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Madison strayed numbly into the bookshop on her way home from work. It had been a day like any other, and too many days had passed in such similarity. The weight of stagnation had settled gradually, but heavily.

She'd begun to daydream more often throughout her long work hours, and had long-since realized she simply wasn't happy with her life as it was. What had started as a daydream itself was about to become a decision to quit her job and live completely off the grid. If she was going to disappear into the wild, she'd need some reading material.

As the young office clerk wandered the aisles, she scooped up a few fiction books and wearily looked between their descriptions; a man who's shrunken down by a botched science experiment, the tale of a race of tiny humanoids from another planet landing on Earth, the story of a handmaid and the fifty-foot goddess whom she serves.

Madison's exhausted brain was barely beginning to notice a pattern when she began to feel as if she were being watched. Reflexively, she gazed around, and froze as she locked eyes with a young couple on the far side of the store.

They seemed to be watching her from the magazine aisle, each smiling pleasantly as they realized she'd seen them.

There was a woman of average height, voluptuous and stylish, who stood hugging the arm a man nearly a full foot taller than she was. He was just as fashionable, with dark eyes and an almost eerily calm, interested smile for someone caught observing a stranger.

Unable to figure out how else to handle the situation, Madi twitched out of her frozen state and scurried off to duck behind some taller shelves. Those people had been so beautiful, she felt starstruck, and incredibly confused. Why had they been watching her? Anxiety lurched in her gut, perhaps they were judging her?

She held her head with a free hand and took some deep breaths for a few moments. Perhaps it was time to just go.

Madison moved to make her way to the registers. As she rounded one of the taller shelves, she found herself face to face with the couple suddenly, and stumbling forward into them.

Before she could collide with anyone, the man grabbed her gently by the shoulders with large, firm hands. He righted her and released her gently from his grasp.

"Are you alright?" he asked. His voice was low and soft, but the power of it rung in his chest.

Madi's mouth went dry. She nodded.

The woman looked her over with interest, smiling. She said, "So sorry for staring at you earlier, sweetie. Love your hair, you know."

"Oh, it's fine," Madi managed to say. "Thank you.."

"I'm Eve, by the way, and this is my husband, Cameron," the woman said, fondly placing her hand on the man's chest.

Starstruck once more, Madi said quietly, "N-Nice to meet you both. I'm Madi--uh, Madison." She wondered if they introduced themselves to strangers in bookshops often, and why they had chosen her.

Cameron smiled and Eve fawned, "Oh, that's a gorgeous name! I love it!"

"Heh, thanks.."

Eve peered at the books in Madison's arms. "Are you buying those?" she asked. 

Madison nodded.

Cameron and Eve exchanged brief grins with one another and Madison felt butterflies.

"I hope you enjoy them," said Cameron, his voice honeyed as if in a private joke.

"Say," said Eve, "Are you busy tomorrow night?"

Madison's eyes widened. "Wwhat?" Why did she need to know that?

The couple snickered together and Eve said, "We're having a dinner party. Do you want to come?"

"Oh.. um.." Madi floundered. Truly, she had nothing to do the following night, and couldn't come up with an excuse to give them. "O-okay.." What was she doing?!

Eve was delighted! She latched onto Cameron's arm again, chirping, "Good, good! We'll see you tomorrow, then. Dress in whatever is most comfortable for you, it's going to be a small get-together."

Cameron snickered.

Madison, still dazed by the very experience of being in a conversation with these stunning people, gave a nod in response and said, "Alright. Uh, th-thanks for the invite."

"You're welcome," Cameron said. He reached and gently took her free hand in his much larger one.

Madi stared and nearly swooned as he lifted her hand to his mouth and gently kissed the back of it.

"Goodnight," he said then, before releasing her hand and taking Eve's.

"See you then," she said.

The two of them started away, leaving Madison frozen for a moment before a realization startled her into action: she didn't know how to find their place!

She was about to start after them when she realized she was now holding something in the hand Cameron had kissed. It was a slip of paper with an address scrawled in blue ink. Underneath that was a time, and the note was signed with two hearts.

Madison stared at the paper for a few minutes, shocked by the events and her own reactions to them. Finally, she forced herself to move to the cash register to pay for her books. The couple was nowhere to be seen.

