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Author's Chapter Notes:


1) Nick VS Highschool (Volumes I, II & III)

2) My Tiny Life (Volumes I, II, III & IV)

3) Prudence The Teenage Witch (Episodes 0 - 4)

4) My Tiny Life (Volume V / Final Volume) <---- IN PROGRESS [Phase IV]

5) The Misadventures Of Allison Ali Alan (Optional, can skip) <---- IN PROGRESS [Phase IV]

6) Diana (Begins in Phase V)

7) Nick VS College (Begins in Phase V)

8) My Tiny Life '2' (Begins in Phase VI)

9) Nick VS The World (Begins in Phase VII)

Technically Their Little Secret is part of the Kempverse, HOWEVER it hosts massive spoilers technically in a way that kind of ruins Nick VS College even though it isn't even written yet.... So I've decided to make it NON CANON and thus you can read it after the rest of above.

All other stories on my page are not in the Kempverse and dont' spoil anything. You can identify my kempverse stories by looking at the story summary. You will see this pasted on every story tied to the Nick universe

**(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)**




“Diana, can you hear me?”

I opened my eyes, looking up into a bright light, the shadow of a man's head looming over me. My sight was dazed, and my head dizzy. My wrists and ankles were bound, and I found myself unable to move as the mysterious man spoke down to me.

“Diana, my name is Auron…” Auron revealed, “I need to know if you can hear me?”

“I…” I was unable to speak, and could hardly mutter any words.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Auron smiled, “I am proud to announce to you that you are about to be the result of scientific greatness!”

I twisted my head left and right, trying to break free of my bonds. The light was so intense that I couldn’t see anything at all.

“P… p-please…” I muttered, trying the best I could to plead.

“After today… you’ll be feared among those who dare to stand in your way,” Auron echoed, “with power… comes greatness. And Diana… you will achieve greatness!”

“No… N-no… I…” my eyes began to drift, as my mind began to go black. The last thing I saw was the sight of an oddly large machine lowering itself closer and closer to me, a sharp hook at its tip. I shook my head violently, but all I could hear was the snickering of the cruel man as the machine prepared to do whatever it was that it was designed for.

The machine pierced my chest, and my eyes shot wide open. I sat up instantly in the safety of my own bed, as I patted my chest before taking a relieved deep breath when I realized it was all but a dream, or… more like a flashback that is. I sat against my bed frame as I wiped the sweat from my forehead.

“Auron…” I whispered, “who are you… what were you…”

I kicked my legs over the side of the bed, as I stood up and walked over to the light switch. I flicked the bedroom light on and squinted my eyes temporarily as the blazing light blinded my vision. I walked over to my desk, and hit the power button on my laptop. I then grabbed my pajamas that hung over the chair and put them on. I left my room to let my laptop start up as I headed into the kitchen of my beat down apartment.

I heard the sound of the television going, and turned my head to see that I had left it on during the night. It was Fox news, and they were covering the big story of the terrorist attack that happened at GenetiCo. I grabbed the remote off the couch and turned up the volume, before heading into the kitchen to grab some breakfast.

“So tell us Tucker, what exactly happened yesterday at GenetiCo?” asked Susan the news anchor.

“Quite the chaos indeed Susan,” Tucker responded, “it’s been revealed by the city chief of police that the CEO was involved in rogue experiments involving size displacement.”

“Size displacement? Like shrinking or growing something?” Susan asked in shock.

“SomeONE,” Tucker corrected, “there have been reports that a young blonde woman grew to over fifty feet tall, and went on an utter rampage as she devoured countless innocent lives!”

I stopped, and turned around to face the television. Could it be? Someone else with abilities like mine? The ability to grow perhaps? I continued to pour myself some cereal as I listened to the news carefully.

“We’ve heard the reports, Tucker, and I have to say it’s simply devastating,” Susan said, “we have confirmation that the young woman is Chloe Sullivan, who is currently in a coma and under police watch at Saint Erickson’s hospital. People are still struggling to believe this absolutely horrendous attack!”

“That’s correct, and unfortunately the CEO has gone rogue and nobody knows of his current whereabouts, however they did manage to arrest his nephew Kristin, who last I’ve heard was in police custody!” Tucker said.

