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Author's Chapter Notes:

Final chapter. I will probably write some more stories along the same idea, but with different scenarios. Please feel free to suggest.

In this one we get a little more playtime, before a little bit of a shock.

I finish gasping as Michael brings me away from his face. He has a smug, satisfied look to himself as he rolls my body back onto the desk.

“I think we have come to an agreement, haven’t we, Mia?” He continues to smile to himself. “I don’t think that we are quite finished yet, however. Holding you makes me feel so powerful, and I just can’t help it.” Michael starts to stand up. I can see his body rising before me like a skyscraper. My eyes pass his chest, stomach, hips, and once again rest on the fully erect cock at my eye level. It looks even bigger at this angle. “It’s your turn to help me out again.” The voice booms from high above me. I can hardly tear my eyes away to look up at his face when he’s talking.

He starts to pump his cock in my direction. Thankfully he hasn’t grabbed me as an aid yet. I’m so exhausted that I might be torn apart if he tries that again. With his spare hand he is fiddling with something on the other side of his computer. I am confused when he takes out a pair of headphones and doesn’t plug them into his computer. Instead he brings the jack over towards me.

He is holding the headphone jack in between his thumb and pointer finger. Reaching for me, he then separates my legs with his middle finger. A cold realization hits me, right before the cold metal is inserted inside of me. I gasp from the shock and start to protest, but he pays it no mind.

“I want it to feel like I’m fucking you, Mia.” Michael says in a darker tone than before. He moves closer to the desk so his penis is almost above me. I watch as he thrusts his hips into his hand, at the same time pushing his headphones into me. He keeps his rhythms in sync. With each thrust, the metal jack goes in.

In and out, as he pretends to have sex above me, and I still have to feel the movements.  He picks up his pace. Moaning and talking dirty. “Tell me that you love it Mia.” He says.

“Am I interrupting something?” A familiar voice comes from behind Michael. His eyes pop open as drops the headphones.

He whips his body around to face the unknown intruder. “Who the fuck are you? How did you get in my room?” He then glances back at me. “This isn’t what it looks like!”

“And what, exactly, does it look like?” The sassy remark clues me in to exactly who it is. My roommate, come to rescue me. “Step away from her. I need to take her home for a good scolding.”

Michael, completely in shock, retreats to the other end of his room. My roommate gets a good chuckle from the state I’m in; sitting there on a desk with a pair of headphones plugged into me.

“Perhaps, this is enough of a punishment.” He giggles. I toss the headphones away from me and climb willingly into the palm of my roommate. “Lets go home, little one. You have proven very useful in my tests.” With that, a purple portal pops open and we pass through back into our own apartment.

After some calculations, and a pass through a couple more portals, I am returned to my normal height minus two inches as a “reminder” from my roommate to not meddle with his stuff.

“How did you find me? I thought I was stuck like that forever!” I exclaim.

“Well you used my computer and my teleport to do this. I had all of the data sitting there when I woke up to pee. Plus I guessed you would do something so reckless; It’s why I chose you as a test subject in the first place. I hadn’t guessed that you would fudge the size settings that badly though.”

“Test subject? I thought I was here to film it?” I am shocked by this new development.

“Yeah… Well… Whatever.” He brushes it off. “Anyway since we know it’s relatively safe, when will you be ready to try again? I’ll even let you see your boyfriend this time.”

“Maybe tomorrow night. But I would like to try fiddling with the size settings again.” I wink at my roommate as he rolls his eyes.

The End!


Chapter End Notes:

Thank you for reading my first story on this website!

As mentioned previously, please feel free to suggest other scenarios that I could toss Ellie into. She can start small, shrink, or be found by giants. Just never a giantess herself. 

I hope you enjoyed!

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