The cashier reviewed the titles of her purchases and asked, "Is your name Madison?"

She nodded, confused and a little worried. Did she know this person?

"This is for you," they said, offering her a small stack of gift cards.

Each card was for $100, and there were three of them!

"Wh-why??" was all Madison could say.

The cashier laughed, "Weird, right? This couple bought them and told me to give them to someone called Madison who would buy these particular books. You know them?"

"Uh.. yeah," she said, shocked further by the astounding gift. Who were these people?!

For the rest of the night and throughout work the next day, Madison thought about the couple and the slip of paper in her wallet that would lead her back to them.

Why couldn't she have said no to them? Did she even really want to? Thinking about seeing them again caused the pressure of stagnation to ease. There was much adventure to be had with those two, that much she couldn't deny.

By the time she left work, Madison had grown used to the strangeness of her situation. Ultimately, she accepted that the regret would be enormous if she didn't attend the dinner.

It took her a while to get ready, what with the breaks for calming breaths and many changes in wardrobe. At the time listed, she stood at the home of the address given, and raised a trembling hand to ring the doorbell.

The sound of heavy footsteps approaching caused a shiver and she wasn't sure why.

Cameron opened the door, smiling down at her. "Good evening, Madison," he said warmly. He moved his looming frame away from the doorway and beckoned her inside.

Madison thanked him, stepped into the penthouse and took in the view. The city lights were visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows that housed the majority of the interior, and Eve was approaching her from between an extravagant glass dinner table and a sprawling modern living room set.

"You came! You precious gem!" Eve cried, ecstatic, and swooping onto Madison to deliver a giddy embrace. Her tuberose perfume wove itself through Madi's senses and she found herself gently hugging the woman in return. "Your outfit is gorgeous, oh, you look wonderful!"

Madi thanked her softly, feeling her face redden.

When Eve released her, Cameron gently took Madison's coat, standing tall over her as he gently slid the garment off of her shoulders.

"Thanks," said Madi, quiet.

"You're welcome," he replied, smiling.

Eve took Madi by the hand and dragged her gently to sit at the head of the table. Madison looked over the spread: tossed salad, portobello mushrooms, sweet rolls, and bottles of red wine.  Something was missing, though..

"Is anyone else coming?" Madi asked as the couple as they had a seat on either side of her. She immediately feared she sounded rude and tensed slightly.

Eve reached across the table to pat her hand, grinning, and said, "Not tonight. We'd like to get to know you this evening."

Madison looked down at her hand underneath the soft, well-manicured, ring-adorned one Eve had placed there. As off as the situation seemed, she could sense no ill will from these two, and decided to stay for now.

She was hoping something would happen, but she didn't know what.

The casual dinner conversation began. Eve and Cameron had a thousand questions for Madison, about her work and how she lived. She answered politely, though she was a little embarrassed to elaborate on what she felt was a rather mediocre lifestyle, compared to the decadence these two seemed to enjoy.

Eve made light of explaining themselves, not wanting to make Madi uncomfortable. They had met in college and dated for years before marrying. Cameron had inherited a great deal of money as a young adult and the two of them now lived lavishly off of wise investments, traveling and enjoying one another.

"Learning from other cultures has certainly helped Cam improve his special talents," mused Eve aloud, smirking knowingly at Cameron.

Madi cocked her head curiously. "'Special talents?'" she inquired.

Cameron chuckled deep in his chest and murmured, "We'll explain, in time."

"So!" Eve changed the subject and steepled her fingers. "Madi, have you been enjoying your books?"

Madison nearly dropped her utensils, realizing she hadn't thanked them for the gift cards. She beamed red and sputtered, "I did--I do--I mean, I have been--thank you both so much for the gift cards. Sorry I didn't say anything sooner..."

In truth, the couple and their dinner invitation had taken up the majority of her focus for the past twenty-four hours. She'd skimmed over the books but hadn't been able to devote herself to actually reading them yet.

"You're welcome, and don't worry about it. We did sort of spring this on you, after all," said Cameron, and Eve nodded in agreement, both smiling still.

Eve asked, "Your gift to us is your presence, Madi. Now, about your books, do you read stories with giants and teeny little people often?"

