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The giantess lay on the bed, naked save for her underwear, reading a book. I, scarcely an eighth of an inch in height, stood next to one of her massive feet, trapped under the blankets with God knows how much of her body. The rest of her body seemed an eternity away from here, the smooth, tanned flesh of her massive legs providing an almost infinite pathway to her hips.

Then, without warning, the massive woman planted her left foot down, pinning me underneath the ball of her foot, and dragged it halfway up to her hips, leaving her knee elevated, her foot flat, and her legs spread slightly. In an instant, I went from standing underneath her massive foot to being helplessly dragged, her foot pressed against my face, across hundreds of feet of bedsheets. It only lasted a second, but it took far longer for me to recover, my head spinning, my back burning, and my whole body aching.
But she didn’t have much weight on her foot now, so I could gain a bit of purchase and crawl out from beneath her feet. It took a minute, but I finally freed myself and stood back up, trying to make sense of where I was now.

I stood between the giantess’ massive, smooth legs, able only to see their beautifully-toned flesh and the crotch of the purple boyshorts that they led up to. When she raised her knee, it had caused one of the legs of her underwear to ride up a bit, exposing the darkened, clean-shaven flesh of her crotch. 

I made my way towards her body, trying to keep clear of her legs in case she moved them again, but, for the two minutes that it took me to trek across the bed sheets, she did not. Soon, I stood within arm’s reach of the seam of her underwear, wondering if I should risk climbing up or just try scaling her leg instead.

It was already hot under the bedsheets, but the heat here was oppressive, so I decided to climb up the leg that was still lying flat on the bed. It wasn’t hard to clamber up and over the hem and squeeze my way between the cotton and the inside of her leg, but, almost as soon as I did, she lifted her other leg, and I fell down the inside of her shorts into her crotch.

I landed on my back in the wrinkle where her upper thigh met her crotch, and realized, to my surprise, that the flesh was somewhat wet around here. It wasn’t just sweat; she was horny, and the thin layer of fluid that was soaking into the warm skin was lubricant that she had spread around from masturbating earlier. 

I had to tread carefully. One misplaced foot and I would tumble down, over the edge, to parts unknown, and there would be no escape. I could feel the heat of her desire from here, and her massive hands, or whatever else she had above the blankets, would crush me like a bug without her even realizing I was here.

So I started to climb up and over, working my way towards the relative safety of her belly button, using hair follicles as hand and footholds against the almost vertical face and sleek, wet walls.

It felt like I was climbing for hours, but, at my size, I had hardly made it an inch up her torso. When I looked down, I could see the pink flesh of the woman’s vulva, swollen and shining with lubricant, and that meant that I was still in grave danger.

But then, with little more warning than a quiet moan, the giantess pushed her hands into her panties to start masturbating. I saw her fingers slide through the elastic like it wasn’t even there, and I barely had enough time to process what was happening before her middle finger struck me directly, and I was caught, helpless, beneath her fingertip as she started to masturbate.

I should have been rolled out from underneath her fingers almost immediately, but there was so much lubricant around that it quickly soaked her fingertips, and I just slid around the giantess’ genitals under the tip of her middle finger. At first, she gently stroked her clitoris, though the action was anything but gentle for me as I was pressed deep into the soft flesh underneath the unyielding body of her finger, surrounded by gallons of lubricant and immersed in oppressive heat and stench. 

But it wasn’t long before the woman grew tired of this motion, and she lifted her hand off her clitoris. Trapped in a viscous layer of lubricant that now dripped from her fingertips, I saw, for a brief moment, her swollen, pink, and clean-shaven vulva before she brought her hand back against her crotch and shoved her middle two fingers into her vagina.

I was plunged instantly into a world of heat and flesh. The bright pink, textured walls of the giantess’ vagina were just barely visible between her labia, but she shoved her fingers between those fleshy curtains like they weren’t even there, and, in an instant, the distant, seemingly bottomless maw of her vagina was suddenly all around me. 

The woman started slow, massaging the front wall of her vagina just an inch or so from the entrance. With my back pinned to the tip of her finger, the whole front of my body was pressed relentlessly into the hot, elastic flesh. The complicated texture of soft, fluid-soaked ridges enveloped my body like a living glove as the woman slowly massaged the most sensitive parts of her body. 

