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Author's Chapter Notes:

As stated, this will be a female giant. This story contains a Mom/son thing. Not incest necessarily, but if you're really not into that, here's a fair warning. 

Being an only child sucks. It's even worse when your mom still treats you like a baby. Saying things like "Aww, who's my big boy? Ethan is!" You're in high school now, there's no reason to be treated like this. It's enough to make you upchuck. 

If any of your friends were available to hang out today, you'd be there in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, that's not the case. You just get home from school and lay around. You usually watch TV, but even that has become stale. 

As your day wastes away, you hear the door open to find that your mom, Debra, has returned from work. "How was school munchkin?" she asks. Not wanting to have the same conversation about the baby talk, you just retort with "Fine". "What's the matter honey, someone picking on you? If they are I'll make sure to give their parents a call." With this again, it feels like asking this is her daily routine. "No Mom, why do you always have to ask me that?" you state in an angry tone. "I'm worried about you Ethan, you come home and just leave me. Sometimes I get worried sick!" she replies. "I'm not a kid anymore Mom," you yell "I'm 15, I can take care of myself!" 

She looks at you in a worried tone, with her long brunette hair parted around her face. "If you need someone to talk to Ethan, I'm here ok." "Whatever, Mom," You say, standing up and walking into your room. You slam the door, proceeding to sit on your bed. You glance at the nightstand next to your bed. A picture of you when you were in the little league around 5 years ago stands. Feeling a little guilty for yelling at your mom, but tired from school; you decide to take a nap. 

Waking up groggy, and with a splitting headache, you peer around your room. But somethings up, this looks like your room, but everything's huge. Your bed itself looking like a desert of blankets. With the pillows being mountains in the distance. 

You get up and start walking around. Strolling towards the edge of the bed, to see if you could climb down and get some help. The door to your room then opens and enters your mom. "Ethan, I wanted to talk to you." She states "Ethan?" She moves towards your bed. As she walks closer, you are astonished by her sheer size. She wasn't just a giantess, she was a titan. She reaches her hand down at your photo on the nightstand. "What happened to you Ethan, you used to be so little." If only she realized the irony of that statement. 

As you gaze at her near the edge of the bed, an unforeseen action occurs. She turns around and faces her butt towards you. You realize she's going to take a seat right on you! Not wanting to become mushed by your mother's jean-clad rump, you start to run. Time slows down as you think you might not make it. Just as you were about to get sat on, you make the furthest leap you could. The ASSteroid (ha see what I did lol) misses you by just centimeters. You get up and look back at your colossal parent. You had two options; live the rest of your life as a pest, dodging feet and apparently butts. Or you could try to get her attention. The choice was obvious. 

You inspect your route. Get atop of the brim of her jeans, climb her shirt, and get next to her ear. It might be a suicidal mission, but it's your only option. You begin the climb on the butt that almost just crushed you. Luckily the jeans were easy enough to climb. Many inlays and designs dot the rough terrain. It takes you a few minutes, but you make it to the top. It's just then when you pick up the sound of sniffles and sobs. It appears that your mother is crying over the little tantrum you threw earlier. Now you truly feel the guilt rise to your chest. You shake the feeling off; you figure you can't apologize if you're a stain on the ground. 

You see that a large jump is necessary if you want to climb her shirt. With no running start on the thin rim of her jeans, you have to put all of your might into this jump. Before making the jump, you can't help but peer down. You see the gross fact that your mom is wearing a very tight thong. It's not like she has anyone to come home to, why does she need those? When you finish staring at your moms' ass, you focus on the situation at hand. 

Getting into as optimal position for a jump you can, you leap. Again, by some blind luck, you make it over the cavern. Hoping on to the shirt. Then you realize you made a miscalculation. The shirt wasn't climbable like the jeans were; the material was just too thin and there was no rock like textures. Looking down to your demise, you can't believe that your destiny was to slide into your moms' ass. Just as you are dropping into the vast jeans, Debra decides to get up. This causes a small hole to open up on top of her lingerie. Apparently, you weren't as lucky as you thought.

Sliding into the inner bowels of her tush, feelings of contempt towards the world and embarrassment of situation sweal inside you. You land in her crack and begin to slide down, as your mothers' action of getting up spread her cheeks slightly. Just enough for you to slide down and land in the dead center. When she finishes standing you are immediately smushed from all sides by her two cheeks. Any light that was coming from the top of the jeans ceased. 

When she started walking, it was like being mashed from side to side by the softest walls. It didn't hurt that much, but it was straining. You could smell the stench of her ass clearly. Working all day had caused her to sweat quite a lot. Outside of your ass-prison, you heard clanging of metal. You guess she's in the kitchen. This was confirmed by a sizzling noise. You couldn't smell what she was making, for the overbearing scent of ass was all your senses could take. 