Blushing profusely and thinking on it seriously now for the first time, Madison realized she did tend to lean towards tales which involved people of significantly different sizes. She poked nervously at her remaining food. "I guess I do, yeah," she said. Why was her face so hot?

Cameron and Eve exchanged smiles from across the table. Madi caught this and gripped her fork a little more tightly, stomach fluttering wildly as their gazes returned to her in tandem. What could this glamorous couple possibly see in her? She could only wonder..

"Have you ever done something like that before?" asked Eve.

Confusion struck Madison and she paused, trying to figure out what she meant. "Something like what..?" she replied.

"Being around giants, or being a teeny little person."

Madi's heart pounded in her chest as the full weight of the concept hit her. She stammered, "I-I haven't." What sort of question was that..?

"Would you like to?"

The question hung in the air as Madison attempted to fully process it, and Eve and Cameron watched her patiently, though obviously invested in her answer.

"Well," Madi began, hesitantly. "I guess I would if it were possible. I mean, wouldn't anyone?"

Again, Cameron and Eve exchanged glances, and Madison found herself feeling cornered in a way that she couldn't pinpoint as being bad.

"We're glad to hear that," Eve said as Cameron stood up from the table.

"Wh-why?" Madi blurted as she watched Cameron come to stand by her. He offered his hand and she instinctively took it.

Cam pulled her closer to him, towering over the girl, and wrapped his arms around her gently. "You'll need to close your eyes," he said down to her.

Unable or unwilling to protest, Madison allowed her eyes to close and shivered. At last, she was feeling the rush of adventure she'd always known she wanted. But to what end?

There was a flash of electric blue energy beyond her eyelids and Madison suddenly couldn't feel Cameron's powerful arms around her. Her eyes opened reflex to her confusion and she gasped audibly at the sight before her.

Far above her, hundreds of feet it seemed, Cameron stood looking down at the small woman who stared up at him in shock. Eve came to stand by his side, the two of them looming overhead like benevolent, beautiful gods.

"What's happening?!" squeaked Madi as she stumbled back, tripping over her dress to gawk up at them.

Slowly, the two of them knelt before her. Cameron reached out his hand and held it by Madison with his palm upright.

"This is one of my talents, Madison," he explained. "I have magical abilities."

"He uses them for good," Eve assured her, smiling. "We would never hurt you."

Madison stared at his open palm and felt herself inexorably drawn to it. She moved carefully to her feet and approached his hand, nervous and thrilled.

"May I pick you up?" Cam asked.

Stunned, Madison nodded, and placed her hand on his upright index fingertip to steady herself as she stepped carefully up onto his palm and knelt there. Her mind was reeling at the surreality of her experience. She was perhaps three inches tall at most, in the hand of a gentle giant!

Cameron lifted her very slowly as he and Eve raised themselves from kneeling to standing. His free hand cupped around Madison, providing a reassuring barrier.

He asked, "How do you feel?"

Eve leaned forward, barely able to contain herself.

Madison considered her answer, keeping one hand against Cam's warm fingertip still. "I feel... amazed..." she said.

"You look absolutely adorable!" said Eve. She withdrew her cellphone and tilted it. "Can I take some pictures, Madi dear?"

The tiny girl blushed and nodded a little, then smiled slightly as she heard Eve squeal softly with joy.

Eve's phone clicked and chirped as she took a few photos from different angles. She took hold of Cam's wrist and pulled Madison closer for more.

"How about a pose, hm?" she suggested eagerly.

Madison looked up at the giant couple, losing herself briefly in their admiring gazes. She was beginning to feel so incredibly happy, she wanted to make them happy as well.

Very carefully, she stood and took up the sides of her skirt. Facing Eve's phone camera, Madison smiled bashfully and curtsied to her, very much to the larger woman's delight.

"That's perfect, bijou!" cheered Eve as she clicked away.

Cameron brushed the thumb of his free hand against Madison's head and she looked up at it, smiling. His thumb lowered to nestle against her cheek and Madi giggled, charming her giant hosts, and providing some very cute images.

After a few more poses, Eve reached out and wrapped her hand around Madi's body loosely, holding her arms to her sides, but with pressure light enough that she could have pushed her fingers away somewhat easily. That is, if she wanted to.

