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The front door to Richard’s and Kaya’s apartment unlocked, and opened wide as Kaya walked inside. It was pretty late, and she had returned from the coffee shop with her two friends. She had really started to become worried about Richard, after attempting to call him twice on her way home. Both times she was sent to voicemail, something Richard never did once let alone twice in a row.


She walked over to the dresser and began to undress, deciding to get into something a bit more cozy. She kicked off her shoes and pulled down her pants. She put on a fresh pair of underwear before slipping on her pajama bottoms. She put on one of Richard’s baggy t-shirts, after removing her bra.


She stretched her arms and let out a yawn, as she then began to rub her eyes as she  headed over to the bed and sat down. She raised her hand up to her necklace, the second half to the one she gave Richard as a birthday gift. She just hoped that Richard was ok, and that he’d appear soon.


A knock at the door was heard down the hall, and Kaya slipped her feet into her bunny slippers aside the bed as she headed towards the front door. She took a look through the peephole, and to her surprise she found Adam waiting patiently for an answer. His eyes were red, as if he’d been crying. He had an expression of sorrow, and Kaya could tell that something was wrong.


Kaya opened the front door, as Adam raised his head to meet her vision, “Adam? What’s up?” Kaya asked, wondering if it had something to do with Richard.


“It’s Ashley…” Adam said with a hint of dismay, “I think she’s going to divorce me…”


What?” Kaya was shocked by what she heard, “Come inside, we’ll talk more.”


Kaya ushered Adam inside, quickly closing the door to stop the blistering cold from overtaking her apartment. Adam walked over to the sofa and sat down, his palm resting under his chin as he continued his pout of depression. Kaya flipped the switch to the heater in the tiny living room, and quickly joined Adam on the couch.


“Why do you think Ashley wants to divorce you?” Kaya asked.


Adam let out a deep breath, “I took her to Toscano’s… and I felt that something was off with her,” Adam explained.


“Off how?” Kaya asked, raising an eyebrow with curiosity.


“I’m not sure,” Adam responded, “but the moment I pressed for details she blew up on me! She said I always take her to the same stupid restaurant, and that I bury myself in work and have never given her the attention she’s needed…”


Adam began to tear up again as he remembered the hurtful comments Ashley had shouted at him, and he covered his face with his hands as he began to sob.


“I l-love her Kaya…” Adam cried, “I-I Can’t l-lose her!”


Kaya placed her hand on Adam’s back in an attempt to soothe him, “it’s gonna be ok Adam,” Kaya assured, “maybe you just need to remind Ashley how much you love her.”


“B-but how!” Adam cried, looking up to face Kaya, “the look in her eyes… it’s like she despised me! What could I possibly do to win her back?”


Kaya shook her head, “Adam… you can’t give up that easy,” Kaya scolded, “Ashley wouldn’t have blown up like that if she despised you… quite the opposite in fact! She probably has deep and complicated feelings for you somewhere in her heart, and she probably feels that those feelings aren’t be reciprocated.”


Kaya smiled, adjusting her position on the couch as she lifted her feet onto the sofa, “you need to show her that she’s wrong, show her what you are willing to do to make her happy! You can’t expect everything to just be ok all the time… I understand how important your work is to you, I really do… but if you love Ashley then you will put her first always.”


Adam nodded, as he wiped away his tears, “You’re right,” Adam agreed, “I’ve been to buried in work… and then I expect Ashley to just drop whatever she’s doing and have dinner at a restaurant that we’ve gone to literally every week in a row!”


Kaya looked around, not entirely sure what a restaurant had anything to do about this… she smiled anyways and nodded.


“I know what I’m gonna do!” Adam proclaimed, “I’m gonna take some time off work! And dedicate that time to Ashley!”


“That sounds like a great idea!” Kaya said, “get her some flowers, and a box of chocolates! And take her somewhere fresh and exciting!”


“Thank you Kaya,” Adam thanked, “you’ve really put things in perspective for me! Richard sure is lucky to have yuh!”


Kaya’s smile turned into a frown, as she was suddenly reminded of Richard’s absence. Adam realized something was wrong, “Kaya? What’s wrong?”


“Richard,” Kaya answered, “I haven’t heard from him still, and I called him twice on my way home only to get sent to voicemail.”


