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James breathed in the gentle humidity of the early morning air as he loaded up his booth. He wasn't sure if it was just him or if the fruits and vegetables he carried from crate to shelf looked especially delicious today, their colors more vivid and enticing.


In fact, the entire farmer's market felt as if something new and wonderful were brewing itself to life out of the very air. James couldn't help smiling, even feeling a little skip in his step, as he prepared for the day's sales.


He was just about to open up shop when a person approached his stand. They carried a large basket in one hand and heavy backpack on their stocky frame. As they neared, James noted the basket was filled with enormous, sumptuous berries, and that it, along with the backpack and uniform the person wore, bore the insignia of a company he hadn't heard of before: MK Labs.


They greeted James as they arrived, and introduced themself as a representative from the MK Labs agricultural department.


"I'm here to give you vendors a sample of our products! Here, try one of our berries. Take whichever one you like!" they said, eagerly offering their bountiful basket towards him.


James thanked them and took one of his favorite berries: a beautiful red strawberry like an edible ruby.


"They look great," he said, and took a bite. The flavor was exceptional and he gave a small groan of enjoyment as its silky innards met his tongue.


The representative watched him with a grin and pulled a cellphone from their uniform pocket to take some quick notes. "Pretty good, huh?" they commented and James nodded fervently in agreement.


Once he'd finished the berry, James opened his mouth to ask about ordering a shipment, but was stopped when the person's phone began to ring. They quietly apologized and scurried away to take care of the call.


James watched them go and hoped they'd come back so he could get their contact information. This was all forgotten in an instant, however, when he saw who was walking towards his booth next.


Noelle Parker was nearly six feet tall without her heels, and with them she stood several inches above the heads of the average person. Her boyfriend, Eli Reese, was one of those people and he absolutely wouldn't have had it any other way. They walked hand in hand, Eli in his well-worn earth rag and Noelle in one of her gorgeous black dresses, as they made their way towards James.


His breath caught in his throat the moment he laid eyes on them, and for a moment James forgot how to function as a human. His hands twitched at his sides briefly before he remembered to step behind his stand and ready himself to make a sale.


"H-Hello!" he said weakly as the couple arrived.


Noelle's gaze met his, her calm smile and overwhelming beauty sending a wave of powerlessness through James.


"Hey there. How's our favorite fruit man today?" she asked.


Eli giggled and leaned over the stand awkwardly to peer at James. "He looks good to me!" he chirped.


James blushed slightly and gave a nervous laugh. "Heh, oh, thanks. I-I'm great. How are you guys? I mean--can I help you find some--something--y-you need some fruit?" he barely managed to sputter.


Noelle and Eli exchanged amused glances and looked back to James in tandem. His heart fluttered as he felt their gaze return to him like that.


"We'll need a few things.. Are you feeling alright, James?" asked Noelle.


Something about the way she said his name made him melt, and James noticed that he seemed even more reactive to the couples' charms today than usual.


"I think so--" he began to respond, before being cut off by Eli.


"You look smaller! Like skinnier, maybe? Your clothes are loose!"


Noelle gave a thoughtful nod of agreement.


James looked down at himself and realized his uniform was noticeably looser now. It wasn't like that when he put it on..


"I think he might even be shorter," said Eli, half-joking but with tone that made it clear he liked the idea. He scurried around the front shelves of the stand and came to James' side, grabbing his shoulders with a grin.


Looking up into Eli's dubious, smiling gaze, James felt that intense wave of powerlessness again.


He and Eli both gasped as his shoulders withered in Eli's grasp; James had suddenly shrunk!


It was only an inch, maybe two, but it wasn't something either of them could deny.


"He's shrinking, Noelle!" exclaimed Eli with absolute delight.


James looked over and upwards helplessly to see Noelle's expression shift to one of intrigue and, if he hadn't imagined it, lust.


"Is that so..?" she drawled, walking around the shelf to join them.


Eli steered James by the shoulders and presented him to Noelle, who leaned down some to peer at him more closely.


"He got smaller, I could feel it! Didn't you, James? You felt it!"


James found it difficult to respond as he stood between them, suddenly fully aware that he couldn't deny the fact that they were indeed noticeably larger than him now by several inches. How could this be happening? He gaped up at Noelle, at a loss for words.


She seemed to have some pity for his state and ran her hand through James' hair gently. Her hand covered so much of his head, the size difference was only becoming more apparent and he shivered gently against her touch.


"You should probably take the day off, don't you think?" Noelle asked.


"I'm.. not sure.."