Instead, she was a little dazed to find herself relaxing into the gentle hold of the woman's soft, warm hand. The evening was certainly teaching her some new things about herself. This became especially apparent when Eve pulled back her middle digit and brushed her fingertip across Madi's breasts.

The feeling sent a new rush of excitement through her, one that incited a growing heat between her legs and through her very blood.

"Madison.." said Cam, lowering his hand from under her so that she rested against Eve's fingers. He slipped his hands around Eve's waist, standing tall over them both, encompassing Madi between them.

"Would you like to engage with us sexually?" he asked.

Their chests formed massive walls around Madison, radiating tenderness, bathing her in the affection they shared for one another. She stared almost dizzily up at them as she processed the question and felt her heart leap at the idea as it clicked.

"Yyes, please.." she breathed.

The two of them chuckled around her, the vibrations in their chests ringing pleasantly through her bones. She felt as if she were melting in Eve's hand, in the most wonderful way.

Eve's grasp on Madison tightened slightly as Cameron leaned in to kiss her. Their bodies closed in more tightly around Madi until she was pressed gently between their chests and Eve's fingers. She was surrounded by love.

The sight of the couples' lavish bedroom would have looked like a royal sanctuary at Madison's original height. As she was, the enormous room was like an ornate kingdom built around a bed-shaped castle.

Eve carried her to the bed and placed her gently on the mattress, a king-sized, feather-topped landscape, before joining Cameron's side. The couple chatted as they assisted one another in undressing.

"You've made her quite small, dear," said Eve, amused.

Cam grinned knowingly. "I felt adventurous," he said. "And I plan to see her smaller still, in time."

Madison could only stare up at them, those beautiful titans, as their clothes were shed and their breathtaking bodies were revealed.

They roamed their hands over one another's naked forms and kissed before turning their attention in tandem to their little guest.

The two of them moved and began crawling onto the bed, like hungry tigers as they moved towards Madi. She was overwhelmed by their sizes as they advanced on her on their hands and knees, grinning down at her greedily. The thought that she might become a meal crossed her mind and somehow didn't frighten her as much as it excited her.

Eve lowered herself and closed her mouth around the front of the skirt of Madi's dress. The smaller woman squeaked as she was lifted with Eve's head, sending her flipping upside-down to dangle by her dress with her lower body exposed.

Cam's fingertips parted Madison's legs and slipped down between them. His thumb pressed against her groin through her underwear, his index fingertip on her ass, and Madi gasped as he squeezed, gently and expertly pulling off her panties.

Madison felt Eve's breath washing hotly over her nakedness and closed her legs instinctively. Cameron's mouth lowered and encompassed her legs, causing her to gasp once, then again suddenly as his tongue slid smoothly between her thighs and made contact with her groin. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell helplessly into pleasure.

Eve lifted her hand to support Madi's back and used the nail of her thumb to slide the tiny zipper of her dress down. Tiny hands clung at her chin as the smaller woman struggled to contain herself.

Cameron lifted his head away and assisted Eve in peeling Madi's dress off. She slipped out of the garment and into his waiting hand, wonderstruck, with barely a moment to process before she was brought to Eve's bare breast and massaged into it.

The enormous couple was making out again, this time with Madison pressed firmly against Eve's chest. Her tiny breasts settled against Eve's hardening nipple and she fought to remain composed as lust and wonder crashed through her in potent waves.

Madi wrapped her arms around the warmth before her and watched the couple above her as their mouths and tongues worked into one another. She wanted to be a part of this--and she was! Inspired by the realization, she pressed her face into Eve's nipple and began kissing and licking the soft flesh.

Moaning at the new sensation, Eve pulled gently away from Cam and he held her to lay her down on the bed. The two of them watched Madison's efforts fondly as Cam moved his hands down Eve's body and pushed apart her knees. He lowered himself and began eating her out.

Eve squeaked and shivered as the two tongues moved against her. She kept Madison held firmly to her breast until she finally cried out, bucking and twitching on the mattress when her climax was slurped and suckled out of her.

Her arms went limp at her sides for a moment and this allowed Madi to tumble down her breast to land between her perfect mammaries. Madison lay spread-eagle and felt the surface on which she lay rise and fall rapidly with Eve's recovering breaths.

