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Adam sat at the bar patiently, taking light sips of his beer. He checked his watch multiple times, wondering where Richard was. He had told Adam he’d show up, and Richard was not the kind of person to be late anywhere.


Adam let out a deep sigh, and decided to give Richard another call. He clicked Richard’s speed dial and held the phone up to his ear as he waited patiently to receive an answer. Richard never answered though, and he never would.


Adam was slightly concerned, because again… Richard was never late to anything unless there was some kind of an emergency. Adam decided to give Kaya a call instead, in the hopes that Richard was with her, and that his friend had simply forgotten about their get together.


Kaya was walking down the street, after just getting out of class. She was on her way to meet up with her two closest friends, when her phone began to ring. She pulled her phone out of her handbag, and saw that it was Adam Godrick. Adam never called unless it involved something with Richard, so Kaya quickly answered.


“Hey Adam, what’s up?” Kaya greeted through the phone.


“Hey, I was just wondering if Richard is with you?” Adam asked.


“He’s not, I’m heading out to go see some friends, why do you ask?” Kaya asked with curiosity.


“Well Richard was suppose to meet me at the Salty Splatoon downtown, but he hasn’t shown up,” Adam explained.


Kaya stopped walking as she heard the concern in Adams voice, “Maybe he just got caught up with work or something?” Kaya suggested.


“I’m not so sure,” Adam doubted, “Richard is never late, and if he were going to be he would have definitely sent me a text at the minimum.”


“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Kaya realized, “Why I don’t I try giving him a call then, and see if I can get a hold of him?”


“That’d be great, really!” Adam thanked, “text me if you manage to get ahold of him… I’m worried.”


“I’m sure he’s fine,” Kaya reassured, “I’ll text you when I hear from him ok?”


“Ok thank you Kaya, have a good evening!” Adam said his goodbyes.


“You too,” Kaya hung up the phone.


Kaya thought about Adams paranoia, and though she was sure that Richard was fine, she couldn’t help but feel slightly unnerved now. She pulled out her phone, and speed dialed Richard, waiting to get a call from him. But as the phone rang and rang… Richard never answered.


Kaya let out a sigh of disappointment, hoping that whatever Richard was up to, that he was alright.


As Kaya continued to walk down long sidewalk to accompany her friends, all the way on the other side of town, just into the suburbs, was Jane’s vehicle just pulling into her driveway. Ashley accompanied her, in her hands a passed out Richard. He had fainted after Jane scooped him up in her literally gigantic hands.


“You should have just let me store him in my thong,” Jane retorted, stepping out of her car.


Ashley also exited the car, being very careful as to not drop Richard, “I didn’t want you to hurt him,” Ashley whined, “I understand this had to be done… but I mean he’s still a human being isn’t he?”


Jane rolled her eyes in annoyance, walking up to Ashley and grabbing her by the waist. She whipped Ashley’s waist right up to her crotch, and leaned her face in close to hers. Jane leaned forward swiftly and began to make out vigorously with Ashley. Ashley nearly dropped Richard from all the commotion, and held onto him tight as Jane’s tongue forced itself into her mouth, as the two made out ferociously.


After several minutes, Jane finally pulled away; a flirtatious smile on her face, “I know you feel bad for his situation,” Jane said, “but he’s three inches tall now, and human beings aren’t three inches tall.”


Ashley looked down at Richard, who was still passed out, “I just don’t want him to suffer… he was Adam’s best friend.”


“To hell with Adam!” Jane hissed, “Richard is mine now… and he is yours as well! He is nothing but our little toy, a slave… that will do as we say or be punished!”


“I just don’t want what happened to the last one we had… I don’t want Richard to get hurt like him…” Ashley said with concern.


“The last one chose to disobey me countless times,” Jane explained, “the fucker even BIT you on the foot! He deserved it, and you know it! As long as Richard accepts his fate within the next couple of days, I promise he’ll live a long life as our little play thing… ok?”


Ashley let out a sigh, and nodded solemnly, “Alright. I love you Jane…”


Jane smiled and held Ashley’s cheeks in her palms, “I love you too darling…”


Ashley’s phone began to ring, and she pulled it out of her purse to see that her husband was calling her, “Oh shit, it’s Adam!”


“Remain calm,” Jane held a finger up to Ashley, “just remain calm, you’ll be fine.”


Ashley smiled faintly, before answering her phone, “Hey honey, what’s up?” Ashley greeted, a nervous sweat forming upon her face.


