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Author's Chapter Notes:

Ellie and Michael meet. Things become R rated in this chapter. Some non-con sex.

I fall out of the portal onto a hard wooden surface. “Odd.” I immediately think to myself. “That was almost instant. I felt nothing” I look up expecting to see the surprised face of my boyfriend. Instead, I am greeted by the surprised face of a giant stranger. He is looking at me with a mix of three things. Shock, confusion, and… lust?

I quickly look around for escape. I see his laptop towering over me to one side, and what looks like a bottomless pit on the other. Behind me is a wall with the biggest Star Wars poster I have ever seen. In front of me is this giant boy.

0.06 percent. I adjusted the portal to 0.06 percent of its total size, making myself just under 4 inches tall. And now I’m standing on a strangers desk!

I am so busy looking for a way out that I don’t see his free hand reaching out to pluck me into the air. I scream as the wave of vertigo hits me. My whole body is tucked into the fist of this boy with only my head peeking out. I continue to scream as he brings me towards his face, which is still twisted into the same expression.

“What are you?” The boy says quietly. I can feel the hot wind from his mouth as he talks. “Are you fae? A borrower? Some kind of interdimensional being?”

“I’m human.” I manage to squeak out.

“You don’t look like it. Humans are supposed to be bigger, and they’re usually not so cute.” His words reach me. It is at this moment I scan up and down the giant body before me. I see his face; long hair, green eyes, glasses, fairly nice set of lips. I see his torso; thin, lanky arms, pale skin, not a lot of muscle, but no fat. And then I see his other hand, still wrapped around an enormous penis. My attention snaps back to his face. His lips curl into a slight smile, and I feel my cheeks get hot.

“Well whatever you are, you arrived at a rather convenient time. I suppose I should get a better look at you.” He unwraps his hand, leaving me lying in his open palm. “Very nice.” He says as he lifts his other hand away from his member. He starts poking and rubbing my whole body with a single finger.

“Please. Put me down.” I start to plead with him as his finger begins to explore my more private parts.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. You see, in order for me to understand what you are, I’m going to need to examine you.” He starts to tug at my clothes. First he attempts to remove my thigh high socks, but he can’t get a grip on them without pinching my whole foot. He decides he doesn’t need to see my feet, and starts working on the top. I am kicking and fighting the whole time, but it’s pointless. I am literally in the palm of his hand, and I am powerless to stop him.

It takes him no time before he rips my skimpy top from my body, and even less time for the skirt. I am left in a very lacy pair of panties and a bra, as well as my socks.

“Wow… You are beautiful.” Michael breaths hot air over my body as he says this. His fingers start to prod my body again. He pokes along my butt and thighs. He pinches one of my breasts between two fingers. I am trying so hard to fight it, but at the same time I am beginning to like his touch. He is gentle and careful with each little thing. I hold my breath as he trails his index finger from my breasts down my stomach.

“So soft…” he mutters to himself. He stops right as his fingers are at my crotch, but doesn’t go any further. Then, out of nowhere, he dumps me back on the desk.

“Take the rest of it off.” He commands.

Instead of doing his will, I start looking for a way out. I run to the edge of the desk, and then over to the wall. There is no escape.

“I said take the rest of it off.” He commands again. This time using his hand to scoop me close to him. I’m right at the edge of the desk, and if I were to fall now it would be onto his lap.

I take a few steps backwards and start fumbling with the clasp of my bra. Then I pull each sock off one at a time. Then finally I slowly scoot my panties off until I am standing there naked. The whole time I am stripping, Michael has resumed playing with himself. Watching me intently as he jerks off.

Michaels breathing starts to quicken, and he lets out a long moan of pleasure. Somehow I can’t look away. I’m watching this giant masturbate to my naked body, and I am almost enjoying myself. Until I see the hunger in his eyes. He wants more than a show.

He stops himself and reaches up to pump lotion into his hand, and then, unexpectedly, scoops me up in the same hand. I can see myself being pressed face first into his massive member. I fight, wiggle, and shove against the flesh in front of me, but I can hear him moaning. I know that I am only helping to pleasure him. The lotion has made me nice and slippery, so there is nothing I can do as he starts to speed up. My boobs are being rubbed on his skin, and I can feel the heat and the throbbing. In a last effort to slow myself down, I wrap my legs around his shaft.

“That feels so good” I hear muffled above me. I’m not going to lie. With my legs up, it was hitting me in a few nice spots as well. I was trying so hard not to enjoy myself. Then I was suddenly plucked away from my warm perch, and placed in front of it. I knew what was going to happen. I braced myself as warm, sticky cum rushed out of his cock and covered my whole body. I couldn’t wipe my face off as it was everywhere.

Michael sat there in bliss for a few moments, enjoying his work, before he lifted me again, and we walked towards the bathroom.


Chapter End Notes:

What is going to happen in the bathroom? Is Ellie going to be okay? Chapter 3 coming soon.

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