Cam was moving again, now to bring his mouth to Eve's chest. He kissed each of her breasts, and then Madison between them, pinning her to Eve's body.

With the additional and incredibly soft pressure of Cam's lips upon her, Madison could feel both his and Eve's heartbeats pulsing against and through her entire being. The experience was going from surreal to divine.

Much too soon, Cameron sat upright and helped Eve to flip over onto her stomach. This sent Madi tumbling harmlessly onto the bed top again, and she found herself staring up at the magnificent sight of Cam pulling Eve up onto her hands and knees to slip himself into her. He began thrusting into her with a steady rhythm, and all the while, the two of them watched her.

Madison was bounced gently with their shared momentum against the mattress as she continued to stare openly up at them. Cameron wanted her closer, and scooped her up to place her on Eve's back.

His fingers spread against Madison, covering everything except for her face and hands, pinning her against the perspiring skin of his lover as he continued thrusting.

"Madison," he said breathily, not stopping. "Do you want to stay here with us?"

Eve moaned out loud.

The question repeated itself several times in Madison's head before she finally began to grasp the entirety of what he meant. Stay there, with them, like this?

"Yes! Please, I want to!" she cried out from between his fingers.

Cam smiled. "Wonderful. Now, I have another question for you," he said.

Madi turned her head back and forth and kissed the sides of his fingers. She knew she would do whatever he wanted, whatever would make the two of them happy.

"May I devour you?" Cam asked.

His thrusting was speeding up just slightly. Eve was struggling to keep still as her pleasure built up again rapidly. She looked back as well as she could.

"You mean.. eat me?" Madison squeaked. The idea was incredible, and something she now knew she wanted, but didn't he want her to stay..?

Cameron elaborated, closing his eyes briefly to maintain focus, "You'll be safe. My magic won't let you be harmed, and I'll teleport you back out to us in the morning."

That was all it took.

"Y-Yes!" she heard herself call out.

The couple suddenly redoubled their efforts. Eve's hands clenched into the blankets and her head hung between her shoulders as she was ridden. Cam's hand began to glow electric blue against Madi and she felt herself shrinking further, soon to the point that she was merely an inch tall between his palm and Eve's back.

Light flooded Madison's vision as Cam's hand was suddenly removed from on top of her, only to be replaced by his lips, which came open and hungry and with a wide tongue that lapped her up off of the slick flesh and brought her into his mouth.

Cameron closed his mouth around her slowly and curled his tongue around her body. He sucked off the sweat in which she'd been bathed, and swallowed, intoxicating her with the sound.

Madison was overwhelmed with sensations. The sound of Cameron's saliva against the interior of his mouth, the heat with which she was surrounded and massaged, the soft grunts in the back of his throat as he thrust over and over into Eve.

His tongue manipulated Madison until she was pressed to the roof of his mouth by it, the tip grinding against her stomach and between her legs as he sucked on and savored her body. Before she knew it, Madison was peaking, orgasming wildly against his tongue with a pleasured cry.

The grunting changed to a low groan, then a rush of air as Cameron took a deep breath, before tipping his head back to swallow Madi down.

She was squeezed tightly by the back of his throat, unable to move a limb as her body was sucked down into a slick, velvety vicegrip. The pressure eased off some when she entered his esophagus and began her descent, still squirming as her orgasm was drawn out impossibly by the massage she was receiving.

Cameron's voice raised around her, vibrating her pathway, as he reached his climax and felt the tiny girl moving down his throat and into his body. She could hear Eve, albeit faintly, reaching her second, explosive orgasm.

Madison felt her feet squeeze through another tight hold as the sphincter of Cameron's stomach granted her entrance. She slid through, appreciating the additional massage, before falling to land gently in the softness of Cameron's internal tissues.

The ordeal had exhausted Madi, and the ambiance of Cameron's heartbeat was incredibly soothing. She sank tiredly against the inner walls of his stomach and curled up to them, warmer, cozier, and more relaxed now than she ever thought she could be.

The sound of Cameron and Eve's voices reached her faintly, another element to her blissful lullaby. It wasn't long before the tiny woman dozed off, slipping off into dreams about the night she'd just had, and ideas of what could happen in nights to come.


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