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Author's Chapter Notes:


1) Nick VS Highschool (Volumes I, II & III)

2) My Tiny Life (Volumes I, II, III & IV)

3) Prudence The Teenage Witch (Episodes 0 - 4)

4) My Tiny Life (Volume V / Final Volume) <---- IN PROGRESS [Phase IV]

5) The Misadventures Of Allison Ali Alan (Optional, can skip) <---- IN PROGRESS [Phase IV]

6) Diana (Begins in Phase V)

7) Nick VS College (Begins in Phase V)

8) My Tiny Life '2' (Begins in Phase VI)

9) Nick VS The World (Begins in Phase VII)

Technically Their Little Secret is part of the Kempverse, HOWEVER it hosts massive spoilers technically in a way that kind of ruins Nick VS College even though it isn't even written yet.... So I've decided to make it NON CANON and thus you can read it after the rest of above.

All other stories on my page are not in the Kempverse and dont' spoil anything. You can identify my kempverse stories by looking at the story summary. You will see this pasted on every story tied to the Nick universe

**(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)**



The air was filled with warmth, as the cool summer breeze blew between the apartments and condos throughout the street. It was the crack of dawn, and the traffic had already begun to pile as men and women alike rushed to get to work.


Richard stirred, as he slowly opened his eyes. The alarm was blaring at his bedside, and he reached over to hit the snooze button. Aside him was his loving girlfriend, and Richard turned over to face her. She too was awake now, and she gave him a warm hearted smile.


Richard looked into her beautiful green eyes, as her long and silky brown hair rested upon the pillow in which she was resting on. He smiled back at her, and leaned in to plant a kiss on her plush and soft lips.


“Good morning,” Richard said, giving his girlfriend a sly wink.


Richard’s girlfriend smiled vibrantly, “Morning to you as well!” she chirped, before flinging the covers off of her body and turning to get out of bed.


“Getting up so soon?” Richard asked flirtatiously, getting out of bed himself.


“I have to get to class,” his girlfriend told him, “and you have work, sexy.”


Richard let out a laugh, as he walked up behind his girl and grabbed her by the waist. He pulled her back close to his chest and leaned his face in close to her neck. Kaya bit her lip, as Richard smooched her on the neck. He then brought his lips up to her ear, his soft breath hitting her sleek flesh.


“I love you… Kaya Morgan,” Richard proclaimed, giving Kaya a little nibble on the lower earlobe.


Kaya moaned quietly, “I love you too, Richard Parker,” Kaya let out a small giggle and turned around to embrace Richard. The two gave each other a quick but meaningful kiss, before parting from one another to get dressed.


Richard walked over to the closet, pulling out a white collared shirt and a blue tie. He pulled out his black slacks and his black dress shoes and began to dress himself. After he slipped his slacks and shirt on, he walked over to the mirror in the corner of the room as he began to button up his collar. He then began to do his tie, as he focused to make sure he got the length just right.


“Did you know it was my birthday today?” Richard asked, keeping his focus on his tie as he finished the final knot, “I’m turning 24 today… I can’t believe!”


He stepped back and took a look at himself, pleased with his outfit for work. He turned around, still waiting for an answer from Kaya. He stopped halfway, seeing Kaya already facing him with a wrapped gift in her hand.


“You didn’t actually think I’d forgotten?” Kaya blew a kiss to him, “come on open it! We have some time!”


“I should have known you’d remember!” Richard winked at his girlfriend, setting his dress shoes on the bed as he reached out to grab the present.



“Sit down!” Kaya suggested, sitting on the edge of the bedside. Richard followed her, and sat next to her.


“What is it?” Richard asked, shaking the box jokingly as he looked over at Kaya.


Kaya rolled her eyes, a smile forming across her face, “just open it yuh goofball!”


“Ok ok,” Richard started to rip the wrapping paper apart, which revealed a small box. It was about the size of his hand, width and length wise just about.


He opened it up, and inside was a silver chain with a half heart pendant on the end. It was the left half of a two piece set, and his half contained the inscription ‘ve You’.


He looked up, just in time to see Kaya pull her half of the necklace out from under her shirt. She had the right half, which had the inscription ‘I lo’. Kaya put her half right next to mine, and the pendant’s conjoined read ‘I Love You’. There were tiny red ruby’s that filled in the letters.