Then I felt her hips shift, a terrifying warning of what she was about to do. She drew her ring finger out, and then started to penetrate herself with a will. Keeping her finger pressed against the wall of her vagina, I was still trapped, helpless as playful teasing turned into full-blown masturbation.

I was forced deep into the elastic flesh of her vagina as her middle finger rode back and forth, pressing hard and massaging back and forth at the same time. The textured flesh turned into a painful pink blur as I was driven all around her vagina, never once offered a glance of the outside world, never once given a chance to take a breath of fresh air. I swam in a hot, turbulent mix of bodily fluids as, with loud, squelching sounds, she penetrated her body with her middle finger, pushing me so deep into the flesh that I was literally enveloped by it. 

She wasn’t able to do this long before she finally climaxed, although every second of it was unbearable torture. When she reached orgasm, however, she plunged her finger as deep in as she could and held it there. A moment later, her hips shook and the muscles that bound the walls of her vagina contracted, squeezing hard around her finger. The flesh that she pressed me into turned rock hard and pressed against my face as hard as her finger pressed against my back. In the midst of the pressure, I was sure that I was going to die, but then the contraction subsided.

A second later, though, it came back. It was somewhat weaker, and didn’t last quite as long, but it was still nearly enough to kill me. By the time I had recovered from it, a third one came, and forced a scream of pain from my lips. But the third one was enough for her, because she slowly drew her finger out of her vagina, sliding it over the sensitive wall of her vagina as each weakening contraction pressed me against her finger.

But, before I was even halfway out, one of the contractions grabbed me off her finger just as she pulled it away from the wall of her vagina, and suddenly I was stuck to the thick layer of fluid that coated the walls. Her finger was gone, and, after it, the walls of her vagina slowly started to close together. The contractions had subsided into a soft shaking with every one of her rapid heartbeats. The shaking, however, was not enough to throw me out of the layer of lubricant.

I could gain some purchase against the wall, though, pushing against the textured walls with all my might. But the soft flesh merely absorbed my hands and feet like quicksand. Still, the layer of fluid didn’t hold me very tight, and I eventually pushed hard enough that I fell from the front wall of her vagina and landed on the other side. The walls were so tight together, though, that there was barely enough room for me to stand up straight. When I climbed to my feet, I was almost able to touch the front wall by reaching up, and, closer to the entrance, it got so tight that the walls were touching. I would have had to force my way through the flesh to escape.

But here, with the walls shaking and the viscous fluid grabbing at my legs halfway up to my knees, my footing was unsteady. I made my way slowly forward, treading carefully over the ridges and textures of the woman’s vaginal walls. After only a few feet, I had to drop to my hands and knees to continue forward, and then, as the flesh started to press against my back, I lay down and started to push my way between the flesh, practically swimming in the woman’s lubricant.

It seemed like I was doing this for hours before I made it to a point where the flesh finally opened up again. I could taste the fresh air, and, climbing up to my hands and knees, I worked my way up what was a growing incline. The texture provided decent handholds, and, soon enough, I could see outside.

The woman’s vulva was spread open slightly, providing me a view of her legs, which were spread wide across the bed, her panties tossed down between her feet. 

And then I saw the dildo. A massive, pink vibrator with ridges halfway down its length. There was no escaping the woman’s body in time, so I tried to scramble back to safety, but I fell back against the tight walls, and could do nothing but watch as the woman brought the tip of the dildo against the opening to her vagina, then plunged it in.

My ears popped at the sudden pressure increase, and the tip of the dildo struck me right in the chest, driving me through the tight walls like they weren’t even there. About halfway into the woman’s vagina, I fell under the tip, and the dildo rode over my body, the hard, plastic bulk forcing my body into the flesh at my back. 

I got caught underneath one of the ridges and dragged out of the textured surface of the elastic walls, rolled around between the dildo and the flesh of the woman’s vagina like a mote of dust between her fingers. And then, when the woman got the thing as deep into her as she could, she pulled it out, and I was tossed and turned down the whole length of the woman’s vagina until I finally caught on something, buried facedown in the flesh, pressed relentlessly into it until the dildo finally passed over. 

