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Chapter 2 of 3

It felt like an eternity as Jack felt Nancy’s boobs bounce up and down to the motion of her hustling footsteps. He tried with every ounce of strength to press her constricting flesh away from his body in an attempt to escape, but all of his efforts were futile. He could feel Nancy’s heartbeat through her chest, which let him know that she was probably out of breath. He could only hope that he wouldn’t be inside this fleshy prison much longer as he tried to micro manage the little oxygen he could spare.

Nancy had reached the school within ten minutes, as it wasn’t very far at all. She knew she had to ace that test otherwise she might fail the class; so she spared no time at all as she entered the school and headed towards her locker. Students flooded the hallway, chattering about teenage nonsense as Nancy approached her locker and entered the combo.

“I know right! Jack is sooooooooooo hot! If I had the chance, I’d looooove a piece of his ‘package’ up inside my walls yuh know what I mean gals?”

Nancy’s ears perked as she heard Jack’s name, turning her head to face a small group of three girls who were huddled together only a couple of feet away. Nancy showed a look of disgust at the way they were speaking of her brother, the brother she loved very dearly.

“He’s so dreamy! I bet his cock is at LEAST a foot long!”

“I’d let him cum inside me, I’d totally birth his children! Ugh I wish he were mine!”

Nancy was infuriated, did they even bother to see who was next to them!? Nancy opened her backpack and reached into it to retrieve her shrink ray, but stopped when she realized there was a hall full of students. Was she foolish enough to shrink these girls with a few dozen witnesses scouring about? No… she’d have to wait until the bell rang.

Nancy didn’t have to wait too long however, as not before long the familiar sound of the school bell echoed down the hallway. Students began to hustle to their classrooms, and the three girls walked in parallel as they headed past Nancy without a glance.

“Hey, I need to do my makeup in the bathroom real quick! I want to look sexy for Jack during first period!”

So they all three shared first period with Jack huh? Nancy thought to herself as she grinned wickedly. This was just pathetic, and oh so perfect. The bathroom would be the perfect place to dispose of these wretched whores! Nancy felt she had no other choice, as her brother was only three inches tall now. What if she lost him, and one of these sluts got a hold of him? God only knows what kind of impure acts they’d force upon him! Nancy was fully committed to her full time job of watching Jack now, and that included making absolutely certain that teenage freaks like those three weren’t a threat!

Nancy was going to let Jack out, but she was all too distracted by the three unsuspecting juniors who were about to fall victim to their worst nightmare. Nancy kept a safe distance, making sure that the three girls didn’t notice her. They all three entered the girls bathroom down the hall, and Nancy slowly followed close behind.

One of the junior girls walked up to the mirror, as the other two talked about the different ways they’d fuck Jack in their bedrooms.

“I’d let him tie me up and put it right in my ass!”

“Eww… anal is gross! I’d totally let him tie me up though!”

“Are you two done yet? I’m trying to focus on my eyeliner!”

The girl carefully applied her makeup, as the two behind her suddenly stopped talking as if they actually respected her wishes, “damn, I’m surprised you two actually listened to me for a change!”

The girl finished her makeup, and turned around to face her friends. They weren’t there however, and the girl found herself looking at Nancy instead, “Oh, Nancy? Your Jack’s brother right? Where’d my friends go?”

Nancy simply ignored her, and raised her shrink ray. She’d already shrunken the other two, who were screaming to get their still normal sized friends attention. It was pointless however, as she’d be joining them soon anyways.

“W-what’s that!?” The girl was starting to become slightly concerned.

“Justice,” Nancy answered, pressing the button and watching the helpless girl shrink instantly.

“What!? WHAT!?”

The girl was in total panic as she looked around. Suddenly everything had grown, or maybe she had shrunk? She was totally confused, but quickly saw her two friends who were running towards her like maniacs.

“W-wha… w-what happened!?” the girl cried.

“RUN! SHE’S A PSYCHOPATH!” the other two screamed, running past their poor friend who was to paralyzed to move an inch.

Jack had heard a bunch of commotion outside, and was concerned about what was going on. He didn’t have to ponder it too much however, as Nancy’s fingers had suddenly dug into her cleavage to retrieve him. Nancy pulled him from his fleshy prison, and held him up to her face. Her enormous red eyes stared at him, and Jack could instantly tell she was enraged. Had he done something?