“I know it’s sorta girly… but…” Kaya muttered.


“Not at all,” Richard interrupted, “this means a lot, really!”


Richard put the chain around his neck. Kaya had bought him a chain that was less feminine, which he appreciated. The fact that she had boughten him something so loving was more than enough to bring a tear to his eye.


“You really love it?” Kaya asked, holding her hands together as she saw the genuine appreciation in his expression.


“Kaya, I love you so damn much!” Richard quickly leaned in and planted another kiss on Kaya’s lips, and her face flushed red.


“I knew it…” Kaya whispered.


“Knew what?” Richard asked, getting up from the bed to put his shoes on.


“I have the best boyfriend on this planet!” Kaya proclaimed, standing up and walking back over to the dresser.


“I am pretty awesome, aren’t I?” Richard joked, slipping his last shoe on and walking over to the end table to grab his keys and wallet.


“So you have any plans after your class at Harvard?” Richard asked, grabbing his wallet and keys off the table.


“Just going to go hang out with some friends,” Kaya answered, slipping on her flats.


“Which ones?” Richard asked, as he slid his wallet into his back pocket.


“Nick and Chloe,” Kaya answered, grabbing her phone off the dresser.


“Nick and Chloe?” Richard looked at her with a confused look, “I’ve never heard of them… have I met them?”


“You’ve never met them,” Kaya told him, “they are kind of… private people really…”


Richard shrugged his shoulders, “honestly, all your friends are ‘private’ people,” Richard chuckled.


Kaya rolled her eyes at him teasingly, “maybe that’s true, but at least I HAVE friends!”


Richard’s phone began to ring, and he pulled it out of his pocket. The caller was Adam Godrick, one of Richard’s closest friends.


“No friends huh? Then I wonder who's calling me right now,” Richard teased, winking at Kaya before answering his cell phone.


“Hey Adam, how’s it going?” Richard greeted.


“You did!? That’s amazing! Uh huh? Oh my! That’s just fantastic! Good for you dude! What? No she’s busy tonight, but I can make it! Ok cool, sounds fun!” Richard hung the phone up after concluding his conversation, and had a huge smile on his face.


“What’s going on?” Kaya asked, as she headed into the master bathroom to do her makeup.


“Adam’s most recent news story just blew up on social media! He’s an absolute hit!” Richard explained, “multiple news outlets are dying to hire him!”


“Wow! Good for him!” Kaya responded, “He’d better be careful though, with that kind of power he could twist the public against anybody!”


Richard chuckled, “I tell him that constantly, but Adam’s a good reporter, he wouldn’t release a story unless he had all the facts.”


Kaya poked her head outside the bathroom doorway, “that’s the thing, the facts aren’t always so obvious!”


Richard gave her a wink, “well I’ll tell you a fact I know for certain,” Richard teased, “you ain’t gonna look any hotter, no matter HOW much makeup you put on!”


Kaya stuck out her tongue teasingly, and pulled her head back inside the master bathroom. Richard grabbed his jacket off the dresser, and headed towards the bedroom door, “I’m off to work,” Richard said.


“Ok love you!” Kaya answered.


Richard was about to leave, but stopped as he remembered something, “Oh! And Adam’s invited us to a double date with him and his wife Ashley! You down for that?”


“When is it?” Kaya shouted from the bathroom.


“Tomorrow night, I figured it’d be good since you don’t have class tomorrow,” Richard said.


“Yeah sounds good!” Kaya agreed, “have a good day at work! I’ll see you in the morning!”


“See yuh!” Richard said, before finally leaving the bedroom.


Traffic flooded the streets, and pedestrians scrambled down the sidewalk. Richard hated traffic, and since his job was pretty close to home he would normally just ride his bike to work to save money on gas. Besides, it wasn’t much longer of a trip anyhow.


He hopped on his bike, and began his journey to work. Richard was an assistant for one of the executives at the biggest fashion company in the world, Glamour Corp! He had attended a four year college degree in fashion design just after graduating, and finally got his foot in the door to start out as an assistant. He loved clothing, and he loved fashion, thus the job was definitely a dream come true; even if it was as a lowly assistant.


