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Story Notes:

This is a commissioned story for Zuki. If you would like a commission of your own, please email me at giantess9669@gmail.com with a detailed description of what you're looking for. Prices vary, and are negotiable to an extent.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter 1 of 3


“Oh my… I can’t believe it!”


Nancy was in utter shock, gawking at the now toy sized hairbrush that laid upon her floor. Just the other day she was snooping about inside her fathers laboratory, even though she and her brother had strict orders to stay out of there. But Nancy was the typical snoopy teen, and she just couldn’t help but constantly sneak into her fathers lab to see all the unusual experiments and gadgets he worked on.


This was the first time she had taken anything from his lab however, and she certainly didn’t have any regrets! It appeared to be some kind of shrink ray, which was evident considering her now itty bitty hairbrush. It was extremely easy to use, point and click for the most part.


Nancy turned around to face her bed, pointing the shrink ray at one of her oversized pillows, “Kazaam!” Nancy shouted as she pressed the button and watched with fascination as the pillow shrunk instantly.


“I can’t believe this! Dads really been holding out on all the cool stuff… I can’t wait to show Jack!”


Nancy wasn’t finished with her shenanigans quite yet, as she scanned the room for anything else she could spare to shrink. She totally spaced out in the world of shrinkage, forgetting that she was suppose to be leaving the house soon to head to school.


Across the room was her brother Jack, a high school junior.  Nancy was a senior herself, and would be graduating in the coming month. Jack and his sister were pretty close, although Nancy would tend to get on his nerves every now and then with her constant shadowing. She practically followed Jack everywhere, whether it be at school or elsewhere. She claimed it was because she loved him so much, but Jack still found it a bit annoying.


Jack had just finished packing his backpack, simultaneously reading some kind of story on a website called giantesslove. He was quite engrossed with the story; it certainly pulled on his heartstrings a bit as a few of his favorite characters sadly passed away. As Jack put on the rest of his clothes, he decided to show his sister the story. Nancy loved to read, and Jack figured this would be a story she’d take interest in.


Jack left the story up on his phone, and proceeded to head out of his bedroom as he made his way down the hall towards his sisters bedroom. Meanwhile Nancy had taken aim at her next target, a bathrobe hanging on a hook on the backside of her bedroom door. She bit her tongue as she squinted her right eye while taking aim. Unfortunately for Jack, things weren’t about to go so well.


Jack immediately opened her bedroom door, his right foot planting itself firmly as the door swung all the way open, “Hey Nancy, have you seen this story Nick VS High….”




“OH SHIT!” Nancy’s eyes widened in horror, clicking the button as Jack had entered the room. She hadn’t planned on it… and Jack had suddenly vanished, “Shit… shit shit! OH SHIT!”


Jack rubbed his eyes, and his body felt a bit tingly. He only remembered seeing a bright flash of light, before his vision was momentarily impaired. He looked around, but his vision was blurry, “N-nancy? What was that? Some kind of prank?”


She didn’t answer him, however something else did. The ground began to shake, and Jack lost his balance as he began to stumble about. He then realized the carpet felt very odd, thicker than normal. His vision slowly began to come back to him, and what he saw was pretty terrifying.


The source of the violent quakes quickly revealed itself, as Jack found himself staring directly at the titanic bare feet of his sister Nancy. Her toenails were painted black, with a dash of glitter sprinkled on top. Her feet were clean and smooth on top, almost to perfection. Her feet were ten times the size of his body, and he looked himself up and down as he patted his chest. He almost wasn’t sure if this was real!


“Shit.. Jack I’m so, SO sorry! I didn’t know you were gonna barge into my room like that…” Nancy apologized, looking down at her now tiny brother who was now no more than three inches.


“Nancy… w-what have you done? Undo this! Right now!!!” Jack demanded, looking up at his sister with both anger and worry.


“Right…” Nancy turned around, hustling over to the shrink ray which she had left on her bed. She picked it up and examined it up and down, but to her dismay she realized the device only had but a single button… the shrink button.


“Jack… I don’t think this device can return you to your normal size…” Nancy murmured.


“What!? Where did you even GET that infernal thing!?” Jack was enraged.


“I… I got it from dad’s laboratory…” Nancy admitted.




Nancy furrowed her eyebrows, and stomped her foot on the ground. It sent a shockwave that thrust Jack onto his ass, and he looked up at his colossal sister with fear. “Do NOT yell at me Jack!” Nancy shouted in a fit.


Jack simply froze, to terrified to say a word to his sister; who quite frankly… could do whatever she pleased if she wanted too.