“Those reports are no longer accurate,” Susan interrupted, “I’m just now receiving word that Kristin Karn, nephew of Auron Karn, has been released after an eye witness convinced the jury to drop all charges!”

My eyes widened, as I set down the milk I was about to pour into my bowl. Did they just say Auron? Auron is the man that I had been dreaming about since as long as I could remember, flashbacks to the day that wretched man cursed my existence… the man that I believe to be responsible for what happened to me that night so many years ago… 

“Unbelievable,” Tucker responded, “even with the overwhelming evidence that pointed to Kristin’s undeniable involvement, it appears the justice system has failed this country… Yet again!”

The television clicked off, as I tossed the remote back onto the sofa. Breakfast was going to have to wait, not like it would do anything for me anyways. Food didn’t nourish me like other people, and I often found myself questioning why I ate at all. Though food was useless for my body, I still took pleasure in eating it here and there.

I rushed to my bedroom and hopped onto my laptop, opening my browser so I could surf the internet. I typed in Kristin Karn’s name, and sure enough I found multiple articles that covered his biography.

“Attended Eagle High… Brutally raped a young girl in school, and was held for attempted murder of a student named Nick Kemp.” Damn, this Kristin fellow was certainly the bad guy, wasn’t he?

I smiled, extremely relieved to know that my next victim had so easily fallen upon my lap. It was so hard to find the one I currently had, but it was nice to know that I’d have a back up by the end of next week.

“Kristin, Kristin…” I muttered under my breath, “you couldn’t have made my life any easier… For a week at least…”

I closed my laptop and stood to my feet. I looked down at my watch, today was day seven, and it was time to get the cruel task done and over with. I walked over to my bedside table, and pulled the drawer out. Inside was a tiny prescription bottle with tiny air holes in the lid and sides, and I retrieved it before opening the bottle.

The tiny woman inside peered up at me, sheer terror in her eyes, “P-please! Let me go! I’m SO SO sorry!”

I let out an annoyed sigh, “It’s you or me toots… And I’m not the one who murdered her husband over some stupid argument… So it’s gonna be you for sure!”

“The bastard cheated on me! It was ten years ago! PLEASE! I’ve changed!” The woman pleaded, tears dripping down her cheeks.

Even though I only took criminals, it didn’t make the process any easier. Their pleas were just always so convincing. Nonetheless, if I didn’t go through with this then I’d be dead soon enough… And I’m not the one who committed murder… Even though I suppose that’s what I was about to do… But it’s a criminal, so it’s okay right?

“Ten years or not, your husband was an innocent man,” I retorted, as I dumped the small and terrified woman into my palm, “sorry… but this is the way it has to be!”

“No… NO! PLEASE!” the woman screamed, but I ignored her.

I raised her above my soft and plush lips, as I opened my mouth wide. When I first started doing this it was hard to swallow the little bastards; but that was three years ago, and I’ve had plenty of practice since. I let my tongue slide out, and dropped the woman into my open mouth. 

She landed on my soft and salivated tongue, as she frantically began crawling towards the opening of my mouth as she let out blood curdling screams. I closed my mouth to cut off her view, and I sent her into eternal darkness. I felt her wriggling about on my tongue, as she tried desperately to escape. Her efforts were in vain however, as her size wasn’t really helping her any.

I tilted my head back, and let the woman slide down my tongue as I felt her feet slide into my throat. I lifted the base of my tongue, as I sent her straight into my gullet. I felt her kicks and struggles all the way down, until eventually she vanished into the depths below.

Of course I felt bad. This certainly isn’t the life I asked for. It wasn’t my fault however, I’m not the one who made me this way. The best I could do was stick to criminals, at least then the guilt would disperse pretty quickly.

I looked back at my watch, and reset the week timer to zero. I’d go after Kristin today, and then I’d have him until day seven in which I could make quick work of him. It was a solid plan, and this way I could have an entire week to relax instead of trying to frantically look for a criminal worthy enough to die. A whole week… That’s a luxury I haven’t had in a long while!

I kicked off my pajamas that I’d just put on, and instead went to my dresser and pulled out a pair of blue jeans and converse. I grabbed a white v-neck t-shirt and grabbed my thin black leather jacket. I whipped my light brown hair back and forth, as it brushed just below my shoulders. I took a quick glance in the mirror, seeing that my leather jacket brought out my hazel eyes a bit. I shrugged at my image, and exited my room.