It was a painful and chaotic process, but it had only been the first insertion, and, a second later, the woman repeated it. I was dragged around the walls of the woman’s vagina, back and forth, but finally deposited closer to the entrance than I had been the first time, coughing out fluid, flesh pressed against my back and face and wondering how I hadn’t been killed.

But that had been relatively slow, I realized, as the giantess pushed the dildo back inside her with even greater force. This time, I didn’t have the chance to get caught on it, and was just buried into the walls of her vagina until it was finally gone. And still the woman gained speed, pushing harder and faster, driving the dildo in and out of her body with a savage will, completely oblivious to the torture that I endured.

One penetration would push me, facefirst, into the flesh, and then another would roll me about and deposit me somewhere else in the massive woman’s vagina.  Then my back would be pressed against the flesh as I was forced to endure the hard ridges of her dildo passing over my face.

It was a chaotic and painful whirlwind of motion. The massive woman fucked herself for what felt like hours, tossing me all around the inside of her vagina. In the unbearable turmoil of it all, I didn’t notice the rhythmic contractions leading up to orgasm, or even the rocking of her hips as the pleasure mounted, as I was too busy being crushed between the dildo and the walls of her vagina to understand that anything else was going on.

But then, just as the woman pulled the dildo out of her body, leaving me face-up against the wall of her vagina about a quarter of the way in, she climaxed. The walls around me turned rock-hard, and the one above me came crashing down as the one at my back came surging up. They met in the middle and crushed my tiny body, wrapping every limb in flesh and pressing against me with enough pressure to break my bones.

And then they relaxed. My head was spinning and my whole body was sore. I just barely had enough time to recover, though, before the woman’s muscle-bound vagina contracted again, and the walls slapped back together. This contraction was far weaker and shorter than the first, but, almost as soon as the woman’s vagina had relaxed, it snapped back together. The repeated contractions, brief though they were, were even more torturous than the long one had been, because I had no time to recover, and no warning before the walls around my seized up and came crashing down around me.

After half a dozen contractions, the following squeezes were too weak to bring the walls all the way together, finally offering me a respite from the torture. But then the woman suddenly sank the dildo back into her body. The vibration was off, but it still filled her vagina, and drove me almost all the way to the bottom before the ridges passed all the way over me and I was stuck between the smoother part and the textured walls of the woman’s vagina.

She left it there for a moment, and, above the noise and vibration of her heartbeat, I felt her entire body shiver as she let out a soft moan. Then, after a moment, she pulled it back out. She did it slowly enough that the very first ridge grabbed onto me and held, and I was pulled all the way out of her body.

She tilted the dildo up and dragged it along the surface of her vulva. Her labia grabbed onto me as she did so, and I was rolled violently between the dildo and her crotch, no relief provided by the thin, sticky layer of vaginal discharge and lubricant, until I wound up somewhere near her clitoris, pressed forcefully between the soft flesh and the hard dildo.

She slid it up and down, very slowly, and I tumbled along with it, the flesh yielding like water as the dildo pressed into it, and wrapping around my body like a suffocating, living glove as I was massaged over ever inch of it.

When she finally pulled the dildo away, I was sucked off its surface by the sticky fluid on her crotch, and left trapped between the lips of her labia, my head and shoulders sticking out but the rest of my body held tight. I was too tired to try and break free, and too small to succeed even if I had tried. 

The giantess had the covers off now, and her boyshorts around her ankles. Watching from between her legs, I was a captive spectator as, with terrifying speed for her size, the massive woman swung her legs off the bed, stood up, and bent down. When she bent over, her vulva was squeezed and shifted between her legs, and the lips that held me fast seemed to push me out a bit. Now, I was only trapped from the waist down, my arms free. I stood a chance of escaping, but I would have to move quick.

Then the woman stood back up. At that moment, I was thrown free from the lips of her labia, and, at the same time, I saw the crotch of her panties coming up fast. I fell into the cotton hammock of her boyshorts only a second before they came up and met her crotch.

After but a breath of fresh air, I was pressed back up against the woman’s crotch, breathing in the hot, heavy fumes of her womanhood and soaked in the bodily fluids that slowly dripped from her insides. She adjusted her panties, pulling the waistband up around her ass and fastening it between her legs. The tight cotton surface pushed me up, and I was wedged into her vulva as it was tightly seated in the crotch of her boyshorts.

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