Nancy saw the fear in Jack’s eyes, and felt instant remorse. She got onto her knees and carefully scooped the frozen Jack up into her palms, “Oh Jack… I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to yell at you like that!” Nancy apologized, and lowered her lips to plant a kiss of forgiveness upon his little body.


Jack simply watched as his sister puckered her lips, which engulfed his entire body as she placed them against him. Her lips were soft and moist, and though it was a bit terrifying… it actually felt sort of comforting.


“Nancy! You and Jack need to go to school!” shouted their mother from downstairs.


“OH, right we’re gonna be late!” Nancy quickly stood to her feet, and looked around frantically for her backpack. It was lying at her bedside, and she quickly picked it up and threw it over her shoulder.


“Nancy! You need to figure out how to get me to normal size!” Jack reminded, wondering why his sister was so focused on getting to school given their current situation.


Nancy simply shrugged her shoulders, “the device doesn’t have an undo button bro… and I need to get to school! I have a huge test today that will determine if I graduate or not… and I’m certainly not gonna leave you by yourself!”


Jack looked up at her dumbfoundedly, “so what? You’re just gonna leave me like this!?”


“Don’t worry Jack, I’ll protect you! I’ll keep you nice and safe! That’s what big sisters are for right? A sister's love is strong!” Nancy chirped, as she began to look up and down her body for a good place to put her brother.


“At least tell mom and dad!” Jack pleaded, baffled at his sisters apparent dismissal of the situation.


“No way! They can’t keep you safe like I can! Now listen… I don’t have any pockets. My backpack is far too dangerous to keep you in.. considering all my books and pencils fluttering about… so unfortunately that leaves only two options… I’ll let you pick which one!”


Jack looked at his sister with a perplexed look, “Uhhh… what exactly ‘are’ those options?”


Nancy didn’t respond, she simply pointed to her cleavage, before tracing her finger between her breasts and down to her crotch. Jack gave her a horrified look, wondering if she was actually being serious.


“Nancy… you can’t…”


“Pick one, or I’ll pick one for you,” Nancy threatened, not wanting to waste anymore time than she already had.


“I… I-I…” Jack saw the look on his sisters face, and he knew she wasn’t joking around. He wished he had knocked on her door, instead of barging in like he always had. Maybe then he could have avoided this enormous mess.


“Your… y-your…” Jack couldn’t bring himself to say it, he simply stared at his sisters large double ‘D’ boobs which nearly popped out of her tight shirt. It was at this moment that Jack really began to take in the now breathtaking view of his goddess like sister. Her long raven black hair flowed down to her waist, resting itself along her curvy figure. Jack’s eyes traced upwards as he looked into her eyes. They were red, which was a result of her rare albinism disorder.


Nancy was only wearing a pair of black laced panties and a short t-shirt with a batman logo, which was a common occurrence. If Jack had a dollar for everytime he walked in on his sister half naked he’d be rich. Though the two were so close and natural about it that it never really seemed to bother them too much… only that it caused a couple of embarrassing situations when it was ones turn to shower and whatnot…


“Well, I’m gonna assume your decision is my big ol’ jugs,” Nancy laughed as she gave her brother a wink, “I don’t blame you, it’s a bit wet down below right now… and I suppose you might think it weird to be pressed up against your sisters sensitive spot huh?”


Nancy hovered jack above her cleavage, and he simply looked down as he wondered what kind of trouble would occur throughout the day. Nancy dropped Jack straight into her bosom, and he found himself wedged between her soft breasts pretty quickly.


“Can’t let anyone see you now… so deeper in you go bro!” Nancy giggled, using her index finger to push Jack completely in between her goddess sized breasts.


“Nancy wait! Mmphff!!” Jack found himself cut off as his ‘big’ sisters finger forced him into a fleshy prison. Her titanic sized tits were pressed together quite a bit due to her undersized bra, and he found it very hard to breathe.


“Stop squirming around… it’s… it’s a bit arousing,” Nancy moaned, quickly heading over to the dresser to put on some clothes. She quickly slipped on a tight pair of blue jeans, leaving her batman t-shirt on. She slipped on a pair of converse, forgetting to put on a pair of socks first, and grabbed her backpack before heading out of her bedroom. She stealthily made her way down the stairs, being absolutely careful not to catch the attention of her parents. The last thing she needed was to explain where her brother was!


Jack was fighting tiresomely against the crushing weight of his sisters boobs, trying with every ounce of power to get whatever oxygen he could. Needless to say this wasn’t the kind of morning he had expected… nor particularly wanted. He was… after all… between the breasts of his OWN sister!


Nancy was able to make her way to the front door incognito, and quickly rushed outside as she began to head onto the path that lead to her and Jack’s school. If Jack thought his day was weird right now… he was in for a bit of a surprise as the day went on…




Chapter End Notes:


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