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Story Notes:


All humans and fairies in this story - even those based on real ones - are entirely fictional. All trademarks were falsified... Poorly. The following story contains kinky language and due to its content it should not be read by anyone.

This is a pornographic fetish fantasy centered around DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, SHRINKING and MACROPHILIA (giant male). It also contains, among other things, VIOLENCE, ABUSE and small instances of VORE and MIND BREAK. If you are the type of person who gets offended, turn around now! Seriously, it's very perverted!

The pornography in this story is mostly (but not entirely) male homosexual.

I, the author, hereby release this work into the public domain, retaining no rights to it to the full extent permitted by law.

"Hey! Jake!" A voice shouted behind him. The youth stopped and turned, trying to see through the throng of teenagers leaving school at the end of the afternoon classes. Several noticed him as they went by and waved amiably without stopping. It was a warm spring afternoon, and everyone was anxious to leave.

"Jake!" The voice called out again. He finally noticed his physical education coach, a grey haired man, who was standing by some crates stacked against the nearest building. "Can I help you, sir?" The boy politely asked as he joined him.

"You certainly can. I need to move these to the gym storeroom and there seem to be no other teachers around. Do you think you could lend me a hand? It's not that they're heavy – they're just basketballs and the like – but it's difficult for a single person to carry boxes this large. Also, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Herbert?

"Sure, Herbert," Jacob said with a smile as he grabbed one side of the nearest box. "It would be my pleasure to help."

He drew some more looks from the remaining stragglers as they moved the boxes to the storeroom through the rapidly emptying school, chatting companionably. Jacob was a handsome, almost pretty youth with a pale complexion, messy blonde hair and deep blue eyes. His amiable and unflappable disposition, when allied with his angelical looks, made him extremely popular among students and teachers alike. Even people who envied or wanted to dislike him were sooner or later won over by his friendliness.

When they were done and he waved the teacher goodbye, the sun was getting closer to the horizon. Jacob sighed. Straight home, then. His parents didn't like when he arrived after it was dark. He picked up his bike and pedaled back at a steady pace.

His family lived in a quiet, suburban middle-class neighborhood. They had a modern two storey house with a wide, fenced backyard and a garage. The teenager pedaled straight up the driveway and left his bike against the wall, going in through the kitchen door.

Two people were in the large kitchen. His father was a tall, square-jawed blonde man in his early thirties. He was wearing an apron and cooking something on the stove. "Jake! Come here! How was your day?" He said. "Hi, William," the boy said meekly as he approached and his father gave him a tight one-armed hug, all the while mixing the stew with his other hand. When he was 5, his father had told him that he was to call him "William" instead of "dad" from then on. His parents were like that. Fortunately, they got along well. William worked in the financial department of a multinational holding, mostly from home. Sometimes he had to travel, leaving for up to a few weeks. When he was home, he was always happy and active, organizing things in the neighborhood or making improvements in the house.

Jacob's sister was sitting at the table, texting on her phone. She was a few years older than he was and in high school. Tall like their father, she looked otherwise more like their mother, having straight, black hair and more tanned skin. "Hi, Mia," he said to her. She grunted in acknowledgment. "My day was great, William. Do you need help with that?"

"Don't worry, I already told your sister there's no need," he said with a knowing smirk. "I'm just finishing dinner. Julia called to say she's already on the way, so we'll all have dinner together! She'll pick up your brother from school." "Awesome!" Jake replied. "Let me just go drop my backpack," he added, as he climbed up to his bedroom.

His bedroom was large and airy. It contained a sturdy bed, a bedside table, a chest of drawers with a TV on top, a wardrobe and a very wide desk under a wide window, with his computer on a corner. The center of the floor was partially covered in a rug, and he had various posters on the walls. Like most people his age, Jacob enjoyed playing certain videogames. Not only did he own a gaming computer, but also a handheld gaming device and a more powerful videogame console, which was hooked up to the TV. Most of the posters were videogame posters, but some were also from bands or TV shows. Finally, he also owned a hamster cage where he kept a gerbil, which he'd called Porky. He was neither a messy nor an overly fussy person, so the bedroom was moderately tidy.

He tossed his backpack into a corner, attended to Porky and sat down at his desk, turning on the PC. Soon he heard the front door, followed by someone running noisily up the stairs. His younger brother was screaming: "HOOOOOOME!" as he ran in front of his door towards his own bedroom. Their parents strongly believed in personal space, so they all had their own bedrooms with locks on the doors. When Matt had been born, they'd had a wall built through the middle of his sister's bedroom, which had been the biggest, to create a separate bedroom for him.

"Dinner!" William yelled from downstairs. As Jacob opened the door, Matt ran past in the other direction, shouting "DINNEEEER!" His brother was in the first year of middle school. He looked like a slightly smaller version of Jacob, slightly darker and with brown eyes. It seemed to Jacob like he had limitless energy – he was always excited and could talk nonstop for hours. While they attended the same school, his mother judged he was still too young to go home by himself. "Hi, Jacob," his mother said when he arrived back in the kitchen. "Give me a kiss." His mother, Julia, was about to sit at the table. She was the same age as William, and the most beautiful woman the teenager had ever seen. She had tan skin, long black hair and stunning blue eyes. Wherever she went, she turned heads. But she was the vice-president of a successful local company, and could be very firm when crossed, if she wanted to be.

They started eating as Matt launched into a tirade about what he'd done at school that day. William was a fairly good cook, and the stew was delicious. "Julia," Mia suddenly said, "I'm going to get a nipple piercing." Their parents looked at each other and then looked at her seriously. "Are you sure?" Julia asked. "Have you considered the health risks? Did you look at photos of people who underwent the procedure to see what it ends up looking like?" "Of course," Mia replied with a faint trace of annoyance. "I'm not an idiot."

"Alright, then," her mother said. "I wouldn't do it, but I think you're old enough, and if that's what you really want, and you have considered the risks, it's your body and your decision. Please make sure you use a reputable establishment, at least."

"I will," Mia said, relaxing. Jacob tried not to smile. "Daddy?" He asked with a serious face. "Can I also get a nipple piercing?" His father and his brother burst out laughing, while Mia blushed. "You twerp!" She said, tossing a piece of bread at him.

When they finished eating, Jacob helped clean up the kitchen and excused himself. "I'm going upstairs to play some Rocket Championship." Julia frowned. "Have you finished your homework yet?" She asked.

"Oh, come on. Must I? I've barely had any time today," he protested, making puppy eyes. "My grades are OK, right? I'll finish it quickly before class tomorrow."

"Oh, alright," Julia relented. "But I don't want to hear from your teachers that your games are bringing down your grades." "Not a problem," he replied, already half way up the stairs. He locked his bedroom door, got into his pyjamas and played for a couple of hours. Eventually, feeling tired, he turned off the light and got into bed, getting ready to sleep. That's when his eyes fell on the parapet of the window.

A tiny girl was standing outside, frowning at him.

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