"Why not?" Eli chimed in, hugging James around the shoulders from behind. "If you get too small, you won't even be able to hold money!"


James paled and felt himself dwindle another couple of centimeters. He really couldn't argue that continuing to work would be a bad idea.


"O-okay.. I guess I should go home--"


"No way!" Eli interjected. "You're coming with us! Someone needs to keep an eye on you, so you don't get lost in a carpet or grass or something."


"I-I'm not going to get lost--"


Noelle said, "You really shouldn't be alone. Come with us, James. Our apartment is close by." Her hand cupped his chin gently.


With Eli hugging him and Noelle holding his face, James felt almost unable to argue. He'd spent so long trying to ignore his feelings for them both, and now they wanted to take him into their home. How could he possibly deny them?


He closed down the stand in a haze of surreality and before he knew it, Noelle and Eli each had one of his hands and were leading him away from the farmer's market. Was this actually happening?


Noelle kept most of her attention on James himself, looking him over often as they walked on towards the apartment she and Eli shared. Eli chattered away, excited by the idea of seeing someone shrinking.


"Do you think he'll get so small we can't see him? I wonder how long it'll take. I want to carry him around once he's light enough, too! All the time! I hope he doesn't shrink away too fast. We should keep him around the house so he's safe."


James listened numbly, shocked by the situation and almost moreso by the intense excitement brewing in his veins. He was terrified, yes, for his very life, but equal and almost greater than that terror was the crescendo of exuberance he had felt building only a short while before. Life was changing rapidly and in ways he never could have anticipated.


Through the cacophony of James' emotions and Eli's persistent talking, Noelle was heard asking James softly, "So, how did this happen, James?"


Eli stopped and listened intently, eager to know himself.


"Well.. I'm not all that certain.. It's been a normal day, except for.." He stopped in his tracks, and then stumbled forward with the pull of Noelle and Eli, who had not stopped in theirs. James exclaimed, "The rep from the agricultural place! They gave me a berry sample--it was actually very delicious--but that could've been what did this to me!"


Noelle watched him thoughtfully. "Do you recall the name of the company?"


"It was something simple.. ugh, so simple I can't remember it!"


Eli tugged at James, bidding the group onward to the apartment. They continued walking while James tried desperately to remember.


At the front door of Noelle and Eli's apartment, James couldn't help but compare his perspective to its usual again. The door frame felt dramatically large, though it was more or less the standard size. It was as if he were walking into a slightly oversized funhouse with two very tall friends.


Though, the reality of the situation clung tight to the back of his mind. He was shrinking, there was no doubting it at this point, with no way of stopping it, and no way of telling if it might stop on its own. He could actually shrink away into nothing, either doomed to the mercy of the subatomic world or to be diminished right out of existence.


Somehow, it felt like destiny.




Before he knew it, James was standing on the living room floor between Eli and Noelle. Eli was on his knees, holding a measuring tape in one hand, which he then passed up to Noelle who read the results of James' measuring.


"Just under five feet, it looks like," she said.


Eli began giggling and James shivered. As far as he knew, he'd been at least five-foot-eight when he left the house that morning...


"So.. What do you want to do?" asked Noelle. She stepped away from them and went to pour herself a glass of wine, watching the boys from across the bar which separated the kitchen from the living area.


"Well.. I am shrinking, that's for sure.."


"Yep!" Eli concurred, flopping against the kitchen bar to receive a glass of wine from Noelle.


"Maybe we should call a hospital or the police or something."


"Why?" asked Eli.


James followed him and struggled to climb up onto the neighboring bar chair. "Because I can't remember the name of that company. Someone has to be able to help me... before.."


Eli grabbed him by the back of his shirt and pulled him fully up onto the chair with a laugh. "Before you shrink down to nothing?"


Being handled so easily and processing what Eli had said to him, James shuddered again and felt himself shrink another inch or so as he settled onto the chair. He stared at the bar top and tried to get his mind to work.


Noelle came to lean against the top of the counter across from them. She reached over and rested her hand against James' cheek gently.


"We'll do whatever you want to do. But bear in mind, it's pretty unlikely that a hospital or the police could help you in time," she said, staggeringly heavy words delivered as softly as her palm against his face.


James lifted his distant gaze to meet hers. He knew she was right. He said, "Can I really stay with you..? Until..."


Noelle nodded. "Of course. Until whatever happens."


Eli downed his wine in a few gulps and turned to throw his arms around James. "You're our special roomie! We'll take care of you!" he chirped, feeling the drink warming his insides. Drinking made him even more physically affectionate than he was sober.


