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Word from the author:

Hello, this is the very first story that I decided to upload anywhere, so please don't be too harsh. English isn't my first language, but I hope that the text is a pleasant read nonetheless.

The story itself was not written with an intention to be uploaded at all, rather for my own pleasure, hence it might be somewhat different to most stories which you see here.

I hope you enjoy it and you are very welcome to pop this little piece a rating or a comment. If you do like it, I will be happy to share the rest of it with you.

I work in the metric system, so 50m (the height of Leanne) translates into roughly 160~ft.


To moderators:

If I happen to upload the story incorrectly, please let me know - it IS the first time :)



Author's Chapter Notes:

This is a very brief introduction to a story which I plan to write for my own enjoyment, but if you do like it, I will be happy to upload the rest of it here. Please let me know in the comments.






The Story


Blazing summer sun was engulfing the whole bay with its radiant embrace. Golden sands of the beach, reflecting the light were the perfect destination for any tourist in the city – especially as they lay right on the edge of the pleasantly warm waters of the sea. Seagulls were flying above the heads of the thousands who had made their way onto the now crammed sandy coast and nothing, but one larger wave that washed over the shores, seemed to be a doomsayer of the events to follow.

Another wave came in with a soft, muffled shake of the sand below. Following it, came another. And another….

Soon enough, the birds began flying away, sensing the disproportion of what was heading for the beach compared to their tiny wings. The flapping serenade seemed to draw attention of the more aware of beach’s visitors – but all came to nothing, as a wave gushed onto the shore and wet the blankets (and tinies inhabiting them) closest to the shore.

Then came a sight.


One of the boats which floated easily at least a hundred meters away from the sands got lifted up to the sky on what first seemed like a small mountain, only to slide down its side and fall into the water.


The mountain moved forward, now revealing her shoulders from underneath the water which pushed the turned boat away. A second wave bashed against the beach.


Now, a full-fledged view of a titanic silhouette became the main point of attraction. Leanne, a golden head goddess, who was on her holidays – away from the usual Coventry misery – was reaching forward and aiming a steady course towards the beach, which she had reached with her next step.

Dum. Splash.

Her wondrous calves were shallow enough now to make water splash as she placed her steps. Above them, her thighs seemed to make her grow into the sky itself, where laid her femininity embraced in a flowery two-part swimming suit. Her hips were moving in a truly ecstatic manner, making any man wish for wings to fly up to them. Like a model on a cat walk, her buttcheeks were swinging from left to right and back again, only to be matched by the jiggling of her chest encompassed by a tightly fitted bra, which allowed her breasts to just slightly overflow. Way above, what felt like almost the clouds, was her gorgeous, cute face – with closed eyes, which she was rubbing ferociously, trying to get the water out of them.
Even though Leanne loved the water, she was always scared of it going up to her face, so was never too fond of going deep down in the water – but this time, the sights of the lagoon’s reef were too much of a miss for her to simply ignore.

Her footsteps – clearly shaking the ground in a unanimous manner – were automatic, as if she had not expected anything to be in her way while she had her eyes closed. Hectolitres of water were gashing down off her body and splashing the first tinies like a powerful waterfall, almost pushing them to the ground as her shadow blocked out the sun. Her delicate foot rose out of the water and without particular intent, had landed on the beach.


A dozen of tinies were pressed into the sand, barely able to hold their shape under her weight. The pressure from her entire goddess body sent her foot (and anything below it) a few meters into the sand. Panic had set in. People began running in all directions in hope to get out of her way, but those in her path, pressured by the water constantly gashing down her enormous silhouette were her in their place as she took another step.

A crunch of bodies and screams of the ones lucky enough to have moved out of the way in time. The gentle, white skin on her bare feet was glistening in the sunlight innocently, not giving away what was happening beneath.

DUM. Another step took down the beach hut, pulverizing the planks and whoever was inside into a mush of wood chippings, flattened almost to be fit for paper. The jiggle of her breasts subsided as Leanne finally opened her eyes and held her hands against her chest, shy to notice that people were looking at her half-naked body.

-        He.. llo…. – she said coyly and smiled at the crowds running away from her – please excuse me… I had no idea I would have an audience.

As she was saying this, her footsteps never stopped and were proceeding forward, and onto the slowest runners in the crowd. Leanne, as fit for a goddess, seemed to care little for what damage she was causing – despite having a caring and loving heart – as she has never been the most attentive or diligent in her godly duties. Instead she preferred spending time in tiny cities with one special person… she was now on a lookout for.

Heading for a local hotel, she violently shook the ground, stomping on a group of unfortunates. With the next step, leaving the beach, she planted her foot in a very girly manner right in the middle of one of the paths. Crunches echoed in the faces of those lucky enough to have moved away in time. Her foot, enormous enough to easily cover the length of two cars by itself seemed to not reflect Leanne’s pleasant attitude at all – perhaps, a Goddess is as changing as the wind and there is just as much (cute) good as there is (cute) evil in her?


Following the path, she noticed the crowds at her feet were seemingly running away from something. Puzzled, she stopped and looked behind to see what from. Noticing some red footprints in the sand and the devastated path with several turned lampposts she realized, that they were all running away from her.

-        Oh, I am sorry! – she stepped back a bit, crushing a pair of unexpected tinies into the asphalt. – I didn’t mean to scare you all!

She smiled generously, to show her good intentions, but seeing how they did not change their behavior, she bent down, looming her titanic buttcheeks over the crowd and picked one of the runaways with her two fingers. Lifting him high up, her luscious lips planted a kiss on his entire body.

-        See? I mean well! – Leanne smiled again and set the half-fainted tiny with a broken leg back onto the ground (well, she dropped him four meters above ground, but it was close enough… wasn’t.. it..?).

The crowd kept moving away from her, perhaps even more scared seeing how a mere hold of her fingers was enough to squeeze the air out of a big man’s chest. The cute smile on her face was replaced by a frown.

-        Well…. Then…. Fine! – she grumbled innocently – if you don’t want me to be nice, then I don’t have to!

As big and powerful as she was, deep inside she was really just a girl and her heart was a big ball of mush – caring, sweet, loving and very vulnerable. So it didn’t take a lot to make her feel rejected or sad. She felt that at that moment… she needed consolation – and consolation from one specific person.








Her footsteps moved her titanic body forward assertively, shaking the ground through. Her heels were landing on the asphalt, and the tops of her feet were snapping right down to follow. The force of her steps was only reflected in the shakes of her buttcheeks.

She purposefully headed for the town. Full of people, buildings, cars, lampposts... and a lot more crushing material.


One. Step. At a time...


(the end of intro)

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you have enjoyed it! Please let me know if you would like more in the comments.

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