Adam was just leaving the bar, after realizing that Richard was not going to show up. He was just about to get into his car when he called Ashley, “I’m just leaving the Salty Splatoon, Richard never showed up.”


Ashley’s heart sank, “Oh… he never showed up huh?” Ashley looked over at Jane with terrified eyes, and Jane tilted her head and gave her  a stern look.


“Yeah, I’m not sure where the hell he is,” Adam said, “I’m free now, so if you’d like to grab some dinner I can pick you up.”


Ashley looked at Jane, as if to get permission from her first. Jane nodded her head, not wanting Ashley to act overly suspicious, “Uh… yeah sure, that’d be great honey…” Ashley said, trying to sound as normal as she could.


“Ok great, are you at home?” Adam asked.


“No…” Ashley stuttered, “I was at a friends house, but I can meet up with you.”


“Sounds great, how about the italian place just across town?” Adam asked.


“Sounds fine…” Ashley rolled her eyes. She hated the italian place, and they literally ate there every weekend.


“Ok cool, cya there love,” Adam hung up the phone.


Ashley put her phone back in her purse, slightly annoyed. She wanted to stay with Jane to make sure Richard was taken care of, but now she had to act normal and go see the man whom she did not love. She regret marrying the man nearly every day of her life.


“You can take my car,” Jane offered, “here’s the keys.”


“What!? No I couldn’t, I can just take a cab!” Ashley insisted.


“If you insist… whatever you want,” Jane leaned in and gave Ashley a final kiss goodbye, as Ashley handed Richard to her and walked down the street. She pulled out her phone to call a cab, and Jane took the still unconscious Richard inside her home.


The house was enormous, and quite literally a mansion. Her kitchen was the size of four living rooms of an average home, and she had three floors. She had fifteen bedrooms, ten bathrooms, three master bathrooms, an enormous kitchen, two living rooms that were also large, two family rooms, five different rec rooms, a backyard that was twenty acres, a garage that could fit her entire sports car collection of fifty two different models, and this was only one of her thirty two vacation homes!


Jane became the CEO of Glamour Corp. just five years ago when she turned thirty, after a vote cast by the board of directors to remove the previous CEO worked in her favor. Since then she has made Glamour Corp. the largest global fashion industry the world had ever seen, and she was probably the richest woman on the planet.


Jane entered the kitchen, carefully placing Richard’s unconscious body on the island countertop. She took a moment to glance at his limp body, and snickered at how silly he looked spread across the counter. The shrink ray had worked just as well as it did the previous time for her, and literally shrunk everything on him.


His shirt, his slacks, his shoes… even the necklace around his neck that Kaya had given him for his birthday. It had all shrunk along with his now diminutive form.


Jane walked up to her cabinet full of unique glassware, and pulled one of her glass cups from the cabinet. She then walked over to Richard, and placed the cup over his body. She opened a drawer below, and pulled out a metal fork. She smiled wickedly as she raised the fork up to the glass cup, and gave it a solid tap.


Richard’s eyes burst open, as a deafening ringing sound reverberated throughout the glass cup. He held his ears in pain as the ear shattering noise pierced his ear drums, and nearly cause his mind to implode. He quickly stood to his feet, as the noise quickly faded just as it had so suddenly occurred.


Jane laughed maniacally, looking down at the helpless Richard who took in his new and intimidating surroundings, “you are so squeamish! I love it!” Jane taunted.


Richard fell on his ass, as he looked up through the glass to see the slightly distorted image of his gargantuan employer. Richard had hoped it was just a dream, but he found himself waking up to a shocking reality. He felt his body, and he felt the ground and the glass cup. It was real… it was all real, and panic began to overtake the poor young man.


“I’m going to lift the glass cup,” Jane said, “and you will NOT attempt to run…”


Richard heard the booming voice from outside the glass, and it terrified the hell out of him. Jane lifted the cup away from him, and Richard immediately began to run away.


Jane rolled her eyes in annoyance, extending her arm over Richard, and bringing her titanic fist down just in front of him. The ground quaked as Richard lost his balance, falling down on the slippery and polished granite countertop. Her fist was more than big enough to obliterate his existence, and the sight of such a thing caused him to piss himself.


Jane leaned in over the counter, bringing her face close down to him. Richard turned around to see her giant eyes peering down at him. He was so terrified, he couldn’t even move.


“These are the rules…” Jane hissed, “Rule number ONE. If you run away again… I crush you!”