James appreciated them so much in that moment. Not to mention, their large limbs touching and hugging him was creating a reaction, an unsurprising one with how attracted he'd been to them since they began visiting his fruit stand.


He lifted his hand to hold Noelle's against his cheek and leaned into the hug he was receiving from Eli. "I guess I should confess.. I've wanted to spend time with you guys ever since we first met."


Noelle smiled and exchanged glances with Eli, who laughed, "And we've been trying to get you back here for months!"


James nodded helplessly, knowing how many times Eli had tried to coax him to come over. As much as he'd wanted to, works was always an easy excuse to avoid the situation, which he felt convinced would end in some socially awkward catastrophe.


The way things were actually going could never have been predicted, but it was somehow much preferred to what he'd feared, even if it did seem as it would inevitably lead to his demise.


Noelle straightened and drank more of her wine as she watched Eli nuzzle his face against James' hair. The smaller man was around four and a half feet tall now, easily overpowered by her lanky boyfriend's tipsy snuggle-holds.


She walked back into the living area and beckoned for the two of them to follow her to the couch. Eli scooped James off of his bar chair and practically dragged him after her, causing James to lose his too-large pants in the process.


He gasped and barely managed to keep his underwear held in place as he was pulled into Eli's lap on the couch. The larger man wrapped his arms around his waist and chest and squeezed his sides. James felt himself dwindle a little more there in his grasp.


Eli noticed immediately how much this affected him. "Noelle," he said, grinning. "He's got a boner."


Noelle smiled, already well-aware, having been watching them both from her side of the couch.


James' cheeks were beet red and he tried to hide himself with his hands, only to have them taken by Eli and moved aside.


"It's okay," said Noelle as she stood. "This is pretty hot, you know?" She looked down at James warmly, considering him as she sipped her wine.


He looked up at her, taking in her enormous breasts and powerful hips. She'd always been attractive to him, but seeing her loom above him as she did now brought forth an image of a voluptuous goddess.


"It is?" James asked, though he was already experiencing the shared arousal.


Eli squeezed him again and wriggled his hips beneath James, making his own erection known. "You think so too, huh?" said Eli.


James couldn't argue, and wasn't given the chance before Noelle's ass descended on them.


She lowered herself ever-so gently down onto James' lap, pressing him firmly between her powerful buttocks and Eli's hardness. Both men moaned and Eli guided James' hands onto Noelle's hips.


They held on together as Noelle began gyrating herself on top of them, though only for a few moments before she stumbled forward a little, chuckling and barely managing to keep from spilling her drink.


Eli was fumbling with James as he struggled to lower his pants. James stared in shock at Noelle's backside for a moment and before suddenly being presented with Eli's naked hard on.


Noelle turned and grinned at the sight before her. James' underwear had slipped off of him and he sat naked on Eli's bare lap, straddling his erection. She knelt in front of them and wrapped each of their members in her strong and amazingly soft hands.


They moaned almost in unison and James felt Eli's hands exploring and squeezing all over the front of his body. Disoriented with pleasure, he grasped at Noelle's and Eli's hands with his smaller ones. Noelle stroked and teased them, watching their faces.


"Feels good, hm?" she purred.


Eli began bucking against her hand and bouncing James against himself. She let go of them and took James' face between her hands to speak to him.


"Is it alright if Eli fucks you, James?" she asked, her voice brimming with lust.


He looked up at her and nodded before he really considered the question. Every part of him was being devoured by arousal, all he wanted to do was to be used for the pleasure of these beautiful people.


Eli lifted James by the hips and clumsily attempted to guide himself into him. Noelle released James' face and assisted with this. Suddenly, he felt the tip of Eli's dick enter him and gasped. Both Eli and Noelle froze, until James gave a few quick nods, urging them onward.


Gravity did much of the work, but Noelle and Eli made sure to control his descent, as James was lowered onto and stretched by the larger man's dick. Eli took over and slid himself fully up into him, squeezing his hips and thighs to keep him in place as James couldn't help but squirm against him.


Noelle observed them for a few moments as Eli began to slowly lift and lower James from his lap, carefully fucking him at first. Though he gasped and clung to Eli's wrists, she could see James was getting the hang of the treatment, and decided to up the ante.


She turned and again lowered her ass onto James' front, gently resting against his lap and groin as he was fucked with increasing intensity by Eli. He bounced between them, his dick pummeled by Noelle's magnificently plush ass as his own ass was pounded in turn.


