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One could say that....as soon as Tim was born, he was condemned to live his life under women’s feet. A tough predicament, a hard curse and a cruel punishment for the simple crime of being born. The poor boy simply had to live with it.

It all began with his first baby sitter Sarah. A teenage girl in the neighborhood who was hired by Tim’s mother to babysit the kids. Tim and his older sister Claire were born only 3 years apart and when Tim was still a baby, Sarah came into his life. At first, Sarah would babysit the kids only for short periods of time. Usually, she would wait for the parents to leave, then remove her sneakers or whatever footwear she had, and place them in Tim’s crib, near his face or on it. The baby would immediately stop crying. Then Sarah would play with little Claire. When the baby got a bit older, from time to time Sarah would just put the baby on the floor by the couch on a small blanket and rest her socked feet on the baby’s face, rubbing her footwear all over it. Again, the baby would stop crying.

As the kids grew older, Sarah became the babysitter by excellence, she was caretaking, available, always there for emergencies and the kids loved her. As soon as the parents would leave, Sarah would plan games where Tim would eventually end up under her feet, or with his face buried inside her sneaker or shoes or boots, or with the toddler licking her shoes or stuff like that. She would sometimes put her socks in the kid’s mouth, or make him smell her feet and rubbing them on his face while she and Claire would watch cartoons. They would also often play outside, games that always ended up with Tim either licking Sarah’s shoes or being stood on full weight by Claire, often on his face while Sarah would help for balance. Sarah started trampling the boy only when he got older and more tough. Everything happened and never did the parents knew about anything that occurred with the kid’s babysitter Sarah.

At night, when it was time to go to bed, Sarah would always tell stories to the kids to help them go to sleep. Her favorite story was the one where Tim would be shrunk and placed inside her shoes to smell her feet. Tim would always laugh at that and Sarah would then playfully remove her shoes and place them on Tim’s nose for him to smell, until he would eventually fall asleep with Sarah’s shoes acting as teddy bears.

Sarah was a soccer player, and sometimes, she would come babysit the kids right after soccer practice or soccer game. During those times, Tim’s face would be constantly assaulted by Sarah’s feet and socks and soccer cleats. The Babysitter had her personal cleat cleaning little boy who would lick all the mud off them and then smell inside as she would rub the back of his head and press it down in them with her sweaty feet.

The influence Sarah had over the kids became quite important as Claire, growing up, would adopt the same behavior with her little brother. Not a single day went by without Claire playing games with her brother that wouldn’t end up with him either being trampled, or serving as a footstool for his sister, often ending up with her resting her cute socked feet over her brother’s face or making him lick or smell inside her sneakers.


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