“I love you Jack… I want to show you how much I mean it…” Nancy murmured.

“Uhhh… ok?” Jack was confused, what was she going to show him? Hopefully nothing bad…

Nancy bent her knees and lowered Jack to the ground, being careful to make sure he was still on his feet. Jack looked around and quickly set his eyes on a classmate that he instantly recognized. Her name was Lily, and she was frozen in terror.

“Lily!? D-did… d-did Nancy do this to you!?” Jack was shocked, had his sister used the shrink ray on her? But why?

“Jack…” Lily was tearing up with fear, “H-help me… ple-”

Before the girl could finish her words, she looked up in horror as an enormous shadow loomed overhead. Her eyes instantly met with the perfectly smooth sole of Nancy’s colossal barefoot. Nancy had taken her converse off while Jack and Lily were distracted, and apparently had already decided on how to dispose of the first girl of the three.

All Lily could do was let out a pathetic scream, and Nancy’s barefoot crushed her in an instant. The little girls body exploded under the immense force of Nancy’s titanic heel, blood squirting in a straight direction across the cold surface of the bathroom tile. Jack’s heart stopped, and his eyes widened in horror as he watched Lily’s existence vanish in the blink of an eye.

Yuck…” Nancy showed a look of disgust, lifting her foot up and looking at the underside to see a pretty good blood stain stuck to her sole. Nancy shrugged her shoulders, and decided to leave it there as she slipped her perfect foot back into her converse.

“Not doing that again… messy messy!” Nancy giggled, as if this was some kind of joke.

“N-nancy!?” Jack looked up at his sister in horror, but realized that Nancy was ignoring him completely. Her eyes were off in the distance, and Jack turned his head behind him as he realized there were two more junior girls running for their lives.

Nancy only had to take a few steps, the tile quaking beneath each one. Jack found himself struggling to keep his balance, and so were the two junior girls who were trying to escape the goddess that was trying to murder them.

“Too slow…” Nancy scoffed, bending down and slamming her fist in front of the two running girls.

Both girls fell on their ass, screaming in horror as they watched Nancy’s hand reach down towards them. Nancy scooped them up quickly, leaving one in her palm as she used her other hand to lift the second girl up to her face. Nancy wasn’t entirely sure what to do with her, and pondered the perfect punishment for this little whore.

“P-please! D-don’t!” the girl begged.

“Hmmm… I wonder…” Nancy whispered, ignoring the girls pleas.

Nancy’s tongue protruded outwards, the tip of her tongue barely pressing against the three inch girls little body. Nancy’s warm tongue coated her in a bit of saliva, and the defenseless girl showed disgust as she tried to wriggle out of Nancy’s tight grip.

“Wow, you don’t taste half bad!” Nancy proclaimed, showing a devilish grin.

“Wh… w-what?” the girl looked at Nancy in confusion, but her confusion came to a quick end as Nancy began to raise her over her mouth.

Nancy’s lips parted, as did her perfect white teeth. Nancy’s tongue slipped outward, waiting to catch it’s meal. The girl began to wriggle and scream violently as she realized Nancy wasn’t joking, but her efforts got her nowhere.

Nancy let her fingers part, and the girl screamed all the way down as she landed in Nancy’s mouth. Nancy quickly slammed her teeth shut, and began to suck and savor the flavor of her tiny meal. She lifted her tongue and shifted it about, the tiny girl flopping about as she tried desperately to escape Nancy’s terrifying maw. Nancy simply overpowered her with her tongue, and continued to coat the girl in as much saliva as she could. She was three inches after all… swallowing wasn’t going to be particularly easy!

The girl was crying for her life as Nancy’s tongue continued to slap her across the face, and occasionally assaulting her genital area. The girl was dripping wet in Nancy’s warm spit, and after a minute or so she felt Nancy’s tongue begin to push her towards the back of the throat.

“W-what!? N-no! PLEASE!” the girl begged with all of her heart, but in the end Nancy had already made up her mind.