Adam was becoming concerned now as well, as he had just assumed that Kaya would have gotten ahold of Richard by now, “so neither you or I have heard from Richard all day then?” Adam asked.


Kaya nodded, “Last I saw him was this morning, after he left for work.”


Adam held a hand up to his chin in deep thought, “hmm, maybe he went out with some friends?”


Kaya rolled her eyes, “Adam… you are Richard’s only friend!”


“Really?” Adam was surprised to hear such a thing, but it made him feel special, “Richard’s such a friendly guy, I’d figured he’d have a whole lot of friends!”


“Why do you think I’m so worried?” Kaya responded, “He’s neither with you or me… and he’s definitely not at work because his shift ended over five hours ago! So where the hell could he possibly be?”


“Family maybe?” Adam suggested.


Kaya gave Adam a confused look, “Adam… Richard’s family all live in Montana…”


Adam slapped his forehead, “Oh right… I remember he mentioned that once.”


“I’m really worried Adam…” Kaya whimpered, once again grabbing onto her necklace as she thought about Richard and where he could possibly be.


“It’s only been a day,” Adam said, “why don’t you get some sleep, and I’m sure you’ll see Richard in the morning!”


“I hope so…” Kaya whispered, “he’ll sure have some explaining to do once his ass gets home!”


Adam placed a hand on Kaya’s shoulder, “damn straight! A whole day of no contact, sheesh! You’d better punish him for that one!”


The two giggled with laughter, as Adam decided it was time to go home and get some much needed rest. As Kaya greeted Adam out the front door, across town inside Jane’s mansion was a glass Voss bottle… which hosted the shrunken lover in which Kaya sought.


Richard’s spirit was undeniably gone, as his knees pressed firmly against his chest as he buried his face into his arms. His eyes were red sore from the intense tears that had been rushing down his cheeks for most of the night. He had been left inside his freezing cold prison, the surface and walls of his prison cold to the touch.


He had been abandoned inside the Voss bottle that was placed upon the coffee table in Jane’s main living room. Shortly after they entered the bedroom Richard was able to hear the not so quiet moaning from Ashley as Jane no doubt shoved her prized strap-on into Ashley’s vagina; but that was about an hour ago, and they had long since been silent.


Richard had nearly died inside of Jane’s vagina not to long ago, and he wished his pain could have ended there. Unfortunately Jane had to bring him back to life, and Richard wasn’t sure why the cruel girls couldn’t just let him die. He could only guess that they wanted him to last as long as possible, or some other sick agenda of theirs. If only he hadn’t stumbled into her office… if only he had arrived just a minute later to the elevator… maybe then his life would have continued it’s smooth course.


Richard’s ears perked, as he heard the light pattering of footsteps in the distance. He hadn’t heard a peep since Jane and Ashley had seemingly fallen asleep, and he prayed to God that whoever was walking about wasn’t coming for him.


Unfortunately his prayers went unanswered, as the lights to the living room flicked on. Brightness overwhelmed Richard’s vision, and he had to squint his eyes as he looked up towards the opening of his prison. A pair of hazel eyes stared back at him, before his prison was lifted and tipped in one swift motion. Richard found himself sliding downwards as the bottle tilted, and he fell out onto the hard surface of the coffee table.


He quickly began to crawl backwards in fear, as he looked up to see that it was Ashley who had come for him, “P-please! Not again! PLEASE!” Richard began to cry like a baby once again, fearing that Ashley had come back for more.


“Shush!” Ashley gave Richard a stern look, as she raised her index finger over her luscious lips, “I’m not here to harm you… I just want to talk…”


Richard looked at Ashley with skepticism, wondering if she was lying to him or not. He slowly calmed down, as he began to take slow deep breaths. Ashley let out an exhausted sigh, as she slowly sat back onto the sofa. Her eyes were locked onto Richard, and the tiny young man could see the distress in her eyes.


Richard realized Ashley was indeed being truthful, and it seemed she had a lot on her mind. Richard finally calmed himself, and slowly stood up to his feet as he looked up at the woman who had nearly killed him less than two hours ago.


“Richard…” Ashley spoke softly, “I want to tell you… how deeply sorry I am for what I did to you.”


Richard was dumbfounded, “R… Really?”