It didn't take long for James to be pushed over the edge and he came wildly between the couple. Eli felt James' asshole pulsing around him as the smaller man climaxed and hugged him down fully onto his shaft. James writhed, overwhelmed by pleasure, as Eli unloaded inside him.


The men collapsed together into a weak puddle of post-sex glow. Noelle was sipping her wine again as she considered the two of them.


"Lie down, Eli," she ordered, softly.


Eli eased himself out of James and placed him on the sofa before lying down with his legs on either side of James, face up. Noelle lifted the skirt of her dress and straddled his head with her thighs, facing James with a grin.


James stared in exhausted fascination as Noelle lowered her groin to Eli's face and Eli wrapped his arms around her thick thighs to lift himself up into her bare pussy, devouring her eagerly.


Noelle leaned forward and took James by the hand. He moved towards her and she pulled him to sit up on his knees over Eli's stomach. Her free hand took him by the back of the head and guided his face to her breasts, pressing it between them as her breathing began to quicken.


As Eli worked his magic between Noelle's legs, she held James in place with one hand and reached back to unzip her dress with her other. The front of it fell over James, and she laughed, freeing him out from it only to hold him by the back of the head and push her right nipple into his mouth.


He couldn't have been much taller than four feet now, and each of Noelle's tits was easily larger than his head. He took her nipple and sucked at it eagerly as he looked up at her. She was watching him intensely, eyes burning with lust as she gripped his head and ground herself against Eli's face until she came, howling in ecstasy and hugging James to her chest as she shuddered into the sensation.


Moments later, the three of them were strewn across the sofa, limbs draped around one another, James between the larger two. His mind was buzzing with surreality at the situation, and how it would inevitably end with them.




They measured James early the next day. He was closing in on a three foot height, and this thrilled them all.


Eli took immediately to scooping James up and carrying him around the apartment whenever he could come up with reason. James didn't mind, and enjoyed being able to make Eli so happy.


However, while Eli was cooking for them, Noelle took James up into her arms and carried him against her side. She liked having him pinned against her soft hips, and laughed each time her breasts moved against his face.


"I wish we could take him outside. Soon we can put him in our pockets, y'know?" Eli blathered as he worked. "We could hide him in our clothes and get off with him in public and no one would know!"


"It's too dangerous," said Noelle. "If someone sees him, he could get taken away." She hugged James protectively then and he sighed as his body was enveloped in her soft chest.


Eli sighed. "Yeah, it sucks. Hey, that's cute! You can probably hide him in your tits soon, huh?"


Noelle snickered. "Perhaps." She caressed the back of James' head as he nuzzled her silky skin. He shrank a little against her, losing a few more inches, and sending a surge of power through her as she felt him dwindle.


When the meal was ready, they sat at the table with James sitting on Noelle's lap. He was held comfortably as they dined until he shrank a little further and slipped down Noelle's skirt to land on the floor.


Eli and Noelle leaned down to check on him underneath the table and saw James standing, uninjured, between their feet.


"His feet are so tiny," giggled Eli.


James moved between their legs carefully, admiring and lightly touching their legs to feel their skin and muscles. They were like columns, giving him the feeling of being in a temple, among the very gods for which it stood.


Eli stretched his legs out slightly and trapped James between them, squeezing him with his calves in a strong but careful hug. "Gotcha!"


Noelle laughed, and James yelped softly. He laughed and hugged Eli's legs in return.


The larger two finished up their meal. Eli was first and wasted no time in scooping James up from under the table to take him to the bedroom.


He tossed him onto the bed and pounced on him, easily wrestling James to pin him to the top of the mattress. Noelle joined them after a moment and observed from the doorway, amused.


Eli sat on James' legs and lower body and slipped off his boxers. It was true that Eli's penis was a little on the small side for someone of his age and stature, so he was especially fascinated with the fact that James' was now even smaller than his.


"See, Noelle?" he said, grinning. "Mine's a monster compared to his."


"Sure is," she responded in a purr.


As Noelle moved into the room, James felt himself growing erect from the attention, not to mention Eli's gentle handling of his member. He squirmed a little underneath Eli, who began pressing their dicks together and stroking them alongside one another.


Eli was hugged from behind by Noelle and pulled off of James to sit between her legs. He dragged James closer as he settled into her embrace.


Noelle kissed Eli's neck and asked of James, "Jack off for us?"


James blushed deeply and shrank another few centimeters, as the couple above him chuckled and watched expectantly. Eager to please them, he took his erection in hand and began stroking himself as he watched them back.