The remaining girl simply watched in horror, as Nancy tilted her head back and made a very visual gulp as her throat began to bulge. The helpless girl was forced down Nancy’s throat, her body entering the tight esophagus of her predator as she was sent towards her final resting place inside Nancy’s gut.

“You… YOU MONSTER!” the final girl shouted, tears dripping down her face as she had watched Nancy crush and devour both of her friends, “You won’t get away with this!!!!”

Nancy tilted her head back followed by maniacal laughter, “Oh? Who’s gonna know?”

“Just get it over with! I’m not afraid to be eaten by you! You stupid bitch!” the girl shouted, starting to feel a bit bold. It was foolish however…

“Eat you too huh? Nah… I’m a bit full now! I didn’t realize sluts were so filling!” Nancy taunted, “Nah, I’m gonna keep you. I’ve always begged my mom for a sex toy… but she says they aren’t healthy! You… I think you’re the PERFECT size for a little slutty sex toy don’t yuh think?”

“Wai… wha…” the girl’s heart sank, as she realized her misery wouldn’t come to an end as quickly as her friends had, “N-nancy… please! I-I’m begging you! We never did anything to you! Show some mercy!!”

Nancy frowned, “Mercy huh? Nah, you and your ‘friends’ were talking some pretty dirty shit about my brother… and I don’t like it. One. Bit.”

Nancy used her free hand as she began to undo her pants. The girl looked down in terror as Nancy slowly slid her jeans and panties downwards, “W-what are you going to do!?”

Nancy rolled her eyes in annoyance, “I already told you, you stupid bitch! You’re my new sex toy! Where do sex toys usually go?”

“NO! PLEASE!” the girl screamed as Nancy immediately lowered her towards her genitalia.

Nancy used her index and middle finger of her free hand to slightly part the lips of her pussy, as she used her other hand to bring the tiny toy of hers towards her new home. The girl squirmed violently in an attempt to escape her new fate, but it was pointless. Nancy shoved her in head first, slowly pushing the girl all of the way inside her cunt with her index finger.

“Ohhh…. Oh my god!” Nancy moaned as she began to shake in ecstacy, “fuck! That feels SO fucking good!”

Nancy removed her index finger, and positioned her middle finger as she shoved it deep inside her, making sure to push the little woman as deep inside of her pussy as she could. The girl was wriggling about like a madwoman, but this only pleased Nancy further as she became soaking wet. In almost seconds Nancy had reached an orgasm, finally realizing how amazing a sex toy could be.

“Oohhhh.. UHhh! OHHH!” Nancy moaned in total pleasure, as she reached her first orgasm ever. She’d always dreamt of what it would feel like, and boy was it better than she could have ever expected! Never did she imagine it’d be the result of a little whore deep inside her! She wondered if the little bitch was drowning in her own fluids!

Jack had watched all of this from down below, frozen in place as he simply looked at his enormous sister who had apparently become a monster. What had these poor women done to deserve such a fate?

Nancy pulled up her pants, trying to contain the immense pleasure she still felt as her new sex toy continued to struggle in her snatch. Nancy looked down at Jack, and saw the look of horror in his eyes.

“What?” she asked, giving him a strange look, “they deserved it! I couldn’t let them harm you!”

“Wh… what?” Jack couldn’t find it in himself to yell at his sister, not after all of this, “They… they were gonna harm me?”

Nancy shrugged, “they were talking about you as if you were some kind of hookup Jack! Imagine if they got their slutty hands on you!”

Jack let out a sigh, a state of emotionless agony washing over him, “Nancy… this… this isn’t right…”

“Shhhh,” Nancy hushed, reaching down and picking her brother up into her palms. Nancy held Jack up to her eyes, as she stared at him. She could see that Jack was troubled, and that he probably wasn’t very accustomed to his new size yet.

“I know it was a bit harsh bro… but you’re more vulnerable now than ever… I have to protect  you, at ALL costs! Even if it means preventative measures…” Nancy explained.

Jack was about to respond, but an interruption occurred, “Nancy… Jack!? What in tarnation!?”

Nancy and Jack both looked up to see Misses Shylowe, Jack’s first period teacher, standing just in front of the bathroom entrance. She looked at Jack with a look of shock, as if she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Jack looked up at his sister, fearing for the worst. His fears came true instantly however, as Nancy spared no more than a second as she raised the shrink ray once again. She immediately aimed it at Misses Shylowe, and instantly pressed the button.