He swerved between the pedestrians as pedaled down the street. If he had taken his car, the trip could have taken up to fifteen minutes. On bike however, the trip only took about ten minutes, because bikes tended to go faster in his area.


Without breaking a sweat, Richard eventually reached the main courtyard of the enormous building. The building was utterly massive, and hosted about eighty floors in total, not including the garages below the building for employee parking. The courtyard was flooded with red maple trees, and there were park benches everywhere. People would often take their dogs out to the courtyard to play fetch and what not, and children loved to play frisbee. It was very glamorous, which was to be expected for a company with such high standards.


Richard finally reached the main entrance, and dragged his bike over to one of the many bike racks. He put his bike into the rack and made sure it was locked up tight with his bike lock. Once it was secure he continued towards the entrance, and entered the building.


The main plaza was quite beautiful itself. The carpet was almost like red velvet, and tourists and fashion designers littered the floor as they all tried to make appointments with different fashion executives and what not.


Richard huddled past most of them, trying to work his way to the employee elevator. Once he finally fought through the crowd, he swiped his employee card and waited for the elevator to come down.


Richard could overhear a conversation behind him, a woman talking on her cellphone. He tried to ignore it, but the woman was being extremely loud, which was likely a result of the noise from a thousand men and women rushing past one another.


“Are you kidding!?” the woman shouted into the phone, “Glamour Corp will make GenetiCo’s stocks look like swiss cheese once MY design hits the shelves!”


GenetiCo, Richard recognized that company all to well. It was about seven years ago that the company had some kind of explosion, and the building was left in ruins. It was all hush hush though, and nobody really ever knew what happened.


There were rumors that some giant woman destroyed the place, and that the CEO was some crazy nutjob genius. They were just rumors however, and Richard didn’t believe them to be true. He figured it was the crazy anarchists spreading lies to make sure GenetiCo wouldn’t come back from it’s ruin.


They failed however, because just two years ago GenetiCo hit an all time hi in the stock market, causing an economic boom throughout the country. Richard was rather fascinated with GenetiCo’s history more than anything, but he was a fashion designer, and thus his interests had quick limits.


The elevator door opened, and Richard got inside. The elevator brought him up to the fiftieth floor, where his boss would be waiting.


As the elevator arrived at the fiftieth floor, the doors spread open. Richard was about to walk out but was surprised to find his boss already waiting for him. His boss had a stack of papers in his hands, and the man looked absolutely swamped.


“Oh Richard! Thank God you are here!” his boss said, “Since I ran into you, can you please take these to the top floor? And give them to Jane?”


Richard took the papers, slightly confused, “Jane… as in Jane Conover? The CEO!?”


“Yes! Please! I have urgent matters to attend to!” Richard’s boss was begging him at this point, as if Richard even had a choice.


“Of course… I just never thought I’d meet the bloody CEO!” Richard exclaimed, hoping he could make a first good impression.


“Thank you so much! I swear, keep showing up at opportune moments like this and I’ll give you a fucking raise!” Richard’s boss said as he began to rush down the hall.


Richard smirked, feeling great that his boss had given him such a great compliment. He pushed the button for the eightieth floor, and the doors closed as the elevator brought him further towards the top floor.


He loved his job, his boss was amazing, he had the girlfriend of his dreams…. Richard was feeling pretty great about how his life was going. There was simply nothing on this planet that could ruin how great his life truly was.


The elevator doors opened, and he rushed down the hall of the top floor towards the Jane’s office. He made carefully sure not to drop any of the documents, and the stack was quite large and awkward to handle.


Finally he reached the end of the hall, and saw Jane’s name plastered on her office door. He carefully reached his hand out, and opened the door as he shuffled inside.


“Jane Conover? I’m here to…” Richard stopped in his tracks, and his jaw dropped as he dropped the entire stack of documents on the office floor.


Spread across Jane’s desk was Ashley Godrick, the wife of Adam Godrick… which was Richard’s closest friend. Behind Ashley was the CEO of Glamour Corp, Jane Conover. Jane had a nine inch strap on attached to her, and it was deep inside of Ashley’s pussy.


“Oh fuck…” Ashley murmured, smacking her head on the table after recognizing Richard.


“Who the fuck are you? Why didn’t you knock!?” Jane was enraged, as she pulled the nine inch strap on out of Ashley’s vagina. Ashley sat up and covered her breasts, extremely embarrassed and frightened to see Adam’s friend having discovered their little secret.