The three of them observed one another intensely as James pleasured himself, and Noelle lowered her hands to take hold of Eli's dick and begin massaging it. Eli's balls bounced against James' feet and legs and the smaller man couldn't look away from his beloved giant crushes as Noelle worked.


Eli's small penis made Noelle's hands look even larger than they were, James realized, just as Eli's balls tightened against his feet and he came, spurting his seed across James' now two-foot-tall body. This sent James over the edge and he squirted, in comparison, a rather tiny load onto Eli's testes.


Noelle scooped James' seed from Eli's balls up with one fingertip and licked it off, pleased with them both. "Good work, boys," she cooed. "Now get cleaned up."




James was under a foot tall within a day. Eli and Noelle passed him between one another as they sat on the living room sofa, taking turns toying with him between rounds of XBox.


He kept losing centimeters as they teased him with their fingertips and explored his shrinking body for sensitive areas. Noelle enjoyed dangling him over her open cleavage and catching him between her breasts, which easily distracted Eli and resulted in her getting more gaming time overall.


Eli still found novelty in playing with James' tiny dick, and liked rubbing and flicking it with his thumbs if it were a joystick in time with Noelle's gaming. James couldn't and didn't fight him, allowing himself to be pleasured by the overwhelming power of his massive roommates.


When the couple tired of gaming, they sat facing one another with their feet together and had James travel from Eli's head to Noelle's.


James was placed on Eli's beanie and held on tightly for a few moments while they both finished giggling so that Eli could hold still. He moved carefully down the side of his face and dropped onto his shoulder, eliciting another laugh from the larger man. The movements caused James to go tumbling gently down his chest and stomach to land on his lap.


"You okay?" called Noelle gently.


"Yeah!" James responded, smiling and sitting up on Eli's thigh. He could reach the bulge in his boxers from there, and leaned over to stroke him lovingly through the fabric.


Noelle stretched her leg and used her toes to push James into the bulge somewhat, causing Eli to moan. James felt himself gently pinned between them and shivered as he shrank a little again.


Eli laughed, "Better get a move on, little guy. You won't make it to the finish line if you get too small."


James hesitated, rather happy where he was, but managed to squirm out from between them and onto the soft, smooth skin of the top of Noelle's foot.


She wiggled her toes and watched him with a smile. The way he had to clamor on all fours to make his way up her calf and onto her knee was adorable.


Noelle's thighs were massive in the first place, which made them a rather stable area for climbing and roaming as James made his way to her torso. He dwindled another few millimeters before he reached her waist and took a break, leaning against the softness of her stomach and basking in the sight of her enormous breasts above him.


One of her hands lifted and came to hold him against her, extremely gently. James held onto her fingers, feeling them grow larger around him, and kissed a couple of fingertips. She giggled.


Climbing Noelle's massive bust took some time and upper body strength, and when he grasped one of her nipples through her dress as a handhold, her sudden gasp and twitch of surprise, James fell again onto her plush thighs.


She scooped him up and placed him lightly on her breasts, managing not to drop him between them.


"Hey, that's cheating!" laughed Eli.


Noelle smiled, petting James' hair with her thumb. "He's earned it," she replied.


James sighed gently in Noelle's grasp, and felt himself shrink again as her fingers rose around him.


The three of them wondered if today would be the day.




The smaller their little visitor became, the more hotter and hornier Eli and Noelle felt. They spent much of their time passing him back and forth as they touched themselves and one another, teasing James with cum-soaked fingertips and licking him clean.


On the evening of the second day, James stood at half an inch tall on top of the coffee table as Noelle and Eli looked down at him, aware that they wouldn't be able to interact with him for much longer but somehow the imminence of his shrinking out of being only built on their arousal.


"Can you guys still hear me?" James called up to them.


Noelle nodded, her hands roaming over Eli's body as her gaze stayed glued on the shrinking fruit vendor.


"Just barely," breathed Eli, already achingly hot against her touch.


"I think this might be it..!" James said, as enthralled as he was terrified.


Eli moaned as Noelle straddled him, looking away only long enough to slid himself into her. They began grinding against one another, speeding up their thrusts as James' size rapidly diminished before their eyes.


"Th-Thank you guys for taking care of me! I love you!" James cried as he shrank further, hearing their moans escalate as he minimized further down, down, and right out of their sight.


Noelle slammed her hips against Eli's as she came, clenching around him and crying out in a pleasure she couldn't have before imagined. Eli clung to her, groaning and shuddering as her pulsing cunt milked his little dick dry.


They would never forget James, and would think of him every time they made love.


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