Richard’s eyes widened in horror at the threat Jane had given him, and remained absolutely still in the hopes of not angering the gigantic woman any further. It was clear he was far to small to outrun her, and he wasn’t about to test his luck otherwise.


“Rule number two…” Jane continued, “you obey! You do as I ask, you do as Ashley instructs. You disobey ANY of our commands… and you will be severely punished!”


Richard couldn’t comprehend his situation. This woman was in her mid thirties, treating Richard like some kind of child or some shit. He was still grasping the fact that this was even real at all, instead of some horrid nightmare.


“Rule number three,” Jane said, “you have three strikes. Each time you do something naughty… you get a strike. Three strikes… and you’re OUT! Understand?”


Richard gawked up at Jane, not even sure of how to respond to such a statement. Jane rolled her eyes in annoyance by Richard’s silence, “I said… do you… UNDERSTAND!?” Jane’s voice echoed throughout the mansion, and Richard jumped in fright.


“Y-yes!” Richard stuttered.


“Good,” Jane smirked, her eyes suddenly focusing on Richard’s slacks, “oh for fuck’s sake… did you piss yourself!?”


Richard blushed with embarrassment, holding his crotch as if to block the view. Jane narrowed her eyes in frustration, “I can’t have you walking around with defiled pants… take them off! In fact… take it all off! All of it! Right now!” Jane ordered.


Richard froze yet again, wondering if Jane was joking or not. Jane rested her hand a few inches away from where he stood, as she began to tap her nails on the countertop, “did I fucking stutter? STRIP!” Jane was becoming impatient.


Not wanting to break a rule so soon, Richard swallowed his fear and quickly began to strip naked. He pulled off his soaked slacks, and quickly removed his shirt and shoes. After all his clothes were removed, the only thing that remained was the necklace that Kaya had given him.


Jane noticed it, though it was small, and narrowed her eyes at the young man, “the necklace too…” she hissed.


Richard shook his head, a tear welling up under his eye, “Please… my girlfriend gave it to me… please let me keep it…” he whined.


Jane tilted her head, contemplating Richard’s pleas. Any other day, and she’d have punished him for not doing as she said, but she remembered that Ashley didn’t want to hurt the young man, and decided to give some leniency this ONE time.


“Fine,” Jane whispered, “you may keep the necklace… as long as you obey me.”


Richard let out a sigh of relief, “thank you…” he whispered.


“I know you are terrified,” Jane continued, “but you must understand, that if Adam Godrick were to learn of his wife and I… he could have a story powerful enough to destroy me… and the reputation of Glamour Corp.!”


Richard merely stared at the woman, as she leaned her face closer and closer to where he stood, “I love Ashley… but I love Glamour Corp. even more!” Jane attested, “I’m not willing to lose either one of them… and that’s why you are here. Do you understand?”


Richard felt that he could do nothing but nod solemnly, not interested in angering his captor. He knew he had to escape at one point or another, but as of right now he was too confused and terrified to do anything.


“You are no longer Richard Parker, employee at Glamour Corp.” Jane proclaimed, “you are now just Richard… my brand new toy… Ashley’s brand new toy… a slave to us both, that will do exactly as we say!”


Richard began to tear up even more, as he heard those words come out of Jane’s mouth. He felt hopeless, and it hadn’t even been a whole day at his new size yet. The coolness in Jane’s tone, as if she was so certain that Richard’s life was over, it completely destroyed his spirit.


“Richard…” Jane snapped her fingers, and Richard looked back up towards Jane as she got his attention, “I want to hear you say it,” Jane said.


“Say… say what?” Richard was confused, and must have blanked out for a second.


“I want to hear you say it,” Jane hissed, “tell me that you accept your new life. Tell me that you are my slave, and a toy to me and Ashley. Say it.”


Richard looked up at her dumbfoundedly, and Jane was becoming impatient.


She slowly raised her fist yet again, as if to taunt him, “Say. It.” she hissed, her fist moving closer to where he stood.


“I.. I-I…” Richard was stuttering, as Jane’s fist moved ever so close to where he stood, “I’m… I’m nothing but a slave…” he muttered, “and… a-and a toy…”


“To whom?” Jane snapped.


“You.. and Ashley..” Richard’s tears dripped down his cheeks as he said those final few words, and Jane smirked devilishly as he said it.


Good…” Jane praised, “that’s a great first start… Richard.”




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