“I-I… I-I’m here too…” Richard found himself speechless, and frankly shocked to learn that Ashley was having an affair… with a woman no doubt!


“You know this twat?” Jane hissed, looking at Ashley dumbfoundedly.


“It’s Richard Parker… he’s best friends with my husband,” Ashley revealed, slapping her forehead with her palm as she realized she was in deep shit.


“Ashley..” Richard stuttered, “Adam… loves you!” Richard felt a sense of anger wash over him, realizing that this cunt was cheating on a man who took VERY good care of her!


“Oh no…” Jane shook her head, “I’m sorry young man… but you’ve simply walked into something that you shouldn’t have…”


Richard looked over at Jane confused. She was about thirty five years or so, much older than Ashley who was only twenty two. Jane had curly red hair that came down to her shoulders, and her eyes were a vibrant amber. She was a tall and full figured woman, and any man would certainly fall for her with ease.


Ashley was a brunette, and a little shorter than Richard. She had hazel eyes, and her hair came down to her elbows. She was a bit slim, but still had some meat on her bones.


Jane reached into her desk drawer, pulling out an odd looking gun of some sort. Richard stepped back, terrified that Jane was about to shoot him or something.


“Please! I won’t say a word! I promise!” Richard held his hands up, wishing he hadn’t run into his boss on the elevator. If only he was a few seconds later… his boss would have ended up delivering the documents instead.


Jane shook her head, as she raised the odd looking gun at him, “You are friends with a very renowned reporter, who happens to be the husband of my beloved…” Jane scowled, “You are far to great a risk… don’t worry though, I’m not going to kill you.”


Richard took a couple more steps backwards, terrified of whatever it was Jane was about to do, “please…” he whispered.


“I’m not going to kill you… but I’m not going to let you go either…” Jane gave a crooked smile, “this one will be on the Q.T. Ashley, another little secret of ours… one that will spice up our sex life a bit more.”


Ashley looked at Jane with a dreaded expression, but dared not intervene with her decision. Ashley simply looked at Richard with a look of sorrow, “I’m sorry Richard… but you really should have knocked first…”


Before Richard could react, Jane fired the odd looking gun, and a ray of light washed over him. He life flashed before his eyes as the world around him bent and contorted in all sorts of directions. Richard felt a gut wrenching pain, and he felt like had to vomit. He was unable to however, and his vision began to stir. Just as quickly as it had started however, it had also ended.


Richard fell to his knees, the ground feeling a lot chunkier than it had before. He looked up, and his eyes nearly bulged when he realized what was going on. Jane now towered above him like a giant, and the ground was a vast landscape before him. The furniture was titanic sized, and his mind nearly exploded as he tried to comprehend what the hell was going on.


“He looks smaller than the last…” Ashley murmured, looking down at Richard as she placed her chin in her palm.


“I set the size for three inches instead of five this time,” Jane snickered, “You’ll see why later…”


Richard began to freak out at what he was hearing. The last!? Three inches!!? What the hell was going on!


Richard turned around and began to sprint towards the office door. Jane was heard laughing maniacally from behind, as if she had no remorse for what she had just done. She took her black heel and rose it over Richard’s tiny body. Richard looked up in horror, thinking that Jane was about to crush him. He wasn’t even sure if this was all real, but it sure felt like it!


Jane’s heel passed him, and crashed onto the ground just in front of him. An earthquake ensued, and Richard fell on his back. Jane hovered over him, a wicked smile spread across her face.


“Run again, and my heel won’t miss next time,” Jane threatened, “you fucked up Richard, and now you belong to us…”


Richard looked up in horror, as Jane’s hand reached down for him. Her fingers extended like one of those claw machines descending to grab it’s prize. Richard nearly had a panic attack, as he watched the now colossal Jane reach down to pick him up.


This is not what he had planned, nor expected. His life was heading in such a perfect direction, and now it’s made a complete one eighty in the wrong direction…


As Jane’s hand finally reached him, Richard’s heart sunk. He wished he was with his girlfriend again, or Adam, or anybody except these two. Richard knew he was in big trouble, and he had no idea how to get out a situation such as this.


Needless to say, Richard felt helpless.




Chapter End Notes:

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