I grabbed the keys to my shitty chevy blazer and rushed out the apartment door. My place wasn’t anything special, but it was cheap and extremely affordable so I wasn’t really complaining. I usually took the cash and cards off of my shrunken victims, since their clothes always remained the same size. I’d just pick up their wallets or purses as they’d look up at me dumbfoundedly, unable to process what was even going on. I’d just go to an atm and withdraw as much as I was able too, that’s pretty much how I kept my rent and other bills paid. Not like they’d need it, considering where they end up.

I pulled out my cell phone as I drove down the street, which was pretty empty considering how early it was. I nearly expected a work rush or something, but nope; it was nearly abandoned. I hit the speed dial to contact my friend, and waited for him to answer. He picked up pretty quickly.

“Diana… Why are you calling me so soon?” Reilly asked in confusion, “you should’ve just reset your timer today, right? So what’s going on?”

“I’ve already got my next target,” I answered, “some deadbeat named Kristin Karn… I saw him on the news.”

I heard him sigh on the line, “oh boy… I should have known he’d end up on your radar.”

“You know him?” I was surprised.


“Kind of… He caused a LOT of issues for a friend of mine back in my earlier high school years,” Reilly explained, “he’s extremely dangerous, and you shouldn’t underestimate him. I suggest looking for someone else!”

I rolled my eyes, “someone else? The dude’s an attempted murderer and a rapist, and you are telling me to let him go?”

“Have you not been watching the news? That’s Kristin fucking Karn! Nephew of the psychopathic CEO of GenetiCo! He is NOT to be underestimated!”

“It’s me who you underestimate,” I snapped, “are you gonna locate him for me or not?”

I heard him sigh yet again, “ugh, you are persistent! Fine, but you better fucking protect yourself! He just got cleared of his charges, I presume he’ll be on the lookout for those seeking to bring him justice.”

“That’s my boy,” I teased, keeping my eyes on the road ahead of me.

“Anything for you, Diana…” Reilly muttered, “I’ve already pulled up his location. Some woman tweeted a picture of him at the Salty Splatoon, getting drunk off his ass no doubt.”

“A tweet huh? I’ll be sure to let him know that his fate ended with a tweet,” I joked.

“Ha, ha!” Reilly mocked, “seriously, be careful! GenetiCo tech has been revealed to be quite disturbing, there’s no telling if Kristin ended up with any of it. Keep on your toes!”


“Goodbye Reilly…” I prepared to hang up the phone.

“Goodbye Diana…” I hung up the phone as he parted me goodbye.

I tossed the phone to my passenger’s seat, and sped off towards the Salty Splatoon. It’s a wonder how I never heard of this Kristin fellow until now, considering it sounds like he’s been involved in a lot of fucked up shit. No matter, I’d have him pretty soon, then in seven days he’d be disposed of, and I’ll be back to looking for a new criminal to nourish my body.

It was dreadful to be honest. The constant search for criminals. Thankfully there seemed to be no shortage of them, as long as I looked hard enough to find the ones who’d committed heinous enough acts worthy of the death penalty inside my brutal stomach. But unfortunately, because of whatever Auron did to me three years ago, it was the only way I could stay alive. Food no longer nourished me, only the victims that I shrunk and devoured. I wasn’t sure how I learned this, it was just as if I knew what I had to do. If I didn’t, well… I’d start to grow weak and my heart would begin to fail.

I often questioned whether or not I should just off myself, but at least I was eating people that deserved to die, right? It’s not like I was going around eating innocent mothers and their children for god's sake. Just murderous criminals, rapists, child molesters, anyone who had committed a heinous act. I mean as long as I stick to those morals, then I am in the right aren’t I?

After a fairly quick trip, the Salty Splatoon came into view. There was only a truck and a bike parked out front, so the place appeared to be dead for the most part. I parked down the street to keep attention off of my car, and walked up to the bar doors and entered cautiously.