Ashley nodded softly, “Adam and me got into a fight…” Ashley revealed, “Well… technically it was just me shouting at him… but an argument nonetheless…”


Richard suddenly remembered the complexity of his situation, the reason he had been shrunk to begin with. Ashley was cheating on Adam, and from the looks of it… for quite awhile. It was easy to forget such a minute detail when your captors crush you under their feet, and shove you deep inside their cunt…


“I was so angry with him… that I let it consume me,” Ashley continued, “and I took out my frustration on you… and nearly killed you as a result. I’m just thankful that I convinced Jane not to let you die…”


Richard was shocked to hear what Ashley had said. Jane was going to let him die? It was Ashley that convinced her to revive him? This was a shocking twist in his eyes for sure… and he suddenly realized that Ashley may not be as sadistic as he originally had thought.


“Ashley…” Richard spoke.


“What is it Richard?” Ashley asked, leaning in closer to him to be able to hear him better.


“Please let me go…” Richard begged, looking up towards Ashley with desperate eyes, “I swear to God… I won’t tell Adam, the police… I won’t tell anybody!”


Ashley let out a deep sigh, and leaned back as she shook her head with frustration.


“I miss my girlfriend… I miss my life! Please! Please don’t take me from her! She’s all I have right now!” Richard’s plea continued.


“Richard…” Ashley interrupted, “My heart breaks for you… it really does… but you simply don’t understand the risk you pose to Jane.”


“Risk!? I’m only three inches tall for fucks sake!” Richard shouted, starting to become impatient.


Ashley gave Richard a stern stare, and Richard quickly backed down as he didn’t intend to push his luck.


“Jane is the CEO of a multi billion dollar fashion industry… one that tops all other industries on a global scale,” Ashley explained, “you think she’d risk letting you go? And having you tell the world of her and I’s affair? Not to mention what we’ve done to you… her career would be ruined, and she could be put in jail. It’s like I said before Richard… if we couldn’t let you go before, we certainly can’t let you go now… there is no use trying to fight this!”


“And if I continue to fight it?” Richard asked, deciding to test Ashley’s patience again.


Ashley sighed as she gave Richard an expression of grief, “Then… then you’ll end up like Samantha…” Ashley whispered.


“Who is Samantha?” Richard asked, wondering if this ‘Samantha’ was the tiny captive that Jane and Ashley had referred to earlier.


“Samantha was Jane’s ex lover…” Ashley revealed, “one day Samantha used her spare key that she still had to enter Jane’s home to try and sway her mind about breaking up with one another.”


Ashley paused and looked around, making sure Jane was still asleep in bed. Certain they were alone, she turned back to Richard to continue the story, “needless to say… Samantha stumbled upon Jane and I fucking eachother on this very sofa…”


“And Jane shrunk her…” Richard could fill in the details.


Ashley nodded, “I was certainly surprised, it was the first time Jane revealed her shrink ray to me!”


“Shrink ray? Are you telling me that’s what Jane used to shrink me?” Richard remembered the odd looking gun in Jane’s hands back at her office just before he had shrunk.


Ashley nodded in confirmation, “it is…”


“So what happened to Samantha?” Richard asked, wanting to hear the conclusion to Ashley’s story.


“Jane tried to brainwash the little woman, and turn her into a slave and sex toy as she has done with you,” Ashley revealed, “but after two weeks of failure, Samantha continued to resist and verbally assault both Jane and I. Samantha ended up calling me a stupid whore, and Jane flipped out in a rage over it.”


“So Jane killed her?” Richard wondered what kind of cruel death his CEO could have possibly come up with.


“She gave the poor girl a fate worse than death,” Ashley showed a face of contempt as she remembered what Jane had done, “she took out her shrink ray, and shrunk Samantha to only a half inch tall… she then dangled the screaming woman over her mouth before dropping her in…”


Richard’s eyes opened wide with horror, “are you telling me…”


Ashley interrupted him, “Yes. Jane… swallowed her alive…”


Richard was horrified to hear such a thing, and it make him sick to his stomach. He heaved for but a moment as he thought of Samantha helplessly sliding down Jane’s tight esophagus… like nothing more than a morsel of food whose fate was to end up in Jane’s gut. The horrors of Jane’s stomach viciously tearing apart the flesh of Samantha ran rampant throughout Richard’s mind. What kind of sick and demented witch could do such an ungodly act?


