"There's something I'd like to share with you and it may or may not affect your decision about all of this."

Jenna met Ryan's gaze, " You know you can tell me anything."

Ryan nodded and averted his eyes in embarrassment as he began.

" For a long time, as long as I can remember being sexually aware I've always had a particular attraction to one thing."

Ryan paused, slightly shaking.

Jenna cupped a hand to his face,  " You don't have to be afraid, I won't love you any less no matter what you are about to say."

Ryan smiled weakly and place his hand over hers.

" I have what is called a giantess fetish. It's where I am sexually attracted to.."

Jenna cut him off

 " Towering women that destroy puny men and entire cities. Yes, I'm aware babe." She stated matter of fact like.

Ryan was in shock, his mouth still open trying to finish the sentence he had started and at the same time he couldn't believe what his ears had just heard.

" H-How.." He stammered.

" Shh. I've known for quite some time. You're not very good at hiding everything you do on the internet and some nights I watched you masturbate to giantess videos through half closed eyes. Albeit, they really aren't the best quality, I'm more proud of you for your vivid imagination. You'd really think with all these amazing movies they have at the box offices they could at least do one giantess woman movie some justice."

Ryan couldn't believe it, just like that, what he thought was his deepest and darkest well kept secret had been known to his wife all along. Most importantly, she wasn't acting weird about it, she had even watched him get off to it.

Jenna cocked her head to the side and with a half grin said, " Didn't you ever wonder how all of the sudden I began buying taller heels and forced you down lower during sex?"

" I guess I didn't really think about it that much, I know I enjoyed those things, I took notice but I never put two and two together that you could possibly know. I've been so afraid of my fetish for years because I was worried how a woman would perceive it. There's many out there that are concerned enough about their size that they believe it's more of an insult to imagine them hundreds of times bigger. I was especially worried about telling you, considering your past. The last thing I want is to hurt you, I just want to treat you like the goddess that you are."

Ryan could see Jenna's smile brighten up as tears formed in her eyes. She pulled him close to her, arms wrapped tightly around him.

"Babe, I would never be upset with you about something like that. To know that you want me as the center of your fetish is the greatest compliment a woman could receive and who would throw away the chance at being all powerful and worshipped everyday?"

A relief swept over Ryan, unlike anything he'd felt in years and just when he thought he couldn't love her anymore, his heart found more room. Jenna truly was his soulmate.

Jenna pulled away and smiled coyly at Ryan.

"I'm guessing that since you led with your giantess fetish, following our recent discovery, that you are wanting to experiment more into that realm?

Ryan's face began to turn red once more.

Jenna laughed, " Stop turning so red!" She said as she slapped his arm.

Ryan laughed and held his hands up in surrender, " Alright, Alright you win. I'll stop acting childish about it."

" Good, now let's start brainstorming how we are gonna navigate this. I've seen the plots of those videos you watch and quite frankly I'm unimpressed. If we are gonna do this, we're gonna do this right, because you deserve this. I deserve to be worshipped even more and I'm sure there's plenty of other people in this world that would love to see a real life house crushing woman."

Ryan felt his new dick start to re-harden, " I may have an idea or two on where to begin with this."



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