The bartender was down a ways, cleaning a set of tables. There was a single man at a table at the end of the bar, but his back was turned away from the door. It wasn’t Kristin, he didn’t look like him. My eyes shifted over towards the bar, and sure enough there he was. Kristin had about eight empty shot glasses in front of him, as I watched him down another.

“Can I get you a drink miss?” I heard the bartender ask as my eyes shifted over to him.


“Sure, and add his bill to mine as well,” I pointed at Kristin.

Kristin tilted his head towards me, a confused look. He then smiled, raising his now empty shot glass to thank me, “... hic… Thanks!”

I ignored him, as I walked over and sat down beside him. The bartender came around and poured us two new glasses. Kristin drank his pretty quickly, but I sort of just twirled my glass around as I looked around the bar cautiously.

“I trust yuh, but can I just peek at your I.D. really quick for the cameras?” The bartender asked.

“Of course,” I answered as I pulled my identification out of my wallet and handed it to him.

He looked at it really quick before handing it back, “thanks, the city's been cracking down on that shit recently, just don’t wanna give 'em a reason to shut me down yuh know?”

“It’s not a problem, really,” I assured.

The bartender went back to cleaning the tables, I turned my head around to see when would be an opportune moment to do my thing. Kristin was dazed, and he looked over at me.

“Whatcha… hic… doin?” he asked.

“Nothing…” I snapped, looking away from him.

Is this the mighty Kristin Karn? The oh so dangerous young fellow that Reilly warned me not to underestimate? He was pathetic, to say the least.

“You look sad,” Kristin muttered, “..hic… I’m sad too…”

I ignored him, as I took a sip of my drink. He continued to talk however, “yuh know… I just got freed from a life sentence today… hic… but now I’m… now I’m wishing I hadn’t been…”

I looked at him with a curious look. He was clearly talking about what I saw on the news, “what were the charges?” I asked, deciding to learn a bit more about him while I waited for the right moment to strike.

“Murder… rape… hic… assault… conspiracy… hic… lot’s of shit,” Kristin mumbled, “it’s funny though… I’m free cuz of my arch nemesis, ain’t that some kind of sick joke…”

I raised an eyebrow, “your arch nemesis? Who’s that?”


Kristin smirked, “the marvelous Nick Kemp… the one inch boy that defies the laws of physics… though I suppose he’s not an inch tall any more… hic…”

“An inch tall boy?” he had certainly caught my attention, “how is such a thing possible?”

Kristin smiled at me, “my uncle did it to him… when he was a baby… hic… but he’s dead now…. so I suppose all that he’s done is meaningless now…”

My heart sank, “no… he can’t be dead…”

Kristin looked at me with a confused look, “what? What are you talking about?”

I ignored him, as my thoughts began to race. I had been searching for Auron for three years, only to learn today from a stupid news anchor that he was the fucking CEO of GenetiCo this entire time! It was all coming together… The horrid flashbacks… My abilities… And now I come to learn that the man is possibly dead? He was my only hope of returning to normal, does this mean I’m cursed for life?

“Why… Why did you buy my drinks??” Kristin was starting to catch on to my ruse, and I looked behind us to see that the bartender was gone.

I acted quickly, and placed my palm against Kristin’s cheek, “shh… Don’t say a word.”

Kristin’s eyes widened, and in an instant he vanished. His clothes fell to the ground, and I stood up to act quickly. I dug through the clothes, finding the now inch tall Kristin fairly quickly. He was drunk, and extremely confused as he looked around wondering what the fuck was going on. I snatched him up and placed him in the prescription bottle I’d brought with me. I sealed the lid, and put it in my pocket.

I picked up all of his clothes, and rushed over to the trash can in the corner of the bar. I quickly pulled his wallet from his pants and his phone. I tossed the clothes inside the trash next, digging them under the pile of garbage to conceal them. I then rushed back over to the bar, and put a hundred dollar bill on the counter pulled straight from Kristin’s wallet. I rushed out of the bar as fast as I could, heading back towards my car without anyone seeing me.

If what Kristin said was true, and not the meaningless mumbo jumbo of a drunken prick, then I was about to find myself in an endless loop of suffering.

I’d go home, question him, keep him until day seven, and eat him like the rest of the useless scumbags I’ve devoured.

He’s a criminal… And a scoundrel… He deserves it. So why should I care if he dies?


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