“How… How could…” Richard found himself at a loss for words.


“How what?” Ashley asked, watching Richard with concern as he bent over as if he were going to vomit.


Richard finally managed to get himself under control, and slowly turned his head up towards Ashley, “How could you… possibly love… such a monster…”


Ashley wanted to scold him for what he said… but deep inside she knew that Richard was right. Jane probably was a monster, in his eyes at least. But Jane still treated Ashley better than anyone in her life ever had… and she couldn’t throw away the feelings she had for Jane simply because she was a bit different… right?


“I love Jane…” Ashley retorted, “I don’t expect you to understand…”


“I understand completely…” Richard snapped, “I understand that you are willing to let her torture me… just as long as she gets you off at the end of the night!”


Ashley dropped her jaw in shock, unable to evoke a proper response. Richard wasn’t finished with her yet though, and he suddenly found himself to be a bit bold.


“That’s why you cheat on Adam right?” Richard shouted, “because he doesn’t fuck you good enough!?”


Watch it…” Ashley whispered, trying to keep her composure.


“Here’s an idea… maybe just break up with the poor guy instead of dragging him along! Instead of shrinking his best fucking friend and shoving him deep inside his bosses fucking VAGINA!” Richard continued.


Stop…” Ashley was becoming irritated, and her patience ran thin.


“Jane is a fucking monster! And you’re certainly no better! Adam deserves to know the kind of demon he’s been married to all this time!” Richard was finally interrupted as Ashley reached her tipping point.


Ashley gritted her teeth in rage, her hand extending outward in an instant as her fingers wrapped around Richard’s tiny body. Richard’s bold attitude faded into the void as his eyes gaped in horror. Ashley brought him right up to her face, as she peered into his soul with a fiery rage.


“You know NOTHING!” she shouted, “You think I ENJOYED watching Jane MURDER that woman? You think I WANT to cheat on Adam!? Adam doesn’t even fucking LOVE ME! What am I supposed to do!? I can’t DIVORCE him either! Because I dropped out of COLLEGE to move to this shitty ass state and be with him!! I have NO degree, NO job experience! I’d be kicked to the fucking STREETS!”


Ashley finally stopped, as her enraged eyes turned to eyes of sorrow. She quickly placed the terrified Richard back onto the coffee table, as she lifted her feet up onto the sofa and buried her face in her arms. She cried loudly, and Richard began to wonder if her situation wasn’t as cut and dry as he thought it was. Ashley certainly wasn’t in the right… but maybe she got herself into a situation she wasn’t entirely equipped to handle.


“I’m sorry,” Richard whispered.


Ashley peeked up at him, tears dripping down her cheeks, “no you’re not!”


“I am…” Richard assured, “I didn’t realize you gave up your college education to marry Adam… he never told me that.”


Ashley wiped the tears from her eyes, “I loved Adam.. I gave him my life… and now all he does is work… and never includes me with any of his activities unless it’s that stupid italian shithole!”


Richard slowly sat down on the table, crossing his legs. Ashley placed her feet back onto the floor as she started to gain control of her emotions.


“I was at the library when Jane first approached me,” Ashley smiled, “I was reading a book on how to apply make-up properly… because I wasn’t very good at it. Jane laughed at me, and told me the author of the book was an idiot!”


Ashley and Richard both giggled softly, agreeing that Jane would certainly make such a comment.


“I asked her what book I should read instead, and she handed me a copy of her own book… and she sat down with me and read it. She gave me tips, pointers, and she just talked to me in a way Adam never had…”


Ashley let out a deep sigh, “we became friends… and as we continued to have dinner with one another, and go out to bars and casinos… one thing led to another… and eventually…”


“I understand,” Richard said, listening carefully.


Ashley looked at Richard, studying him. She leaned in close once again, “I know this is hard for you… but…”


Richard shook his head as he raised his hand to interrupt her, “Ashley… you must know that I’ll never accept a fate as Jane’s toy… it just won’t happen no matter how hard she tries to brainwash me…”


Ashley let out a weak smile, as she looked at Richard with doubt in her eyes, “you will…” Ashley assured with dismay.


You will…”




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