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  The next morning Ashley woke up feeling better than she ever had before. She glanced at her phone and noticed the numerous missed calls from her work as well as several voicemails left.

" Oh, y'all will know soon enough why I didn't come in today." She laughed as she tossed her phone back onto the nightstand and rolled out of bed.

  She opened up her closet, selected her favorite pair of underwear, a tiny red glittery thong, and covered her lower half in a pair of leggings before throwing on an old extra large t-shirt she had stolen from one of her exes. It had been his favorite shirt and she had made for damn sure he would never get his superman t shirt back.

  She glanced at herself in the mirror as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail. The baggy blue shirt hung down past her ass and easily hid her bra free breasts. She checked herself one last time as her excitement began to grow. She slipped into some cheap black flip flops and headed to her basement. Flipping on the light she made her way down the stairs.

"Whew!" Ashley thought as she wrinkled her nose.

" I hope this stuff tastes better than it smells. She made her way to the counter and picked up the large beaker and examining her potion. The once green concoction had turned to a dark blue, signaling the completion of the potion. Satisfied, Ashley set the beaker down and picked up the worn leather bound book sitting on the counter just to her left and opened it to a previously marked page.

  Ashley had been given the book months ago by an elderly woman outside a n apartment complex where her date for the night had left her after they had sex. She had told him that she was in love with him and he kicked her out of the bed pushing her clothes into her hand and slamming the door in her face. She cried as she put her clothes back on and made her way to the bus bench outside. The only thing she ever wanted was a man that would love her and care for her as much as she was willing to love and care for him.Life was so unfair, she wished she had been big enough and strong enough to to hurt him back but that wasn't the case.

  She had been sitting on the bench crying for sometime when an elderly woman appeared out of nowhere, sat down next to her and began to talk to her. The elderly woman had been able to calm Ashley down enough to figure out what she was so upset about. Nodding her head in understanding, she produced a worn leather book from her bag and pressed it firmly into Ashley's hands.

" In here my dear, you will find the secret to your wildest dreams and deepest fantasies. You will find all you need to have the happiness you expect and deserve. The power to change everything lies within." The elderly woman had kissed her forehead and vanished into the evening as quickly as she had appeared.

  Ashley had clutched the book to her chest all the way home trying her best to wrap her head around what the hell had just happened.

  The following day she opened it to discover it was a book of potions. She thumbed through it until she happened upon a chapter entitled " Sizing: A potion for controlling the size, shape, properties and characteristics of you and the world around you."

" This has to be some kind of joke, there's no way this is real."

Ashley sat back and sighed, " Well, I guess there's no harm in trying. It's not like I have much else going for me right now." Sitting back up she began to read through the ingredients she would need. She read it three more times and wrote down a list. "Some of these will take time, but this is definitely doable." With an excitement she hadn't felt in years, Ashley began the long journey of finding the necessary ingredients for the potion.

  Ashley pulled her mind out of her memory, closing the book for the last time with a brief hug before setting it down. She turned and grabbed the beaker, her hands shaking with nervous excitement as she brought the glass to her lips.

  " To the sweet elderly woman and to unlimited smiles, happiness and power." She tilted her head back and downed the liquid.


  She yelled as she dropped the empty container. She shuddered from the vile tasting liquid. Quickly she hurried over to a full length mirror she had propped up against the wall and eagerly awaited her transformation. Nothing was happening. She waited for what seemed like eternity, but she felt nothing and saw no change. An hour went by as she paced back and forth across the basement floor.

  Frustrated she yelled at her reflection " I don't fucking understand, this was supposed to work! I don't feel any damn different!" Defeated and angry she made her way back up the stairs. Slumping into her couch she let out an exasperated sigh and did her best to hold back a tear forming at the edge of her eye. " I guess since my phone is broken I best go into work and explain myself, maybe I can beg them to let me keep my job." Grabbing her keys she headed out the door and began the long sullen drive to her work.

Chapter End Notes:

Last bit of lead up and background. The next chapter starts the real fun.

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