After a spending some time thinking of an escape plan, it appears that your mom was done with cooking. You feel your world tilt upside down. Then with a sudden stop. With that stop came her thong riding higher up her ass. You proceeded to be smushed up further into her depths. Just as you stop you realize what you're in front of. The pulsating of her anus was giving you the shivers. It was large enough to gobble you whole.

Your mother seemed to be in an uncomfortable position, so she scooted up a little. A little to her, but this caused the thong to press you right up against her beastly poop chute. There was some disgusting layer of film on it. It appears that she didn't wipe well enough either, as when you were plopped on her asshole you got a mouthful of aged shit in your face. You started to hurl, but you couldn't seem to. Nothing was in your stomach to upchuck. Instead, you lay there dry heaving. 

You begin to lose all of your will to live. Even if you survived and were brought back to normal size, the scars of this experience would haunt you till you die. As you wallow in your sorrow, a slight shift shakes you back into reality. Your world tilts once again, this time towards the side. You feel the monstrous anus pucker in front of you. A blast of scorching wind hits you like a truck. You hear a slight giggle come from the mouth of your mom. Then the smell of all the sewer systems assaults your nose. Your mom just passed the worst smelling gust of wind you've ever smelt. You begin to pass out, probably due to lack of oxygen. Your only hope is that you don't wake up so that you don't have to deal with this hell anymore. 

In the cruelest fashion, you awaken to the tone of another butt blast. It seems your mom had her favorite side dish, Brussel Sprouts. It reeks of their handiwork. You hated the farts she left when you were normal sized. But now that you're pressed against her filthy asshole; you would gladly smell a thousand of those farts over this one. 

You wait for ages and no movement happens. You figure she's asleep. This might be your best chance to free your self from the bondage of her assholes' gunk. You begin to try to push yourself out, but even with all your strength, you can't. You lay back down on it; you're almost used to the feeling of shit staining your face. As you rest your head on the dormant hole, it convulses. You try desperately to back up from it but to no avail. You hear a moan come from your mother. The gaping maw ahead of you opens. Her asshole is trying to swallow you!

You try to overpower it, but being stuck in this gunk limits your movement. The anus accepts it's gift and swallows your lower half first. Screaming for your mother, you start to writhe in agony from the pressure of the anus' grip. Unknowingly you just told it to swallow more. It starts to squirm, swallowing you at a surprising rate. Your face passes away from the outside world, into Hell.

When you plop into your mothers' rectum, you realize that the stench of her farts was nothing compared to this befouling and guttural odor. It was so bad that it caused you to have an almost 'high' effect. Dazed and confused by the stench your body starts to drift off into the unknown darkness. You couldn't help but walk ahead due to this effect. It was like a chemical weapon. If you were conscious enough, you might have felt the wall of gunk ahead of you before you blindly walked into it. When you hit the sticky substance you tumble down. 

Your head becomes clear, and you shake off this strange high. Only to realize that you're stuck to the ground. You couldn't confirm, but you knew; this was your moms' ass gunk. It was like being plastered to a wall, no matter how much strength you put into it, the shit coating wouldn't budge. It's then when you felt a soggy substance hit your feet. Again, it doesn't take a genius to realize what this was. A turd was slowly sliding down your mothers' anal cavity. Over the next hours, you could feel the log slowly devouring you. As it reached your torso you realized that this was it. The culmination of your life, all events were leading to this. What sort of cruel being would let this fate befall you?

The turd reached your neck and you just accepted your fate. The worst thing was, you never got to apologize to your mom for being a shithead. You suppose this was an appropriate punishment for that. The shit washed over your face, leaving you to slowly suffocate in your own mothers' feces. In the end, you were pushed far enough into the turd to not even be noticeable from the outside. Ethan died swallowing his own mothers shit, with no hope left for his life. 

Debra awoke groggily. "Another day at the office she thought." It was then she felt a familiar push in her backside, and it wanted out bad. She proceeded over to the toilet and sat. She was happy to add more fiber to her diet, it made these bathroom breaks so much less 'messy'. After passing some nauseous gas and urinating for a little, the main event was at play. Debra grunted, as one massive turd slid from her anal cavity. It was an impressive size, probably the largest she'd ever laid. The massive log dropped with a little 'plop'. She was happy to be rid of it; just another turd to be thrust into the sewers. She wiped and stood up, turning around to view her handiwork. "Wow" she stated in awe "now that's impressive." She reached for the leaver and flushed it down just like any other turd. If only she knew that her sons' remains were packed tightly up in that log. And that he died a broken man. Throughout all the search parties Debra sent out, they would never find the tiny remains of Ethan in a sizable turd.


Chapter End Notes:

I hope you enjoyed ;) Any feedback is welcome.

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