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Chapter 3 of 3

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The poor girl and teacher were still hopelessly trapped inside Nancy’s vagina and asshole. The teacher had passed out shortly after being forced inside Nancy’s anus, but was barely clinging to life as Nancy’s tight bowels limited the amount of oxygen she was receiving. The schoolmate was still quite awake and kicking, sending chills up Nancy’s spine the entire time as she headed home. Jack simply reserved his energy in Nancy’s bosom, wondering what Nancy’s next move was going to be.

Nancy had completely unhinged from any moral standpoint. The raw power she had over the three classmates and her teacher was intoxicating, even though she only did what was necessary in her eyes to keep her brother safe from harm. But she’d be a fool to deny how incredible it felt to end the existence of two girls so easily. Feeling her ex classmates body ‘pop’ under her heel felt as if she was no more than a bug beneath her feet. On the contrary, Nancy might argue that it was a far greater feeling to feel her other ex classmate slide down her gullet and into her gut where she’d be broken down for nutrition of Nancy’s body.

Nancy’s mind had moved on however, a new plan in the making. Her love for her parents had faded long ago, due to their alcoholic tendencies. She knew Jack wouldn’t go for what she was planning, so she decided to keep it a secret for now.

Her parents were a disease, only ever caring about their own addiction and themselves. Jack tried to defend their sick actions in any way he could, but Nancy knew better than that. Her brother was all she truly had in her eyes, and she loved him to death. Now that he was only three inches tall, she was the only one fit to take care of him… and that meant doing whatever was absolutely necessary. School would take too long, she didn’t have the time to get her degree and get a career while simultaneously caring for her beloved brother… thus a secondary plan was about to be put into action.

Nancy approached her house, and quickly entered through the front door. She could hear her father and mother chatting in the kitchen, and she quickly assumed they were having their hourly ‘wine’ session. Jack knew that Nancy had entered their house, and was trying to get her attention by squirming around. Nancy ignored her brother however, too focused on what needed to be done.

Nancy pulled the shrink ray from her backpack, and tossed her pack to the side as she made haste into the kitchen. Her mother and father, not to anyones surprise, were drunk and had a couple of empty wine bottles scattered across the countertop. Nancy needed no further evidence to support her decision, as she raised the shrink ray towards her father.

Her dad looked over at her, his eyes resting on the device as he gave a horrified expression. He knew what it was that Nancy held in her hands, and he knew that if she was pointing it at him that it couldn’t have been for anything good.

“Nancy wai…!” he couldn’t finish his sentence however, as Nancy shrunk him in an instant.

“N..N-nanshy!?” her mother sputtered, not even able to talk coherently through her drunken haze. Nancy aimed towards her mother next, and shrunk her as well.

The device worked flawlessly as it had before, and she looked down with satisfaction as she saw her mother and father scrambling about on the kitchen tile. Nancy kicked her converse off of her feet and across the kitchen, then proceeding to walk towards the location of her now shrunken parents.

Her father and mother looked towards their now colossal daughters feet, which boomed down just inches in front of them. They trembled with fear as they looked up at their angry offspring, a look of hate and disgust in her eyes.

“Fucking drunks… no good drunks!” Nancy shouted, “Hmmm… should I crush you? Or eat you… I’m honestly not sure what would be more satisfying…”

Jack heard his sisters words, and began to freak out as he realized what Nancy had done, “NANCY! DON’T DO THIS!” He shouted, hoping that he could possibly reason with his sister.

Nancy ignored her brother, taking her right hand and reaching into the front of her panties. She dug her index finger into her pussy to retrieve the still squirming classmate that she had shoved inside. She pulled her out, and lifted her into the air above her parents. The little girl took in a deep breath of air, relieved to finally be out Nancy’s tight cunt.

“T-thank… th-thank you!” the girl thanked, hoping that Nancy would show her mercy and let her go.

“I wanted to show you something…” Nancy said, not acknowledging the girls thanks in any regard.

Nancy’s eyes shifted towards the ground towards her parents, and her shrunken classmate looked down as well to see what she was talking about.

“Well mom… dad… I honestly wish you could have both been better parents,” Nancy said, “but I know about your life insurance policy… and I can’t get the money if I eat the proof right? So instead I’m gonna crush yuh under my feet. I’ll just say it was a failed experiment, and then I’ll use the money to patent this shrink ray thingie and I’ll be rich!”

Nancy’s parents simply looked up at her in horror, as their gigantic daughter raised her bare foot over their insignificant bodies. Jack was pounding against his sisters flesh at this point, begging for her attention but she continued to ignore every plea he gave. Nancy’s shrunken classmate looked down, a horrified look on her face.

“Hey!” Nancy shouted at her shrunken slave, “Let this be a lesson… If I’m willing to kill my own parents, imagine what I’ll do to YOU if you ever disobey me!”