“Nancy… WAIT!” Jack screamed, two seconds too late as he watched his teacher shrink down to just three inches tall like the rest of Nancy’s victims.

“Nancy! She’s innocent! Please don’t harm her!” Jack pleaded.

“Ugh… fine! But that means she’s gonna have to join miss slut as my personal sex toy… I can’t risk ANY witnesses bro, sorry!” Nancy stated.

“But…” Jack was quickly interrupted.

“Either she’s a sex toy… or she dies… pick one Jack!” Nancy shouted, her patience running thin.

“Please don’t harm me!” Misses Shylowe pleaded, looking up at Nancy in horror as she began to cry.

“Fine bro, I’m making the choice for you,” Nancy said, lifting her converse over Misses Shylowe.

Shylowe looked up in horror, the shadow of the seniors rubber sole hovering over her. She closed her eyes as she figured the teen was about to crush her into oblivion.

“Nancy WAIT!” Jack pleaded, holding his hands in the air frantically.

CHOOSE BRO!” Nancy shouted, her patience gone.

“FINE! S-sex… SEX TOY! OK!?” Jack screamed.

Nancy immediately moved her foot to the side, sparing Misses Shylowe. The teacher opened her eyes in relief, thankful that the titanic girl above her had spared her life. She didn’t realize what the alternative was however…

“I’m sorry for doing this Jack… but it’s all for your safety. I promise.” Nancy reasoned, as Jack ignored her.

Nancy fixated her eyes on Shylowe, bending her knees as she reached down to pick the frightened teacher off the bathroom floor. Nancy wondered where the teacher would go… her pussy was already crowded with one whore, and her cleavage was already reserved for her brother.

“Well… no pockets… two spots taken… that leaves only one place to put you…” Nancy exclaimed, “don’t worry though… I clean my ass VERY thoroughly on a regular basis!”

Miss Shylowe gave Nancy a dreaded look, “Wait… what!?”

Jack wanted to protest, but he knew it was either Nancy’s ass, or death… and he couldn’t bare to watch his innocent teacher die underneath Nancy’s converse. He simply watched as Nancy moved the frantic Shylowe behind her, her hand shoving the woman into the back of her panties.

The teacher sobbed profusely as Nancy maneuvered the woman towards her ass. Nancy bent forward a bit to help spread her ass cheeks, shifting her hand around as she slowly pushed the defenseless teacher into her waiting asshole. The teachers face hit the wrinkled surface of Nancy’s anus, and shortly after she found her head forced inside as Nancy’s fingers forced the woman's body all the way in.

“Mmm… not gonna lie… that feels kinda good!” Nancy chirped, shoving Misses Shylowe all the way into her rectum.

“Well bro… after all of this trouble I’ve gone through… I think a change of plans is in order…” Nancy announced, removing her hand from her pants as she adjusted the buckle of her jeans. Shylowe had quickly stopped struggling inside of Nancy’s anus, but she didn’t seem to notice. She still felt the squirming of the junior girl inside her snatch though…

“What do you mean a change of plans?” Jack asked, knowing it would be foolish to assume that Nancy would seek help after all the murders and assault she had just committed.

“Well… I realized that if I’m going to protect you… we are gonna have to go somewhere isolated… this school has too many people, too many witnesses!” Nancy explained.

“Uhhh…. Ok?” Jack was confused, but at this point he didn’t really care anymore.

“Mom and Dad have that life insurance policy thing right?” Nancy asked.

“Yeah… why…?” Jack asked, realizing that maybe he DID care.

“Well… they’re both alcoholics anyways… do you actually even love them?” Nancy asked her brother.

“What kind of question is that? What are you up to now Nancy?” Jack wasn’t sure what his sister was going to do.

“Forget it… I’ll tell you later,” Nancy stated, quickly shoving her brother in between her cleavage yet again.

Jack tried to resist, but of course it was futile. He found himself fighting for oxygen yet again as Nancy placed him between her ridiculously large tits, and he began to wonder what kind of trouble she was about to spark next…


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