The shrunken classmate looked up slowly as she gave Nancy a terrified look. Nancy smiled crookedly, immediately descending her foot upon her parents trembling bodies. The last thing her parents saw was the dried bloodstain upon the bottom of their daughters barefoot, the bloodstain of the ex classmate that Nancy had crushed mercilessly. Her parents became nothing more than a pile of mush, and their blood stains accompanied the first one. Nancy grinded her foot left to right, making absolutely sure that her parents were no more beneath her smooth and sexy sole. Nancy felt wet, as the raw dominance she portrayed began to turn her on.

“OH… oh…” Nancy’s shrunken slave muttered to herself, horrified at what she had witnessed. She quickly cupped her hands together and began pleading to Nancy, “I promise! I’ll never disobey! Please don’t crush me under your foot! Please don’t eat me! PLEASE!”

Nancy bit her lip, pleased and soaking wet to see this little girl beg for her life, “I promise I won’t… as long as you pleasure me daily deep inside my vagina you fucking pussy!”

“W-what?” the girl began to tear up, her heart shaking as Nancy shared what her fate would be.

“You heard me you stupid bitch, you’re nothing more than my sex toy now! If I go so much as ONE DAY without an amazing orgasm, you’re gonna get a one way trip into my stomach! Understood?” Nancy glared down at the trembling girl.

The girl gulped audibly, nodding slowly as she realized it was either pleasure her new goddess… or death, “I… I understand…”

Nancy smiled, “Good… you’d best get started RIGHT AWAY!” Nancy immediately lowered the girl back down towards her pussy, her left hand already pulling the strap of her panties back as she pushed the girl deep into her vaginal cavity once more. The girl didn’t fight back this time, and instead of the struggling squirms Nancy could actually tell that the girl was doing her best to pleasure the flesh inside her hot and steamy pussy.

“Oh god… so fucking good….” Nancy moaned, doing everything she could not to orgasm instantly.

“NANCY! FUCKING ANSWER ME!” Jack screamed at the top of his lungs.

Nancy finally realized that she had ignored her brother this whole time, and promptly retrieved him from her bosom. Jack looked up at her with an expression of rage at first, but his rage turned to sorrow when his gaze looked down upon the bloody remnants on the floor.

“D… d-did you?” Jack almost hoped it wasn’t true.

“I did it for us brother… they were terrible people anyways!” Nancy said.

“They… they were our parents!” Jack looked up at his sister with tears in his eyes, trying to comprehend how quickly this day had turned into a nightmare.

“They were drunks Jack! I’m doing what's best for our future! What’s best for YOU!” Nancy tried to reason.

Jack began to sob, terrified of his own sister, “I… p-please… just don’t kill me Nancy! I’m sorry! Please just let me go!”

Nancy’s heart sank, “Jack!? I’d never EVER harm you!”

Nancy brought Jack up to her face, and planted a kiss that engulfed his entire head. Jack was terrified initially, but after Nancy retracted her lips he calmed down a bit. He looked up at his sister, and saw the loving look within her eyes. Was all of this truly for him? Was she just doing what she thought was right? As wrong as this all seemed… was there a chance she could be right?

“You’re… you aren’t gonna hurt me?” Jack looked up at his sister with heavy eyes.

“Of course not!” Nancy exclaimed, “now that our parents are out of the way… I’ll tall tale their death as an experiment gone wrong! Then I’ll use the insurance money to patent and mass produce this shrink-a-ma-jig and I’ll build a financial life of success for the both of us!”

“I… you… all of this… for me?” Jack was having a hard time understanding Nancy’s motives.

“Yes bro… all for you! It’s about time you and I get the life we deserve! And what better way than to have your older sister looking out for you every day for the rest of your life!” Nancy gave her brother a wink.

As hard it was to comprehend, Jack would eventually come to terms with the fate Nancy had given him. Though it was a bit violent as far as methods went… Jack eventually realized that maybe his sister truly was doing what was best for them both, and most importantly…  himself

Nancy’s plan had succeeded, and the police gave no question to the mysterious death of her and Jack’s parents. They knew their father well, and that his crazy experiments often went awry.

Nancy was awarded the insurance money, and she used it to patent the shrink tech and eventually created a nationwide conglomerate and made billions of dollars. Unfortunately she was never able to figure out how to reverse her brothers shrinking dilemma, and he remained three inches tall for the rest of his days in Nancy’s care.

Nancy’s shrunken classmate, and full time slave to the goddess herself, remained a good little slave and did her job of pleasuring Nancy to an orgasm every day. After several years of maintaining her record, Nancy finally decided to promote the girl from a sex toy, to a foot rubber. The little girl now rubs and licks Nancy’s feet clean every day when Nancy returns home.

Unfortunately for the teacher, she eventually ran out of oxygen and suffocated inside of Nancy’s pristine asshole. Nancy was too late to discover this, and flushed the teacher down the toilet with regret. If only that poor teacher hadn’t walked in on Nancy’s little massacre that day…

Jack and his sister Nancy have grown closer than any sibling on earth over the years, and the two continue to run the multibillion dollar conglomerate as the world's richest CEOs!


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